Top 10 Business Tips


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This slideshow offers you 10 top tips for running, growing and protecting your business. The tips have been selected by the Start Up Donut team from the sage customer Top 100 Tips report.

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Top 10 Business Tips

  1. 1. Top 10 new business tips Our top 10 from the Sage customer 100 top tips report Thanks to Sage and the Sage customers for allowing us to share these tips
  2. 2. About us <ul><li>The Start up Donut is a business advice website designed to help you with starting a new business . It’s run by BHP Information Solutions, one of the UK’s leading business publishers. </li></ul><ul><li>Visit or find us on Twitter at @ startupdonut </li></ul>
  3. 3. The full list of tips <ul><li>The full list of tips can be found in Moving forward…100 Top Tips produced by Sage customers. Sage is a founding partner of the Start up Donut, so we’ve been allowed to feature our top 10 tips for your business. </li></ul><ul><li>If you want to view the full 100 tips you can find it here </li></ul>Download the PDF from the Sage website @ startupdonut MyDonut
  4. 4. People like to know they are being thought of. Immediately after a meeting (the same day) find contacts on Twitter and LinkedIn and connect to them. You will stick in their memory for longer. 1 @ startupdonut MyDonut Dr Graham Clayton, Intelligent Formulation Ltd
  5. 5. Never lose sight of the fact that the purpose of your business is to make money . Never be complacent; stay aware and ahead of the competition; focus on your USPs; control costs; always know your financial position. Market, market, market. Prue Heron, Commercial Finance People Ltd 2 @ startupdonut MyDonut
  6. 6. &quot;Well done. Brilliant job. I really appreciate it.&quot; This can motivate better than any pay rise could ever do. Well- motivated staff have positive influences on your business in more ways than you can imagine. So show you care. Sadie Lloyd, Paull & Co Ltd 3 @ startupdonut MyDonut
  7. 7. Respond to initial enquiries within two hours . That way, customers believe that you want their business and that you are efficient. Always offer them something when you respond. Paula Smith, Occasional Harps 4 @ startupdonut MyDonut
  8. 8. Use your email signature space effectively . You can use it in all sorts of ways to promote things – an upcoming event, new product launch, campaign, winning an award. Don’t make it more than one or two lines, though, and make sure you have a web link in there for further info. Carrie Brookes, VONNE 5 @ startupdonut MyDonut
  9. 9. Motivate your staff with cream cakes. The rationale… 1. Encourage communication  buy a selection. 2. Ensure production doesn't slow down due to drop in blood sugar levels  serve with morning coffee. 3. Include chocolate in the selection  boosts dopamine levels  therefore, happier staff. 6 Lynda, Apollo Creative @ startupdonut MyDonut
  10. 10. Wage war on complexity; create simplicity everywhere you go. 7 Michael Cousins, Triaster @ startupdonut MyDonut
  11. 11. Leaving your comfort zone is important. You should never think that ‘This is the way we’ve always done it so this is the way it should be’. Never think that new ideas and technology could not work for you. 8 Farhana Roked, Roked Filling Stations Ltd @ startupdonut MyDonut
  12. 12. If you are being asked to pay up front for goods, you should be asking for a discount of at least 2-3% for this. Most companies will give you this discount and over a year the savings can far outweigh overdraft costs. 9 Maria Whitehead, Hawkshead Relish Company Ltd @ startupdonut MyDonut
  13. 13. 10 Businesses are made of people. Excellence in business means securing excellent people and investing in excellent training and development to support them to realise their full potential. Ben Thomas, Coachmatch @ startupdonut MyDonut