Handout from How Tweet It Is: Creating A Following On Twitter (Monica Hamburg)


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Handout from Monica's session.

Tweet, tweet. Have you heard about Twitter all over the media, but still aren’t sure how it works or what it can do to help your organization? Then this session is for you! For nonprofits, Twitter is a versatile tool in your emerging social media toolkit to help tell your story, build your brand and increase stewardship among supporters. Participants will learn about:

- Getting started on Twitter
- How to build and keep a list of followers
- Twitter etiquette
- Case studies and success stories – how other charities and non-profits are benefiting from Twitter

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Handout from How Tweet It Is: Creating A Following On Twitter (Monica Hamburg)

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  3. 3. May 29th, 2009 Published by: mhamburg Handout: How Tweet It Is Source: http:// Hi, monicahamburg.wordpress.com/2008/09/24/ twitter-and-nonprofits/ Here are some posts I've written on my "Me Like the Interweb" blog that might Put simply: Twitter is a microblogging be helpful to you as you begin exploring network that allows you to make a post the world of Twitter. of 140 characters of text or less. While it asks you to answer “What are you doing?”, Cheers, most use it for a variety of other mini- posts (some including links). Twitter has Monica its own terminology: the quick posts are known as “tweets”, people are “twittering” Other Resources when they post, someone is “following you” they are merely subscribing to your posts • See the "Illustrated Guide to Using (no need to fear) and they become your Twitter" from applicant.com for “followers” (sounds cult-like, but it’s not… the many ways you can use Twitter generally. For instance, you can’t get your http://applicant.com/twitter-guide/ followers to clean your apartment. Trust me, I’ve tried). Another interesting element is • The PDF version of this document that Twitter can also be used via mobile contains links to many more devices. resources (sources I've quoted etc.). Please email me if you would The constant pulse can be a benefit to like me to send you that version. those who feel isolated – the distance (monica.hamburg@usa.net). that may exist in busy lives is virtually eradicated by the hyper-connectivity of Twitter. Like all good social media tools, Twitter is engaging, connecting – and can be a big time-suck (er, commitment, I mean). Twitter involves communication – Created using zinepal.com. Go online to create your own zines or read what others have already published. 1
  4. 4. May 29th, 2009 Published by: mhamburg but Twitter communication is brief and its soon.” Then, say, 2 weeks later – I’m life-span is short. That same immediacy that an optimistic gal – you tweet again: can be a drawback in some cases, is a great “Response received from Premier, he asset in others. Twitter’s immediacy has has forwarded my letter to X”. Then, 2 been highlighted in life-saving cases: a man weeks later: “No response yet from X”. posts a suicidal message, but realizes how And later, perhaps “Response received much people care when they reach out to from X, he refuses to get involved”.) him and Twitter was credited with saving Perhaps there can be an action followup a man from Egyptian Justice. The site may – for instance: “Please email him with even soon be used to find missing children. your thoughts”. So, how can you, as nonprofit, benefit • Mobilize people to do things with from using Twitter? urgency – donate, encourage signing of petition, Diggs etc. (See Social Media for • Find out what people are talking about Real World Social Change) (Use Twitter Search or Twemes (if • Find out information/Ask questions people are hashtagging (i.e. using a tag/ of your supporters (E.g. Advice, keyword with a # in front of it, e.g. Recommendations, Contacts – “What’s #LPV5) a good site for X?”, Know a good • Build your relationship with supporters consultant re: X?”, “Does anyone know and community someone at company X that I could • Post new information, blog posts (via contact?”) Twitterfeed or manually to an engaging What can your supporters do? message with the link), press releases etc. “Several groups like GreenPeace, • Re-tweet important tweets from your the Obama Campaign, NetSquared, nonprofits & other supporters. This MobileActive, etc use Twitter to call out will get eyeballs from their network/ press releases, links to new pages on followers. their blog or website, and sometimes asks to donate” – mg131 • Mention upcoming meetings • Encourage Action/Tell Story. For • Submit and make popular stories on instance – frustration with Government. social news sites, like Digg. (E.g. They Note: I worked for years in a field submit to Digg & encourage others to on where government action was necessary Twitter to Digg as well.) – but slow in coming – this might • Post tweets summarizing important be an experience your nonprofit is points (See #cdninst) and a conference happening. Difficulties with getting a (something a nonprofit could do at a response (or satisfying) response from related conference). If several people are government can be aided (and exposed) twittering, you can get an good picture of by Twittering. You can show what is the conference highlights. happening – like a public log. (E.g. Sept 12th- “Sent this letter [perhaps link to • Respond to advice and make letter] to Premier, hopping for response suggestions of their own. Created using zinepal.com. Go online to create your own zines or read what others have already published. 2
