Turn Supporters’ Time into Money through Polling and Surveys with Research for Good


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Research for Good partners with nonprofit organizations to offer your donors, volunteers, contacts, employees and friends the opportunity to donate their time by answering market research surveys in exchange for a monetary donation to your organization. By offering their opinions and participating in online surveys, respondents turn their time into money for a cause that is close to their heart.

In this webinar you will learn to:
- Activate your supporters to trade their time for donations
- Utilize a simple polling tool to gain insights about your supporters
- Engage supporters for your cause on an ongoing basis

The Research for Good program is free to join and easy to use and you can get started in 15 minutes or less.

Presentation by: Sean Case, researchforgood.com

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Turn Supporters’ Time into Money through Polling and Surveys with Research for Good

  1. 1. Turn Supporters’ Time into Money throughPolling and Surveys with Research for Good August 10, 2011
  2. 2. reminders You can hear us, but we can’t hear you Presentation slides will be available on www.mycharityconnects.org/pastwebinars For the best webinar experience, close all other applications Turn up your computer’s volume Have questions? Type questions in the Questions Log
  3. 3. What is CanadaHelps? A public charitable foundation that provides accessible and affordable online technology to both donors and charities.For Charities A cost-effective means of raising funds online.For Donors A one-stop-shop for giving. CanadaHelps is a charity helping charities. CanadaHelps is giving made simple.
  4. 4. Today’s PresenterSean Case Research for Good
  5. 5. Turn Volunteer Time into Money via SURVEYS! Image c/o: Flickr
  6. 6. On the Agenda1. The Research for Good story1. Market research 1011. How to get started1. Tips & tricks for success Image c/o: Flickr
  7. 7. Our Story is about PURPOSE & = Image c/o: Tumblr
  8. 8. Market Research 101 Compan y has a questionImpleme Design nt research strategy plan DataPresent collectiofindings n Analysis Image c/o: Flickr
  9. 9. Market Research 101Understand changing attitudes and behaviors of consumers. Image c/o: Flickr
  10. 10. The Money: Where does it come from? $20 Billion spent on Market Research annually $10 Billion in ONLINE research spend $1 Billion budgeted for respondent incentives
  11. 11. When the economy is BOOMING…how do we sell more product? The Industry: Recession ProofWhen the economy is TANKING… how do we sell more product?
  12. 12. SurveysEveryone has an opinion to give Image c/o: Flickr
  13. 13. The Money: How much can we make? Nonprofit A Nonprofit B Nonprofit CTaps into their network of 1,000 Twitter Emails their database of 10,000 Encourages donors, volunteers, followers supporters supporters and friends to join their Research for Good Survey Team across all promotions channels 100 people from their network join 500 people join the Research for Good 2,000 people join Nonprofit C’s their Research for Good Survey Team Survey Team in support of Nonprofit B Research for Good Survey Team Average 4 completed Average 2 completed Average 2 completed surveys/month/person surveys/month/person surveys/month/person Research for Good makes $2,400 Research for Good makes $6,000 Research for Good makes $24,000 quarterly donation quarterly donation quarterly donation
  14. 14. How to Become a Partnerwww.researchforgood.com/canadahelps.html Image c/o: Flickr
  15. 15. Your Getting Started Package Unique recruitment page: www.researchforgood.com/YourNonprofitName.htmlExamples:• researchforgood.com/panthera.html• researchforgood.com/chris-elliott-fund.html• researchforgood.com/worldvisionacts.html Image c/o: Flickr
  16. 16. Formula for Success:10 in 30 + 24 in 12
  17. 17. Tips & Tricks• Make it personal & tangible • Each survey earns a vaccination for a child!• Highlight as an opportunity to give time - instead of asking for money, again• Include alongside current communications strategy when you need another reason to stay top of mind • Thanks to your opinions, RFG donated $1000 to our cause, helping us buy 100 Malaria nets! Image c/o: Flickr
  18. 18. Questions? Contact Us:Sean Case | sean@researchforgood.com | Ph: 425-681-9378 Web: www.researchforgood.comTwitter: @ResearchforGood | Facebook: ResearchforGood Join: www.researchforgood.com/canadahelps.html Image c/o: Flickr
  19. 19. 46% 43% 66% 38%Polling Image c/o: Behance
  21. 21. www.mycharityconnects.orgfree online resources Information about technology Video demonstrations More webinars Past webinar recordings & slides Learning opportunities Events across the country
  22. 22. Upcoming Webinars www.mycharityconnects.org/webinars• August 17th – Orientation for Newly Registered Charities with CanadaHelps• September 14th – Stay Connected: LinkedIn for Nonprofits• September 28th – Content Is Good ... Putting it into Context – that’s how you win (guest: Josh Muirhead, Socialmark Media)• October 12th – #FAIL: Biggest Online Mistakes and How to Avoid Them (guest: Lee Rose, HR Council for the Nonprofit Sector)• October 26th – Social Media Strategy for Beginners• November 9th – Making Twitter Your Best Friend: Twitter Strategies Exposed (guest: Heather Morrison, Sequentia Environics)
  23. 23. Keep in touch! info@canadahelps.org www.twitter.com/canadahelpswww.slideshare.net/MyCharityConnects www.facebook.com/canadahelps www.youtube.com/canadahelps