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Handout from Twitter, Facebook & YouTube! Oh My! Understanding Philanthropy 2.0


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The handout from Monica's keynote.

The internet is a powerful way to get your message across to the right audience. Social media sites like YouTube, Twitter, Flickr, MySpace, and Facebook can help raise awareness for your cause, build a network of support, coordinate events and create change. We'll explore the Dos and Don'ts of social networking, as well as hear some inspiring examples of how other nonprofits have used social media to advance their cause & broadcast their message to the world.

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Handout from Twitter, Facebook & YouTube! Oh My! Understanding Philanthropy 2.0

  1. 1. May 29th, 2009 Published by: mhamburg Handout: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter: Oh My! Understanding Philanthropy 2.0 the many ways you can use Twitter Hi, • • The PDF version of this document Here are some posts I've written contains links to many more (mainly) on my "Me Like the Interweb" resources (sources I've quoted blog that might be helpful to you as etc.). Please email me if you would you begin exploring the world of social like me to send you that version. media. ( Cheers, Source: http:// Monica youtube-and-nonprofits/ Other Resources In spite of its many teenage confessionals and frat videos, make no mistake: YouTube • See the "Illustrated Guide to Using is more than just a vestibule for teen angst, Twitter" from for crotch-kick footage – or just a place to watch Created using Go online to create your own zines or read what others have already published. 1
  2. 2. May 29th, 2009 Published by: mhamburg illegally posted prime-time television shows • Serve as messages to government (something, I, of course, would not consider • Unite people with similar views and doing). empower them Youtube can become Youtube footage has a large audience a Hub to show solidarity for a – and far reaching consequences.Earlier cause.“WITNESS uses video and online this year a Baltimore police officer was technologies to open the eyes of the suspended after footage of him physically world to human rights violations. We and verbally abusing a teenage boysurfaced empower people to transform personal on Youtube.And “police are increasingly stories of abuse into powerful tools for relying on YouTube as a crime fighting justice, promoting public engagement weapon”. and policy change.”) Citizens capture footage of an event before • Show people they are not alone (for reporters (and sometimes police) even know instance – depression or sexual abuse) there is a story.Disasters (like Hurricane • Grab the attention of people who might Katrina) are being covered by regular be interested, but have not yet been people, people who are involved in the compelled to act story or are witnesses.They are becoming the reporters and they are often more • Get more people involved and engaged compelling ones as they have background with your cause (the Human Society’s knowledge of, and an attachment to, the Youtube “competition drew 2,000 new story.“If you look at what individuals are members to their email list, provided showing and posting on YouTube, it’s just HSUS a whole batch of new online astounding. You get a much better sense, videos to use, and garnered over 95,000 I think, of the scale of the disaster and of views of the winning clip.” the personal nature of it. You really get a strong sense of how individuals have been Videos can involve: impacted” • important footage captured In the case of Nonprofits – the stories can • a person discussing their experience be told by people affected by an issue or supporters of a cause – often with amazing • someone talking about their motivation results. (for supporting a particular cause) The Youtube platform enables Nonprofits to • a person succinctly stating an opinion use video to: • a sequence/montage set to music (some are like a commercials – e.g. Girls on • Educate People about an issue.(This can the Run, others simply use music and involve personal testimony/experience images (E.g. Free Hugs and Stand Up and more. e.g. “24 Hours for Darfur is to Cancer), and several are, in fact, a a global video advocacy and education music video with participants singing campaign to help end the genocide in their message – like the fun-tastic Darfur.”) WearetheWeb – Internet Celebrities for • Encourage people to take action NetNeutrality Created using Go online to create your own zines or read what others have already published. 2
