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Mark Farmer - Google Analytics: Business Intelligence for Non-profits

You know your audience like the back of your hand, right? Without hard data, however, you may not know them nearly as well as you think. What do they want? Where do they come from? What do they think about you? These are the kind of questions business intelligence answers, and Google Analytics helps you tap into that intelligence. It connects the dots between you and your audience through your website, helping you communicate more efficiently and make better business decisions.

In this session, Mark Farmer will take you from the basics of Google Analytics, the most popular web statistics package for nonprofits, through some of the more advanced features. By the end you’ll understand how to track your visitors and their behavior, profile them, create goals and much more.

- A solid understanding of online statistics and how they can benefit you and your organization
- Firm knowledge of how to get started with Google Analytics
- A roadmap for how to dive deeper and get even more out of your statistics

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Mark Farmer - Google Analytics: Business Intelligence for Non-profits

  1. 1. Google Analytics:Business Intelligence for Non-Profits
  2. 2. Mark FarmerFounder & Chief Webhead
  3. 3. Gettin’ Analytical
  4. 4. My Modus Operandi: info-bombing• Hang onto your hats.• My information is the bomb.
  5. 5. What’s in it for you• In a sea of arbitrary measures of success, it’s the least arbitrary & most impactful• People vote with their clicks.• It’s the intelligence that lets you know what you’re doing well and what needs improvement.• Helps you discover the hidden interactions happening every day on your website, the ‘untold stories’.
  6. 6. Business Intelligence• If you can track what visitors to your site are doing, you can optimize their experience.• For an e-commerce site, this means $ in the bank.• For non-profits, this also means $ in the bank (more visitors = more users = more sponsorships & other opportunities).• It also means greater engagement & greater satisfaction through better content & better usability.
  7. 7. Analytics• Why is it so important to track visitors? – Everyone says they know their audience really well. – Most organizations don’t know their audience nearly as well as they think. – They’re not perfect, but site statistics don’t have an agenda, and they’re brutally frank.
  8. 8. Analytics = Flaky• Historical data – Look at June 6 today – Tomorrow we look at June 6 again – Data can shift• Sampling – 500,000 + data points (visits)• “Fast access mode”
  9. 9. Fast Access
  10. 10. Why Google created Analytics
  11. 11. Avinash Kaushik“Data quality sucks. Let’s just get over it.”
  12. 12. New Analytics vs. Old Analytics• Extra flakiness• Extra goodness• Coming soon to a Goog near you• Get to know both: you don’t know when you’ll need one or the other.
  13. 13. Jazzin’ it up. Credit: Tobias Andersson Åkerblom
  14. 14. The basics• What it looks like• Profiles• Filters• Users
  15. 15. Dashboard: command central
  16. 16. Custom reports
  17. 17. Advanced segments: awesome sauce
  18. 18. Intelligence alerts
  19. 19. Navigation summary
  20. 20. Goals & funnels
  21. 21. Getting advanced• Event tracking• Virtual pageviews: _trackPageview()• E-commerce
  22. 22. Goals in Action
  23. 23. Goals in Action
  24. 24. In-page analytics• Used to show clicks on a link• Convenient way to pop around the site and see what’s what.
  25. 25. Super cool: visualizations• Apps:• Gadget gallery:
  26. 26. Other tools• Google Website Optimizer:• Google URL Builder:• – heat mapping via cursor trails• Pion:
  27. 27. Recommendations• Harvest business intelligence, not “we’re down 2% this quarter.”• Find the stories behind the numbers, the stories that paint a picture of user behaviour.
  28. 28. Thank you• E-mail:• Website:• Blog:•••