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Social Media Done Right: 5 Case Studies


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What better way to illustrate how social media can drive social change than through case studies? This webinar will show you five amazing examples from non-profit organizations to spark some ideas for your organization!

Presentation by: Kirstin Beardsley, Marketing & Communications Manager, CanadaHelps

The 2011 MyCharityConnects webinar series is generously supported by Direct Energy.

Registration for MyCharityConnects webinars is open to employees, volunteers, and board members of Canadian charities and nonprofits.

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Social Media Done Right: 5 Case Studies

  1. 1. Social Media Case Studies April 27, 2011 The 2011 MyCharityConnects Webinar Series is generously supported by Direct Energy.
  2. 2. Today’s PresenterKirstin Beardsley Marketing & Communications Manager
  3. 3. reminders You can hear us, but we can’t hear you Presentation slides will be available on For the best webinar experience, close all other applications Turn up your computer’s volume Have questions? Type questions in the Questions Log
  4. 4. What is CanadaHelps? A public charitable foundation that provides accessible and affordable online technology to both donors and charities.For Charities A cost-effective means of raising funds online.For Donors A one-stop-shop for giving. CanadaHelps is a charity helping charities. CanadaHelps is giving made simple.
  5. 5. Community Foundations of Canada
  6. 6. Start with asignature project
  7. 7. Conversation- building and engagement takes effort
  8. 8. Blogging Tips:• Share research and resources• Engage guest bloggers – and provide clear guidelines• Connect blogs to other social media
  9. 9. PeoplePower
  10. 10. How to Make Mistakes Like a Pro … How did the Red Cross respond?
  11. 11. • It’s okay to show your personality• “Social media fire needs social media water” - Ramon De Leon, Dominoes
  12. 12. OA Projects
  13. 13. Be Real &Transparent
  14. 14. Focus on Quality Over Quantity
  15. 15. Social Media Nurtures Relationships
  16. 16. CanadaHelps!
  17. 17. Let thecommunity happen
  18. 18. Curate information in your field
  19. 19. Removebarriers to action
  21. 21. www.mycharityconnects.orgfree online resources Information about technology Video demonstrations More webinars Past webinar recordings & slides Learning opportunities Events across the country
  22. 22. MyCharityConnects Conference 2011 JUNE 6 – 7 | MaRS Centre, Toronto• Join us for thought-provoking keynotes, practical how-to workshops and plenty of chances to learn from other non-profits about what works online… and what doesn’t!• A proud partner in Net Change Week• Registration is open!
  23. 23. Upcoming Webinars• April 27 – Social Media Done Right: 5 Case Studies• May 11 – Spruce up your E-newsletter• May 25 – 10 Tips to Improve Your Website• June 15 – Getting the Most From your MyCharity Account & Reports• June 29 – Know Your Website: An Intro to Google Analytics• July 20 – YouTube’s NonProfit Program & the Fundamentals of Video Storytelling
  24. 24. Keep in touch!
  25. 25. YOUR TURN