  3. 3. May 29th, 2009 Published by: mhamburg • Several people reinforcing the message • Sincerity counts. So“[b]e genuine — (Yes We Can – for Barack Obama, ONE interview people who are affected by – against poverty or Watch for Change the work your organization does, record for.. (drum roll!) change. actions you are taking to solve problems in your community, ask YouTube users Video Tips to sound off on why your issues are important. These tactics will resonate • Consider starting a contest.As in the much more with the YouTube audience Humane Society’s experience, contests than a piece you think is hip or one that can be a great way of getting new features a celebrity.” people involved and invested. Worksafe ran a “Serious Injuries Stop With • Humour can work too.Consider “Sing A You” contest asking for students to Long” which reminds men to check for create videos about work safety.And testicular cancer with a hilarious ditty. Greenpeace encouraged artists to record themselves playing Beethoven’s 5th. • Use the Bonus Features. Youtube recently introduced annotations, a • Invite people to be a part of it – the feature “that allows you not only to larger “it”.Ask them to send in videos annotate your uploaded video with (or even pictures) that will be part of captions, but also to create links within a compilation. Stand Up to Cancer is a the video to other video clips or to perfect example – they asked people to your YouTube channel”.Consider how submit pictures stating why they “Stand you could might integrate this feature to Up to Cancer” (e.g. “Because of my link other videos. Dad” etc. which were then edited into a compelling video). • Make it Short, Sweet and Riveting. • Names make a difference. Make sure Remember to make it short (we all to tag the video so it can be found have ADT).And compelling.WITNESS’ by people interested in your cause or video about the plight and segregation nonprofits.And consider how you title of the Roma people distills a fairly it: “Often, an effective title (e.g. “This involvedsituation into a video that is Is Why I’m Hot” instead of “Global easily understood. Giant Ant Media ’s Warming is Serious”) or interesting tags Bongo Promo – a video for Urban can increase the number of people who Project tells their story – which involves click on your video.” the funding of hip hop artists in Tanzania in a way that moves and • Encourage people to participate. Ask captures the audience. them to post related video comments etc. The Vlog Brothers Project for Unprintable Content (Video, Flash, etc.) Awesome for the Humane Society – Encourages Donations – and asks others Other Tips to post video to continue spreading their message • Create a Channel. You need one to create an organized place people can go and Created using Go online to create your own zines or read what others have already published. 3
  4. 4. May 29th, 2009 Published by: mhamburg find all the videos (e.g. Campus Progress • Frogloop’s – Insider’s Guide to Video Action). and YouTube for Nonprofits • Create a Playlist.A Playlist can highlight More Resources some specific videos (e.g. the ones made by Youth for Beatbullying). • can be found bookmarked on • Create a NewsRoom. With regards to Delicious [my delicious Powertoyou and Photos, Videos etc. – make it easy YouTube ] for people to share and show your content.Having a central hub (website :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: etc.) to aggregate efforts (as Be the My Related Posts Full Stop does) is excellent (read: do it!) but also consider combining all Possibly related posts: (automatically your efforts into a type of “social generated) media newsroom” – a place where you amalgamate items people can easily Source: http:// use and repost (the most effective videos/pics in your arsenal, news items/ facebook-myspace-and-nonprofits/ releases and more), so people (and tradional media) don’t have to search, FACEBOOK space (take this tip from big business – Finding long a lost love? Contacting friends e.g. Ford). you’ve lost touch with? Facebook is certainly • Create Buzz. Think about how you are phenomenal at these things. It sometimes going to get the buzz going – a video has seems as though Facebook has so many no effect if people don’t watch it.Figure users, that it has become a type of internet out how to promote it – e.g. Be the Full phone book… In fact, that’s just what Stop’s site asks people to take action Toronto Public Health officials decided to by “emailing everyone in their address use it for when they needed to contact book with a link to the Click TV ad” ”. someone urgently: in this case, a woman Or consider Presentense which “had a who needed to be told to get a rabies shot “Viral Video Party” when a new video after coming in contact with a rabid bat. release was due, where they got a group While your organization may not be in just of about 70 people in a room with such a situation you, too, can leverage the computers, and they send the video to power of Facebook and to help with your their friends, friends’ friends, etc.” needs. The nature of Facebook is entirely • Note that Youtube has a nonprofit viral, and users can garner information program (Nonprofit must be U.S. based, immediately from their friends activity and however) interactions. (For instance, when someone joins your group or plans to an event, this Great Resources activity is listed in their News Feed, which exposes the message to all their friends!) • Youtube’s NonProfit tips, including those on running a video campaign Created using Go online to create your own zines or read what others have already published. 4
