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Having a Pet in Home will Definitely Take Some of Your Time. Keeping Pets Healthy is an Important Aspect of Responsible Pet Ownership.This Video Gives Some Simple Steps that Should Bear in Mind to Keep Your Pets Healthy.For More Information, Please Visit;

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Keep Your Pets Healthy

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  6. 6. A GREAT CRITTER RESOURCE<br />Ernie<br />A Great Resource For You AND Your Critter!<br />Pet Health, First Aid and Safety Tips<br /> Critters and the Great Outdoors – What You<br /> Need to Know<br /> Grooming Your Pet Information<br /> New Critter Center<br /> Traveling with Your Critter<br /> Visit<br /> to Learn More<br /> (888) LV-CRTT<br />*some restrictions apply<br />
  7. 7. PET HEALTH CARE <br /> Having a Pet in Home will Definitely Take Some <br /> of Your Time<br /> Keeping Pets Healthy is an Important Aspect of <br /> Responsible Pet Ownership.<br />Best Way to Keep Your Pets Healthy is to Take Advantage <br /> of Preventative Veterinary Medicine.<br /> Simple Steps Should Bear in Mind to Keep Your <br /> Pets Healthy.<br /> Visit<br /> to Learn More<br /> (888) LV-CRTT<br />
  8. 8. VISIT TO THE VETERINARIAN<br />Pets Need to Visit a Medical Professional Once a Year<br /> Vaccination is an Important Part of Routine Care.<br /> Regular Visits to the Veterinarian Allow Them to be <br /> Screened for a Variety of Diseases<br /> Provide Owners With the Best Possible Information <br /> About Caring for their Pets<br /> Visit<br /> to Find Pet Health, First Aid and Vaccination<br /> (888) LV-CRTT<br />
  9. 9. KEEP THEM COOL<br />Heat Stroke is a Dangerous Condition to pets<br /> Vomiting, Increased Breathing, Unresponsiveness and <br /> Collapse are the Symptoms <br /> Heat Stroke can be Avoided by Providing Pets with <br /> Shade and Fresh Water. <br /> Spray with Cool Water and See a Veterinarian <br /> Immediately. Do NOT Use Cold or Ice Water.<br /> Visit to Find More <br /> Resources on Training Your Pet<br /> (888) LV-CRTT<br />
  10. 10. PETS DENTAL CARE<br />Dogs and Cats can Suffer from the Dental Problems<br /> as People, Like Pain, Infection and Tooth Loss.<br /> Poor Dental Hygiene can Lead to Disease in the Heart, <br /> Lungs, Kidneys and Liver.<br />Pets Need to Brush their Teeth Daily to Prevent <br /> Dental Problems.<br /> Use a Soft Toothbrush and Toothpaste Specially<br /> Formulated for Animals.<br /> Visit to Find <br /> Pet Dental Care and More!<br /> (888) LV-CRTT<br />
  11. 11. PESKY PESTS<br />Fleas and Ticks Causes Serious Problems<br /> Use a Flea and Tick Control Product to Avoid the Pests<br /> Visit to Find Pet Pest <br /> Control Products<br /> (888) LV-CRTT<br />
  12. 12. TRAINING & EXERCISE<br />Training & Exercise are Necessary for Pets<br /> A Well-trained Dog is Often More Welcome than <br /> an Unruly One<br /> Trained Pets can Spend More Time With its Owners <br /> Without Getting into Trouble.<br /> Exercise Help to Prevent Obesity and Other Health <br /> Problems and it also help to Build the Human-Animal <br /> Relationship<br /> Visit to Find More <br /> Information and Resources on Pet Training and Exercise<br /> (888) LV-CRTT<br />
  13. 13. BALANCED DIET<br />A Balanced Diet is Important to Maintain Your Dog's <br />or Cat's Health.<br /> What is Healthy for Humans isn't Necessarily Healthy <br /> for Pets<br /> Table Scraps can't Fulfill their Dietary Needs.<br /> Foods Specifically Designed and Approved by the <br /> Association of American Feed Control Officials will <br /> Provide a Balanced Diet.<br /> Visit to Find More <br /> Information and Products Supply Balanced Diet<br /> (888) LV-CRTT<br />
  14. 14. SAFEGUARD THE HOME<br /> Safeguarding the Home and Yard can Help to Prevent <br /> Serious Accidents.<br /> Watch out for Poisonous Plants, Pesticides, Medications,<br /> Antifreeze, Low Electrical Cords and Small Objects <br /> Animals Could Choke on.<br /> Poisons, Pesticides, Chocolate, Certain House Plants <br /> and More Should Be Kept Away From Your Pet<br /> Visit to Learn More <br /> About Keeping Your Critter Safe & Away From Common<br /> Household Dangers<br /> (888) LV-CRTT<br />
  15. 15. HAVE A HEART TO HEART<br />Most Important Way to Keep Dogs and Cats <br /> Healthy is to Give Them Lots of Love<br /> Spending Time with Them and Including Them in <br /> Activities Strengthens the Bond you Share<br /> Visit to Learn <br /> More About Keeping Your Critters Happy and Healthy<br /> (888) LV-CRTT<br />
  16. 16. VISIT US ONLINE<br />Thanks For Watching!<br />For More Information Visit <br /><br />Online Supplier Purr-furred by Critters Everywhere!<br /> (888) LV-CRTT<br />