Darren Barefoot - Measuring Social Media Success: Making It Worth It


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You’ve got a Facebook page, a Twitter account and a blog on your website. Great, but what are these emerging communication channels really doing for your organization? Are they enabling you to increase your email list size, recruit volunteers or acquire new donors? How are you measuring the value of your social media activity. Taking lessons from web-centric campaigns like Save the Great Bear, TckTckTck and TheBigWild.org, this session will provide practical solutions to the thorny problem of measuring results on the social web.

Attendees Will Walk Away With:
• Guidelines for how much time organizations should be spending on social media marketing and outreach.
• Simple strategies for connecting online activities to marketing and business goals.
• Recommendations of tools for monitoring and measuring your web presence.

Darren Barefoot
Darren is a writer, marketer and technologist. He regularly speaks about social media, marketing and emerging technology, and has been quoted on the CBC, BBC, The Wall Street Journal and dozens of others. He's the co-author of "Friends With Benefits: A Social Media Marketing Handbook".

Published in: Technology, Business
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Darren Barefoot - Measuring Social Media Success: Making It Worth It

  1. 1. Measuring Social Media Success
  2. 2. Introduction @dbarefoot #ncwk
  3. 3. Questions for you
  4. 4. Ten rules
  5. 5. Set quantifiable objectives
  6. 6. If it doesn’t have a needle, it doesn’t count
  7. 7. Beware of creatively-named metrics
  8. 8. Measure everything
  9. 9. All visitors are not equal
  10. 10. Automate
  11. 11. Be clinical
  12. 12. Iterate rapidly
  13. 13. Fail fast
  14. 14. Your cat doesn’t care if you bury it
  15. 15. People Objectives Strategy Technology
  16. 16. Identify business objective Find online indicators of success Measure performance of indicators
  17. 17. Business Objectives • Donations • Service delivery • Outreach • Volunteer roster • Public profile • Board members • What else?
  18. 18. What are the indicators? • Donations - online donations • Service delivery - online questions and request • Outreach - conversion rates • Volunteer roster - online requests • Public profile - online mentions or incoming links • Board members - online inquiries
  19. 19. Donations Dollars raised or number of donors through social media channels Track through analytics and donation tools
  20. 20. Volunteer inquiries Number of inquiries per month through social media channels and/or ‘conversion rate’ Manually count the number of requests to volunteer
  21. 21. Outreach Petition signatures that originate in social media channels Track through analytics
  22. 22. Questions for each other
  23. 23. Our Tools
  24. 24. Google Analytics + Scout Labs + NetVibes
  25. 25. Demonstrate support for protecting wild spaces Petition signatures Goal tracking in Google Analytics
  26. 26. Conversion Rates 22.09 4.45 5.54 3.52 2.53 0.00
  27. 27. Online Mentions
  28. 28. Questions for me?
  29. 29. darren@capulet.com @dbarefoot Photos courtesy of the Library of Congress