  5. 5. May 29th, 2009 Published by: mhamburg As a NonProfit, Facebook allows you If you’ve been the victim of a epileptic to: seizures brought on by the viewing a MySpace profile page, you might still be • Create a group (like Support Monks in a bit shell-shocked. As a Non-Profit, you Burma) and thus establish a database of might also believe the site is predominantly supporters – or a Fan Page. for teeny-boppers or that it has worn out • Enable others to spread your message its welcome. However, although Facebook easily (e.g. The Causes Application – is catching up to MySpace, MySpace still like the one to Support Breast Cancer dominates in the US and has as many unique Research) monthly worldwide visitors as Facebook (a staggering 115 million people). MySpace • Keep your supporters apprised of events profiles can have a tremendous impact (meeting, protests etc.) (Facebook even on your Nonprofits momentum if used has a great feature where people can effectively. In fact, you may not know that it post an event straight into their Outlook has the power to save lives: a recent MSNBC or other calender) segment profiled a MySpace page which • Post links/Articles of interest/Blog helps youth suffering from depression and Posts isolation. • Encourage people to take action (sign What can it help a nonprofit do: petition, donate etc.) • Gain supporters • Gain Supporters & Get to Know them Better • Allow you to get to know your supporters better Supporters can • Encourage supporters to take action (sign petition, donate etc.) • Join you • Help them spread your message easily • Spread your message around – people (via the use of Badges or Stickers whose can “Share” postings, events etc. and code they can ad to their own profile) invite others to events and – as mentioned above, simply by adding your • Keep them apprised of events or “issue group, cause or by deciding to attend an alerts” – as bulletins event, the word is spread to others • Have another presence on the web/a • Be kept in the loop type of interactive brochure: containing your video, blog posts, pictures etc. For More Great Resources about Facebook check out my delicious links marked Supporters can (”PowertoYou”+”Facebook”) • Join you powertoyou+facebook%20 • Spread your message around (E.g. site MYSPACE badges or stickers allow others to help promote campaigns) Created using Go online to create your own zines or read what others have already published. 5
  6. 6. May 29th, 2009 Published by: mhamburg • Be kept in the loop • “Use MySpace to drive your friends to other social networking sites” (Where Examples of Nonprofit MySpace else are you? see below for ones that Pages: make it clear) Increase Your Exposure on MySpace • “Don’t set your age to be 13-17 years with: old”> (Does not show up in searches) • NonProfit Organzation http:// General Suggestions As with all social sites, you must take the nonprofitorganizations time to: • A Place for Impact – http:// • update frequently • Impact Awards – http:// • participate and engage • monitor (for adult content posted or • One Person Difference http:// very offensive comments) Remember to have a hub where you onepersondifference display all your social networks – so people Some MySpace Specific Tips can find you on all social sites easily A Quick Reminder About Integration/Cross • “On your MySpace page, ask friends Platform. Here are just a few examples of to take specific actions such as “link Nonprofits making this clear: to our Web site,” “subscribe to our More Great Resources e-newsletter,” “tell a friend about our current campaign,” “contact us to learn • The Chronicle of Philanthropy’s about,” and so on.” “Facetime” • “Don’t make the mistake of staying • Tech Soups Excellent “How to Use within your own circle of like- MySpace to Raise Awareness” – Talks to minded organizations. When you add 3 Nonprofits friends, consider reaching out to folks • Diosa Communications provides an outside of your circle. In particular, incredibly comprehensive list of My nonprofits could reach out (via Space Best Practices with explanations MySpace) to for-profit companies with strong social responsibility programs • The SocialMedia4Change Wiki that can help spread the word about their causes.” (What are other groups And on my delicious that could help you out?) (”Powertoyou”+”MySpace” • “Don’t “Add” a song to your Blogged with the Flock Browser organization’s MySpace profile” (It’s so :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: very annoying) My Related Posts: Created using Go online to create your own zines or read what others have already published. 6
