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Panel Discussion: Open Organizations / Moderated by: Anil Patel, Framework


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In the day and age of ubiquitous social media and cloud technology, sharing has become the default. A number of organizations are beginning to move away from a model of tightly controlled information in favour of openness and transparency. Does this model work for all organizations or are some better suited to being open? What information should be shared and where is privacy still imperative? What are the benefits of adoption an open model and how is impact measure? This panel will aim to answer all these questions and more while exploring what is meant by “open organization” and how they function differently from others.


What are open organizations and how do they function?
Pros and cons of open organizations - with examples from panel
How having an open organization can alter: the decision making process, transparency (especially to donors), staff interaction, etc.

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Panel Discussion: Open Organizations / Moderated by: Anil Patel, Framework

  1. 1. Panel DiscussionHow nonprofits can operate like the open-web
  2. 2. By 2015, 50+ billion devices connected to the internet
  3. 3. Learn to share what you need to share financial operational programmatic fully semi semi fully private private public publicActivities Outcome Impactvery predictable somewhat predictable more difficult to predict
  4. 4. curated sharing:the sharing relevant imperative information to stakeholdersnew waysof sharing online & real-time & anywherenew waysof working using cloud, mobile & social computing