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10 More Killer Strategic Partnership Examples v.4


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Here's version four, with ten new partnership examples from both big brands and startups. Read more at:

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10 More Killer Strategic Partnership Examples v.4

  1. 1. 10 KILLER STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP EXAMPLES v.4 @DisruptiveDave Startups and big brands doing it right by leveraging shared audiences. READ ON
  2. 2. A true win-win? 150,000 baristas (initially) will receive Spotify Premium (good quick injection of paid users!) and spin up custom in-store playlists, while Starbucks loyalty card members will now have special Spotify access and rewards. Spotify & Starbucks
  3. 3. Twitch & Boiler Room In what is primarily a distribution deal, the underground live music collective joins the streaming video service to expand its exposure and reach.
  4. 4. Squarespace & Bandsintown Continuing to expand its feature ecosystem, the popular website builder brought in the premier concert notification and artist tracking app, allowing users to easily add a Bandsintown widget to their websites.
  5. 5. BandPage & Rhapsody The streaming service will integrate key data from BandPage into its service, delivering relevant band information – tour dates, merchandise, exclusive offers – to listening fans.
  6. 6. Macys & zTailors The venerable department store, in a push to accommodate digital-first customers, is offering on demand tailor service via zTailors for items purchased online.
  7. 7. Netflix & Marriott A first-ever for Netflix, the streaming television service will be featured in-room at multiple Marriott hotel properties.
  8. 8. New Balance & Runkeeper The footwear brand partnered with Runkeeper, a community and tracking app, to created MyNB, a custom rewards program. T  
  9. 9. Universal & Marriott Two  of  the  biggest  brands  in  their  respec3ve  industries   joined  together  for  a  global  marke3ng  partnership  that   will  include  exclusive  performances  by  established  and   emerging  recording  ar3sts,  branded  video  series,  social   content,  music  downloads,  3cket  offers  and  more.  
  10. 10. Airbnb & The real estate website will now include Airbnb listings next to its for-sale homes so prospective customers can “try before they buy”.
  11. 11. Yelp & Hipmunk The business review site has, for the first time, offered its users an easy way to book hotel rooms right from its website with the help of Hipmunk, a travel search service.
  12. 12. Co-founder, BoomboxFM Head of Growth, Audiokite Research Dave Marcello @DisruptiveDave