Ryan roberts real estate broker january 2012 newsletter


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Ryan roberts real estate broker january 2012 newsletter

  1. 1. RyanRoberts Broker ca Working By Referral A New Year For Real EstateHappy new year! I thought I would just give a brief synopsis of where we are and what we expect in 2012... Canada continues to be a worldleader in fiscal restraint and banking legislation. All you have to do is look south of the border to realize that we are very fortunate indeed.As a direct result of our county’s sound financial policies, the Real Estate Market in Canada and particularly Toronto remains robust andhealthy. 2011 was the second best year on record for sales in the GTA. Had it not been for our lack of inventory, it no doubt, would havebeen the best. Buyers remained confident as interest rates hit historically low points. Sellers were very happy clients as the time frame tosell a home lessened and the sale/asking price ratio rose in many instances over 100%. The average price of a home in the GTA increaseda healthy but conservative 8% over 2010.To continue with our conservative growth, the forecast for next year is reasonably similar market activity with a moderate price growth of4%, according to Jason Mercer, Senior Manager of Market Analysis for the Toronto Real Estate Board. Remember, if you are waiting forthe market to peak to sell your home, the only way you know it was at the top is when it starts to fall. December Caps Off A Great 2011Here is the latest news from our Market Watch:There were 4,718 transactions through the TorontoMLS® system in December 2011. The December result capped off the second-best yearon record under the current Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) boundaries. Total sales for 2011 amounted to 89,347 – up four per centin comparison to 2010.“Low borrowing costs kept Buyers confident in their ability to comfortably cover their mortgage payments along with other major hous-ing costs,” said TREB President Richard Silver. “If Buyers had not been constrained by a shortage of listings over the past 12 months, wewould have been flirting with a new sales record in the Greater Toronto Area,” added Silver.The average selling price in December was $451,436 – up four per cent compared to December 2010. For all of 2011, the average sellingprice was $465,412, an increase of eight per cent in comparison to the average of $431,276 in 2010.“Months of inventory remained below the pre-recession norm in 2011. Very tight market conditions meant substantial competition be-tween Buyers and strong upward pressure on selling prices,” said Jason Mercer, TREB’s Senior Manager of Market Analysis.“TREB’s baseline forecast for 2012 is for an average price of $485,000, representing a more moderate four per cent annual rate of pricegrowth. This baseline view is subject to a heightened degree of risk given the uncertain global economic outlook,” continued Mercer. Take Advantage of No Snow in T.O!Walk to a Winterlicious meal! January 27 -February 9Winterlicious celebrates its 10th anniversary with culinary events across the city. Some of Toronto’s top restaurants offer prix fixemenus with starters, entrées and desserts. This fine-dining experience costs around $15 to $25 for lunch, or $25 to $45 for dinner perperson.Come Up To My Room - At The Gladstone:Art-crowd fave Come Up To My Room is back at the Gladstone January 26 to 29, with 44 designers taking over 11 rooms and 14 publicspaces throughout the hotel. Continued on back --> BOSLEY REAL ESTATE LTD., BROKERAGE • 290 MERTON STREET, TORONTO M4S 1A9 BUS: 416-519-4040 • FAX: 416-322-8800 email: ryan@ryanroberts.ca • www.ryanroberts.ca twitter.com/TOrealestate • blog.mydreamtorontohome.com Printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper
  2. 2. RyanRoberts Broker ca Working By Referral Money Grows On TreesOkay, we know the statement above isn’t true, however it would appear that Canadian Banks are doing their best to make usfeel this way with regards to mortgages. We are truly in an unprecedented situation, the latest news shows that the banks arenow providing 3.89% for a 10 year fixed term...simply astonishing. Many real estate investors would be clamoring for this rateas it will allow them to better predict long term cash flows. I will be curious to see how Flaherty and Carney deal with thesebanks moving forward. Will Flaherty change the lending rules in an attempt to better protect the housing market long term?Will 25 year amortizations be the max in the near future ( versus 30 year amortization)?People who had mortgages in the 1980s will recall mortgage rates of 17+%...Now that put’s our current rates into perspective,doesn’t it?Please note, the current rates are incredibly attractive, but anyone looking to take advantage of these rates by purchasing orrefinancing be sure to always look at the down side (ie., these rates will will go up in the future), be sure to consider whatpotential rates will be available when the next refinancing will occur, today’s 4% could become 5 or 7.5+% ask yourself if youcan afford these payments on your remaining borrowed amount.The real estate business is a relationship business that is built over time. I believe the greatest and most fulfilling business is builton referrals. So I would like to say that I am never too busy for your referrals. It would be an honour to serve a friend or familymember of yours. BOSLEY REAL ESTATE LTD., BROKERAGE • 290 MERTON STREET, TORONTO M4S 1A9 BUS: 416-519-4040 • FAX: 416-322-8800 email: ryan@ryanroberts.ca • www.ryanroberts.ca twitter.com/TOrealestate • blog.mydreamtorontohome.com Printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper