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Bowls & feeders


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You have a choice when it comes to food & water bowls and feeders for your Dog. For more information on the most commonly used bowl types, please visit;

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Bowls & feeders

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  9. 9. Some Thoughts About Dog Bowls & Feeders…<br />You Have a Choice When it Comes to Food & Water Bowls and Feeders for Your Dog.<br />Find Information & Tips on the Most Commonly Used Bowl Types.<br /> (888) LV-CRITTER<br />
  10. 10. BOWL TYPES<br />Stainless Steel Bowls:<br />Durable & Long Lasting.<br />Easy to Clean & Sanitize.<br />Choice of Many Veterinarians & Pet Lovers.<br />Visit to Find More on Stainless Steel Bowls.<br /> (888) LV-CRITTER<br />
  11. 11. BOWL TYPES<br />Plastic Bowls:<br />Comes in a Variety of Colors.<br />Lightweight, Unbreakable & Economical. <br />Easy to Clean.<br />Visit to Find More Plastic Bowls.<br /> (888) LV-CRITTER<br />
  12. 12. BOWL TYPES<br />Ceramic Bowls:<br />Great for Pets that Like to Move their Bowls Around.<br />Very Durable & Long Lasting.<br />Easy to Clean!<br />Visit to Find More on Ceramic Bowls.<br /> (888) LV-CRITTER<br />
  13. 13. BOWL TYPES<br />Self-Feeders & Waterers:<br />Great for Maintaining a Feeding Schedule for Your Pets.<br />Ideal for Dogs, Cats and Other Critters!<br />Keeps Food & Water Available at ALL Times for Your Pet.<br />Visit and<br /> Find More About Self-Feeders & Waterers.<br /> (888) LV-CRITTER<br />
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