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Business Support - DLNE December 11th


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'Digital Business and Business Support.' One of 5 presentations from guest speakers at Digital Leaders North East's annual review, delivered by Rob Wilson, Director of Knowledge, Innovation, Technology and Enterprise (KITE) at Newcastle University.

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Business Support - DLNE December 11th

  1. 1. JUNE Digital Government and Business Support Rob Wilson Centre for Knowledge Innovation Technology and Enterprise (KITE)
  2. 2. WHO AM I? • Professor at Newcastle University • Director of KITE URC • Started out as a Researcher in Health Informatics in the Medical Sciences Faculty at Newcastle University • Since then interests in Public Service management; Partnership/Inter-Organisational working
  3. 3. OUR RESEARCH PROGRAMME • 20 year programme of research and development into multi-agency working • Research into a range of complex or ‘wicked’ problem areas (inc sustainability, health and social care) • And student experience, university information systems • Most recently working with the NELEP as a ‘critical friend’ to the Growth Hub procurement Multi-faceted complex problem
  4. 4. THE PROCESS Business Support Salon Issues Needs This Workshop/ Living Lab Priorities for the LEP An Architectural Framework We need to make this explicit if we are to be clear about the implications of the priorities and recommendations.
  5. 5. SMALL BUSINESS & GOVERNMENT THE RICHARD REPORT (2008) • [Information] centres should be rolled out across the country, delivered by major libraries and leading universities … that have the proven competence to deliver expert information services, providing depth behind the web-based service. • Central to the BIS would be a system of online customer feedback and Buyer and Seller grading and rating, as used by millions of consumers every day on e-bay…replacing unaccountable and intermittent accreditation by Government. • We propose the whole regional business support apparatus of RDAs and Business Links should be replaced by a single, web-based Business Information Service. • The regionalisation of Business Link has removed both the advantage of local governance and the efficiency and impartiality of central Government. • …business support policy needs to clearly reflect the difference between providing information and expert advice or support.
  6. 6. SMALL BUSINESS & GOVERNMENT THE RICHARD REPORT (2008) Fragmentation Overload Accessibility Stability Digital Peer to peer Generic/ customised Infrastructure Information Business Support Services Platform Trust Government Local Commercial Professional Peer Networks Central
  7. 7. SMALL BUSINESS & GOVERNMENT THE RICHARD REPORT (2008) Local Businesses BIS Demands on Systems, resources and practice New guidance & targets CBI IoD InnovateUK LEPs, Local Gov, VCS, Local BIS, Unis
  8. 8. Business Support in an organisational aquarium
  9. 9. OUTCOMES OF THE SALON: Sustainable Diversity – Specialisation and Targeting Dependable Governance – Identity, provenance and recourse Effective Curation – Brokerage and Intermediation Relevant, personalised and accessible services.
  10. 10. TRUSTWORTHY INFORMATION Identity: knowing who individuals and agencies are. Provenance: knowing the source of any item of information. Recourse: having somewhere to go to correct mistakes or unfairness. These can be delivered by an appropriate Information infrastructure
  11. 11. Relevant, personalised and accessible services This implies a support hub: A safe space for encounter, discovery, conversation and transaction. Actors can be reliably recognised. All content has clear provenance. There is a clear point of recourse. Sustainable Diversity Dependable Governance Effective Curation
  12. 12. Policy Makers Government Department Programmes and Initiatives Business Support Hub Business Support Services Providers Review & Evaluation Other B2B services Public Procurement Markets Commercial Markets Export Markets Business Support Services User DBIS DCLG DECDWP Other Hubs User Communities Curator - Broker Publications of Offers & Information Governance & Governors
  13. 13. WHAT NEXT? • Tendering process has started • Aim to ‘go live’ in April • We have served as ‘Critical Friends’ to the process so far