  7. 7. May 29th, 2009 Published by: mhamburg Source: http:// (e.g. London Bombings, the Indian Ocean Tsunami). And he makes the point that these and-nonprofits/ photos are often used on other people’s blogs What is Flickr? when discussing the subject, which spreads Put simply, Flickr is an online photo sharing the picture and message around. site. As you can see, Flickr has a power that Flickr – What is it Good For? extends beyond your group alone.While In his book “Here Comes Everybody”, you might be posting, other people are Clay Shirky provides purposes for the seeing and reacting to the photo. Curiosity social media site which go beyond the alone will get some to learn more about pale.Certainly, at its most basic it is your organization, and possibly spread your an excellent photo sharing, database and picture and message around (some even get organizing system – but its reach and power gallery exposure).By posting your picture on goes beyond that. a site with as many users (and hence, eyes) as Flickr, you are exposing your message Firstly, as Shirky points out, Flickr doesn’t to countless people, some of whom will be organize the photos – YOU do – an amazing interested enough to join you and support. feat in itself.By using tags (a keyword system common to many social-sharing With that in mind, here are just a few sites), people organize their pictures in examples of Flickr uses for Nonprofits: logical ways (such as Events – e.g. BarCamp • Create a Photo Petition (such as Vancouver or Visual Content/Topics- e.g. Oxfam’s). Thisis a really exciting use of homeless ), so that they might later find Flickr.Oxfam asks that you to “add your them more easily. picture in support of Ethiopian coffee Luckily, this organization helps others, as farmers”, for their Starbucks Photo well.As Shirky notes of Coney Island’s Petition. Mermaid Parade: • Document an Event of “The interesting social side effect of Significance.Youth Service America’s tags is that although people are doing Global Youth Service Day 2008, is this out of a personal need to keep a great example of this. (When track of their photos and so forth, the Beth Kanter talks to Ian Gottesman, aggregate social effect is that if you Director of Information Technology go onto Flickr today and you look for at the organization andGottesman all photos tagged ‘Mermaid Parade,’ remarks,“Especially if the event is you’re going to get tens of thousands carried out through a network where of photos taken by hundreds of your staff cannot be everywhere the individual photographers.” event is taking place. It gives everyone Shirky also describes the greater good a feeling of community and shows what of Flickr in that people post evidence people are doing for your event. It also pictures (of tragic events, wrongdoing, and helps capture stories that are really so forth) as well as search for missing compelling so you can retell them.” (See people during catastrophic occurrences Footnote (1), below) Created using Go online to create your own zines or read what others have already published. 7
  8. 8. May 29th, 2009 Published by: mhamburg • Provide Evidence.For instance, of Protecting the Environment, Nature and wrongdoing as does the Mara Wildlife). Conservancy. The Conservancy endeavors to protect Wildlife, and posts • Connect the Dots – on a Map. Flickr pictures of poaching offenders. has Geotagging – so you can create a map that works with your cause.(E.g. • As a Database – That Generates Traffic. I’ll be advising the CPP participants to “[H]elp generate traffic, reduce on Geotag photos of the rivers that have bandwidth and storage” – gtp_zambia. been devastated by privatization etc.) These are some of the reasons Global (See Footnote (2) ) Teenager Project (Zambia) – uses Flickr.And they’re darn good ones too. • Make it Easy for the Media.Some have Think about it: most organizations have photos up “to put information out there a myriad of photos taken at events, for the local media to access when for pamphlets, brochures, websites – they want to feature us in a story.” – many are not on a website simply Cmartin82 because of bandwith issues.Upload to Flickr – use the site as a low-cost • Add Your Face.Somewhat similar to the database/storage unit, while promoting Photo Petition, ONE (“Americans of all your cause and accumulating more beliefs and every walk of life – united as photos (as others contribute).And, if a ONE – to help make poverty history”) photo is intriguing, it creates even more wants you to join their Flickr group and interest and attention – a bonus for your post your photo to it to demonstrate purpose! support. • Run a Photo Contest.The Nature • Add Your Message.Like any social media Conservatory runs an annual photo endeavor you are best to combine a few contest.