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Passion and Transparency - yes they do go together!: Imagine Canada's Charity Focus Program


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A webinar designed to share what Imagine Canada's Charity Focus and Standards can do for you and your organization.

Learn how your organization can:
- Tell your story. Connect with your supporters.
- Upload your mission statements, program information, social media feed, annual reports and financial statements.
- Get help completing the T3010 using our QuickPrep tool.
- Use Charity Tax Tools to better understand CRA regulations.

CharityFocus is the premier tool for finding information about the 85,000 registered charities in Canada. You can search by specific organization or find charities in your community or area of interest.

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Passion and Transparency - yes they do go together!: Imagine Canada's Charity Focus Program

  1. 1. Passion and Transparency - yes they do go together! Imagine Canada’s Charity Focus Program
  2. 2. WEBINAR REMINDERS • You can hear us, but we can’t hear you • Turn up your computer’s volume • For the best webinar experience, close all other applications • Have questions? Type questions in the Questions Log • Webinar slides will be shared
  3. 3. TODAY’S PRESENTER Diane M. Ellison Special Advisor to the President and CEO Imagine Canada
  4. 4. Telling Your Story: How to use CharityFocus Discussion with Partners of Canadahelps October 16th, 2013 Presentation by Diane M. Ellison Special Advisor to the President and CEO
  5. 5. Today’s Agenda o o o o Introduction and Objective Background and History About the Data Key Features: o The T3010 QuickPrep o Side-by-Side View o Telling your Organization’s Story o Summary o Some FAQs, and your Questions
  6. 6. Introduction and Objectives • CharityFocus was designed as a one-stop source of information about Canada’s 85,000 charities • a tool provided by Imagine Canada to promote the transparency and accountability of charities • to increase public confidence in the sector as a whole • not a “ranking system” • charities can participate at no cost!
  7. 7. Background and History • priority of CRA that charities voluntarily demonstrate their accountability • Bill C-470 • Imagine Canada’s commitment to providing an “accountability portal” and avoiding external regulation of sector • similar to Guidestar portals in other countries • original proposal submitted in 2009, CharityFocus launched in February 2012 • initial seed money provided by RBC Foundation, project funding from CRA and additional sponsorship from TELUS, RBC Foundation and Cenovus Energy
  8. 8. About the Data • all data come from what your organization provided to the CRA • publicly available • Imagine Canada’s revenues as displayed on CharityFocus:
  9. 9. About the Data cont’d • research identifies that in 2007 a substantial number of charities made errors in their T3010 forms • failing to allocate fundraising expenses, arithmetic errors, not fully completing the form, incorrectly calculating their expenditures • errors are a barrier to transparency: – Out of compliancy – Erode public confidence • so what can we do about it?
  10. 10. Key Features: T3010 QuickPrep • improves quality of data submitted to CRA, and therefore improves compliance • sophisticated and secure • same username and password as CharityFocus • Judy Newman from Seeds of Diversity, after using the QuickPrep: "Charity treasurers, say goodbye to your pencil and eraser! Now you can fill in a charity T3010 return on your computer, just like you do for your personal income tax, with the T3010 QuickPrep. It's safe, secure, and features numerous prompts and reminders on each page to help you save time and frustration."
  11. 11. Key Features: Side-by-Side View
  12. 12. Key Features: Telling your Story • numbers alone don’t provide enough information • enhance your organization’s profile with documents such as financial statements, program brochures, impact reports and annual reports • tell your story your way and keep supporters engaged in your work • no self-proclaimed charity evaluator allows for this kind of context or transparency
  13. 13. Summary • your CharityFocus profiles provides important details about the value, reach and impact of your organization • a tool provided by Imagine Canada to promote the transparency and accountability of charities • the T3010 QuickPrep will save you time and prevent errors
  14. 14. Frequently Asked Questions • • • • • How often is CharityFocus updated? Can I update multiple charities? I see a mistake in my profile. How did that happen? I’m trying to update my profile page but it’s not working. What’s wrong? What’s the benefit of looking at multiple charities side by side?
  15. 15. Your Questions Chat Pod: Use the pod to the right of the slides to type in your question. We’ll do our best to answer as many questions as we can at the end of the presentation.
  16. 16. Thank you! Charity Focus Program Manager: Ms. Lisa Hartford
  17. 17. More Charity Training
  18. 18. MYCHARITYCONNECTS Educational and training opportunities through MyCharityConnects
  19. 19. UPCOMING WEBINARS Tuesday, October 29 @ 2pm #GivingTuesday Ideas For Your Charity Kirstin Beardsley, Director of Marketing & Community Engagement, CanadaHelps Tuesday, November 5 @ 2pm Team Up for Tuesday: 5 Steps to Awesome Corporate-Cause Partnerships Kate Olsen, VP of Strategic Partnerships, Network for Good Tuesday, November 12 @ 2pm Building a successful online campaign for #GivingTuesday Simren Deogun, Senior Account Manager, Stephen Thomas
  20. 20. STAY IN TOUCH 1-877-755-1595 @canadahelps