“Your digital photos will help that would best serve your goal.(A Flickr to inspire others to protect our campaign can work with a YouTube one, natural world.” And the Environment for instance – and many organizations Protection Agency (EPA)runs an annual have a Facebook Group, Twitter, Flickr Earth Day contest: “We want to see etc. e.g. )One that made great use of how you would show EPA’s mission Youtube and could have built up their to protect human health and the Flickr stream quite seamlessly, is Stand environment.” “Has your community Up to Cancer which also uses many other organization cleaned up a stream? Have social media tools. Stand up to Cancer you enjoyed a day in the woods? asked people to submit pictures stating Has a wild animal ever sparked your why they “Stand Up to Cancer” (e.g. imagination? If you’ve caught anything “Because of my Dad” etc.Photos were like those moments in a photo, share then edited on the video. The video it with us!” The contest asked you to also requests that people post photos submit to 3 separate groups, depending to their Flickr group (with SU2C tag). on content (Enjoying the Environment , Oddly, while the organization no doubt has a ton of photos (used for the video Created using Go online to create your own zines or read what others have already published. 8
  9. 9. May 29th, 2009 Published by: mhamburg and the many more which were likely (5) Flickr basic accounts are free. Flickr even submitted/sent – they didn’t cross-post gives away Pro accounts to Nonprofits as many of them to Flickr…(Perhaps that’s part of their “Flickr for Good” initiative. in the works?) (6) Create a stream or slideshow with your Flickr photos on your website So there you go – just a few ways Flickr can generate attention and support for your Some Great Resources I’ve Used for this cause. Post: Any examples you like, that I haven’t listed • Beth Kanter’s “Ten Cool Examples of here? Or what are your thoughts on these Nonprofits Using Flickr!” methods – have they been successful for your organization?I would love to hear your • Joe Solomon’s Wiki – “Social Media 4 thoughts. Change“ Notes: • Tech Soup Asks “How Can Nonprofits (1) Many note that nonprofits are fortunate Use Flickr” – and users respond in that they have compelling stories to tell. Pictures are part of this equation.Choose For More Resources – See my delicious pictures that tell a good story. bookmarks – [tagged: powertoyou & flickr] (2) Be the Full Stop (which wants to put an :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: end to child cruelty) uses geotagging in a My Related Posts: great way, by asking their supporters to get on a map pledging their support. Possibly related posts: (automatically (3) When you post, try to keep others generated) in mind and choose a Creative Commons license that will allow them to re-post your Source: http:// photo (4) Respect people and treat their photos twitter-and-nonprofits/ as you would want them to treat yours.Be Put simply: Twitter is a microblogging aware of permissions (note the Creative network that allows you to make a post Commons license/rights for each picture. of 140 characters of text or less. While it While many will allow you to “Share and asks you to answer “What are you doing?”, share alike”, some don’t).If they don’t, try to most use it for a variety of other mini- contact them through Flickr and ask them if posts (some including links). Twitter has you can use their photos.Provide the specific its own terminology: the quick posts are context you intend to use their photos.Many, known as “tweets”, people are “twittering” will in fact, allow you to use their photos when they post, someone is “following you” once that communication and context is they are merely subscribing to your posts established. If not, respect their position and (no need to fear) and they become your find another picture that would work. “followers” (sounds cult-like, but it’s not… generally. For instance, you can’t get your followers to clean your apartment. Trust me, Created using Go online to create your own zines or read what others have already published. 9
  10. 10. May 29th, 2009 Published by: mhamburg I’ve tried). Another interesting element is • Encourage Action/Tell Story. For that Twitter can also be used via mobile instance – frustration with Government. devices. Note: I worked for years in a field The constant pulse can be a benefit to where government action was necessary – but slow in coming – this might those who feel isolated – the distance be an experience your nonprofit is that may exist in busy lives is virtually happening. Difficulties with getting a eradicated by the hyper-connectivity of response (or satisfying) response from Twitter. Like all good social media tools, government can be aided (and exposed) Twitter is engaging, connecting – and can by Twittering. You can show what is be a big time-suck (er, commitment, I happening – like a public log. (E.g. Sept mean). Twitter involves communication – 12th- “Sent this letter [perhaps link to but Twitter communication is brief and its letter] to Premier, hopping for response life-span is short. That same immediacy that soon.” Then, say, 2 weeks later – I’m can be a drawback in some cases, is a great an optimistic gal – you tweet again: asset in others. Twitter’s immediacy has “Response received from Premier, he been highlighted in life-saving cases: a man has forwarded my letter to X”. Then, 2 posts a suicidal message, but realizes how weeks later: “No response yet from X”. much people care when they reach out to And later, perhaps “Response received him and Twitter was credited with saving from X, he refuses to get involved”.) a man from Egyptian Justice. The site may Perhaps there can be an action followup even soon be used to find missing children. – for instance: “Please email him with So, how can you, as nonprofit, benefit your thoughts”. from using Twitter? • Mobilize people to do things with • Find out what people are talking about urgency – donate, encourage signing of (Use Twitter Search or Twemes (if petition, Diggs etc. (See Social Media for people are hashtagging (i.e. using a tag/ Real World Social Change) keyword with a # in front of it, e.g. • Find out information/Ask questions #LPV5) of your supporters (E.g. Advice, • Build your relationship with supporters Recommendations, Contacts – “What’s and community a good site for X?”, Know a good consultant re: X?”, “Does anyone know • Post new information, blog posts (via someone at company X that I could Twitterfeed or manually to an engaging contact?”) message with the link), press releases etc. “Several groups like GreenPeace, What can your supporters do? the Obama Campaign, NetSquared, MobileActive, etc use Twitter to call out • Re-tweet important tweets from your press releases, links to new pages on nonprofits & other supporters. This their blog or website, and sometimes will get eyeballs from their network/ asks to donate” – mg131 followers. • Mention upcoming meetings Created using Go online to create your own zines or read what others have already published. 10
  11. 11. May 29th, 2009 Published by: mhamburg • Submit and make popular stories on Anyone can see them and they will likely social news sites, like Digg. (E.g. They exist for awhile (potentially forever). submit to Digg & encourage others to on So, don’t post anything you don’t want Twitter to Digg as well.) most knowing/sensitive information. (See Rob Cottingham brilliant cartoon.) • Post tweets summarizing important points (See #cdninst) and a conference • You need to participate in the (something a nonprofit could do at a conversation rather than related conference). If several people are • Hashtags can be very useful. twittering, you can get an good picture of the conference highlights. More Excellent Resources • Respond to advice and make suggestions of their own. • Twitter for Health – discusses the many different way nonprofits are using • Point you to related information/posts/ Twitter articles • Social Media 4 Change Wiki • Talk about issues/build community • Twitter Collaboration Stories • Twitter is being used in countless other ways (see Twitter Collaboration Stories) • Beth Kanter’s Twitter Primer • For others, see my delicious Examples of NonProfit Twitter Feeds (”Powertoyou”+”Twitter”) Highly Effective Twittering: My Related Posts Some Tips Blogged with the Flock Browser • Peek in before you dive in (sound advice for most social sites), so you can see how Possibly related posts: (automatically it works. generated) • Wondering who to follow? – Check out Source: http:// the appropriately named: Who do I follow? Wiki nonprofit-social-media-ideas/ • The Creation of Twitter Best Practices: Round 1 recommends that you BE • Blogging. Ideally, your nonprofit INTERESTING & INVOLVED in the should be blogging – but remember conversation, among other useful that it’s a big time commitment. You suggestions. Don’t use twitter as a might consider getting a few people bullhorn. It’s not a platform – it’s a to run blog collectively (e.g. each post communication tool. once a week). Consider, as well, that • Remember if you’re going to allow your many of your supporters already blog Tweets to be public (the best way to get (for instance, in the CPP’s case, 49 new people involved in your message) Megawattsfilmmaker, Bryan Watts, has remember that you’re tweets are public. his own blog) and might be pleased to occasionally post for/about and link Created using Go online to create your own zines or read what others have already published. 11
  12. 12. May 29th, 2009 Published by: mhamburg to your cause. Alternately/Additionally, Conservancy use Gather, an online you could create a feed of posts that social-networking site, to share ideas have to do with your cause. For more about protecting the environment”), nonprofit blogging information see Britt Think MTV, SocialVibe Bravo’s wonderful “10 Ways Nonprofits • Do you have any other tips? I’d love to can Use Blogs“. hear more ideas. • Memes/Trends. Try something that has possibility of being infectious/trendy – like asking people to use your logo The Correct Way to Pitch as their avatar for a specific day (e.g. to Bloggers Red Cross Social Media Day), or post Source: a picture of themselves wearing/doing correct-way-to-pitch-to-bloggers/ something that has significance (e.g. wearing pink against bullying or post a Guest writer Monica Hamburg a local black profile picture to raise awareness freelancer and humorist points out the about malaria) correct way to pitch to bloggers: • Fundraising and Birthdays. “Hi, can I speak with Mr. or Mrs. [insert Consider the impact asking for surname here].” donations for your birthday can have Sigh…. You know one thing for certain when (e.g. Beth Kanter’s Birthday Challenge you get these types of calls: the caller doesn’t and Charity: Water) know you from Adam. • Social News Sites. Sites like Digg, Sadly, pitches to bloggers often fall into the StumbleUpon and Reddit are new sites, same category, with the sender failing to in which the importance/rank of the understand that generic, impersonal emails item is determined by the users. The send precisely the same message as those exposure brought on by a successful dreaded telephone calls: we don’t know you, Digg campaign can really boost the we don’t care who you are, just purchase our exposure and support for your nonprofit product/service and help us out. (e.g. Nature Conservancy) The single most important element in • etc. While Facebook blogger relations is to know about the person is a great place for events – you you are pitching to. You should know why might also want to supplement this they would be interested in your request with a group – which has (e.g. promoting, reviewing, talking about some more functionality (e.g., see an your product or service etc.) and tailor your event I co-organize, Vancouver’s Third email accordingly. Generic solicitations not Tuesday). Posting an event to other sites only beg to be deleted but further show your like Upcoming is also helpful. company in a negative light, indicating that • Consider other Social Networks (with you are too lazy or too disinterested to make a Social Action component). Check the most basic effort. out: Causecast, Care2,, David Wescott in his blog “It’s Not (”Supporters of the Nature a Lecture” breaks it down into “The Created using Go online to create your own zines or read what others have already published. 12
  13. 13. May 29th, 2009 Published by: mhamburg Three R’s of Blogging Relations”: “Respect, (If only Linkedin were as interesting as this Relevance, and Relationships.” Essentially: "LinkedIn smurfs" photo by 99zeros don’t assume the blogger is there to I like the “Introductions” concept. If you’re promote you, make certain your product/ looking to make contact with a particular service etc. is in-line with what the blog’s person and you discover that he/she is only content and who the blogger is (not separated by a degree or two, it makes sense asking for your succulent rib house to to try to connect . Of course, in that case, be reviewed by, for I’d simply find out who to contact using instance) and building a sincere relationship Linkedin – and then Google to find the with the blogger (even before you make your person’s email. I could then shoot them an request). email, mentioning our mutual connection – without going through Linkedin’s own Points out Daniel Riveong at Emergence (unlovable) messaging system… Media: “…the blogosphere is a community, not a place to send press releases to.” Other than that, I haven’t found much on Linkedin that you couldn’t do in a more For more of Monica’s rumitations go to personal and engaging way on another site her Your Dose of Lunacy humour blog and (mainly Twitter or Facebook). website. But, because I don’t like something, doesn’t Posted on Tuesday, November 13th, 2007 and filed necessarily make it irrelevant. (I wish! under Blogs, Marketing. Physical Sciences seem to have stuck [...] November 13, 2007 Blogging Relations around, regardless. Go figure.) Posted by monicahamburg under Social Many find LinkedIn extremely useful. I Marketing | Tags: blogging, blogging have a friend who swears by the site. It’s relations, PR | Mhairi Petrovic of Out- been invaluable for him in terms of making Smarts was kind enough to ask me to write connections. And while I relish the ability a post for her blog. [...] to be casual and “myself” online, I recognize some don’t believe business and personal Source: http:// should mix as much as most social sites encourage/accept. Especially if you find linkedin-are-you-feelin-it/ Facebook to be too personal (”Who cares Confession: I don’t use LinkedIn well or what interpretive dance performance my often. Frankly, when I got on it just felt too acquaintance is going to…?” ), LinkedIn can “stuffy”, and I still get that sense. be an especially appealing social networking While Twitter and Facebook feel lively and tool. energetic (the interface, the way the tool So, in the interest of fairness, let’s look at works, the way people interact), LinkedIn what LinkedIn can actually do. feels like one of those sterile networking It gives you the ability to (among other events where people are trying to make things): contacts but there’s no actual engagement or conversation • see who your contacts and friends are connected to in a business sense (e.g. Created using Go online to create your own zines or read what others have already published. 13
  14. 14. May 29th, 2009 Published by: mhamburg who do they know well and have worked “…recommendations based on the with). contents of your profile” in your newsfeed. (Marshall Kirkpatrick on • research people/companies (”What’s that person like to work with? Should/ Mashable.) could I work with them? Looks like some And in How to Get the Most Out of LinkedIn people I know have worked with her – by Brian Wallace remarks that: I’ll ask them.”) “The old adage that “it isn’t what you • request and receive public know, it’s who you know” still holds recommendations (that never hurts) value. LinkedIn takes this thought one step further, making it “who • mention what you are up to (using the you will know soon to be of utmost “status”/”what are you working on?” importance.” Using LinkedIn, I’ve update.) trained small businesses to spread • ask for advice from the Linkedin their wings and get connected with populace as a whole, or from your companies that they might otherwise friends. have thought were beyond reach, and • request a contact make an introduction to the persons they were looking for in to someone in their connections with those companies.” whom you’d like to establish contact. Indeed, it is often more efficient (and more exact) to search for contacts at a company Recently Linkedin has been making strides using Linkedin then to use the “About the to make the platform more appetizing, Team” page (assuming they even have one) adding SlideShare and blog post integration on their website. (and other applications) as well as “Groups“ Further, LinkedIn lets you know where And my problem with the site “not being your connections are now – even if you’ve fun”, is in a sense, missing the point. It’s lost touch or are out-of-the-loop: once you likely not supposed to be. upload your address book, it checks to see “We want to spend as little time who’s on board and you could reconnect as possible so that we can get the with people for whom you have outdated job done, get off our computers, and emails: have a life. LinkedIn is the most “I had old emails for people efficient place to hunt for customers who had changed jobs; LinkedIn and employees. It is the first real automatically showed me where they change in productivity for those who work now (I assume based on work on the front lines of business.” email forwarding).” (Bernard Lunn LinkedIn also has an “Events” feature – and on RedWriteWeb) you certainly can see (and be apprised of) So, clearly, some people are getting value out the events your friends are attending – but of LinkedIn. Are you? there’s more. It trumps the usual events ____ features by offering: Created using Go online to create your own zines or read what others have already published. 14
  15. 15. May 29th, 2009 Published by: mhamburg Stay tuned: in the next post, I’ll be looking at Linkedin for NonProfits.Update: Well, no, I won’t. It’s just off the priority list right now – but I did find a great “A Visual Guide To LinkedIn For Job Hunters” and since I feel that networking is a bit like Job Hunting, it’s appropriate. Or maybe it isn’t and I just love the tips and visuals in it. Your call. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated) Created using Go online to create your own zines or read what others have already published. 15