  5. 5. May 29th, 2009 Published by: mhamburg • Point you to related information/posts/ • Twitter for Health – discusses the articles many different way nonprofits are using Twitter • Talk about issues/build community • Social Media 4 Change Wiki • Twitter is being used in countless other ways (see Twitter Collaboration Stories) • Twitter Collaboration Stories Examples of NonProfit Twitter Feeds • Beth Kanter’s Twitter Primer Highly Effective Twittering: • For others, see my delicious (”Powertoyou”+”Twitter”) Some Tips My Related Posts • Peek in before you dive in (sound advice for most social sites), so you can see how Blogged with the Flock Browser it works. Possibly related posts: (automatically • Wondering who to follow? – Check out generated) the appropriately named: Who do I follow? Wiki Source: http:// • The Creation of Twitter Best Practices: monicahamburg.wordpress.com/2008/12/19/hmm- Round 1 recommends that you BE does-this-twitter-thing-work/ INTERESTING & INVOLVED in the For Twitter skeptics: conversation, among other useful suggestions. Don’t use twitter as a This morning, social media stud, Kris Krug bullhorn. It’s not a platform – it’s a (@kk on Twitter) Twittered about “Phones communication tool. for Fearless! Donate your old phones to change lives“. • Remember if you’re going to allow your Tweets to be public (the best way to get Just so you know, Kris Krug has about new people involved in your message) 2,183 people following him (i.e. subscribed remember that you’re tweets are public. to his Twitter messages), others reposting Anyone can see them and they will likely the message, like Tris Hussey (@trishussey) exist for awhile (potentially forever). have similar numbers. Some have even more So, don’t post anything you don’t want than that(!) and others have significantly most knowing/sensitive information. less, but may still be in several hundred (See Rob Cottingham brilliant cartoon.) category. Now there is some overlap – some know the same people – but • You need to participate in the certainly everyone has many unique people conversation rather than “following”. • Hashtags can be very useful. So, because I think the picture here tells a better story than my blathering, here More Excellent Resources you go – just since an hour ago on Twitter. (I searched the term “old phones” in Twitter Search because that seemed to be a Created using zinepal.com. Go online to create your own zines or read what others have already published. 3
  6. 6. May 29th, 2009 Published by: mhamburg commonality to the way people ReTweeted, (Read more about why to use Twitter on i.e. re-posted on Twitter). What you’re Andy Bailey’s “Why the hell would anyone looking here at is in reverse chronological use twitter anyway and Gillan Shaw’s order ( most recent on top). (The drive is still “TweetupHeatup Twitter flash mob helps going, btw – this is just how it looked around the homeless“) 4:30 pm) Possibly related posts: (automatically generated) Source: http:// monicahamburg.wordpress.com/2009/03/12/ integrating-twitter-into-your-life/ When I mention Twitter to people not on it, they often say they simply have no idea what they would tweet about. The best advice I think I give people is: Find a way to make conversing on Twitter a part of your life. If you view Twitter as an open communication channel (to your friends and beyond) that you can simply tap in anytime you like – that understanding can make the process quite natural – and possibly less intimidating. What to talk about?* Consider this, in a given day, do you sometimes: • See something interesting and think “I have to remember to tell my friend about this!” • Read an intriguing article or news item on the web? • Have an odd experience? (At the library? On transit?) • Do something that might interest one or more other human Created using zinepal.com. Go online to create your own zines or read what others have already published. 4
  7. 7. May 29th, 2009 Published by: mhamburg Any of these can make interesting tweets and In real life, revealing too much give people insight into your life. Which is can make even broadminded strangers sort of the point. uncomfortable. Privacy? Consider these examples:**** Everyone’s line of privacy or disclosure is “Just at the bank… Why do I always different. I am very private about certain end up behind the guy who is making things, and seemingly reckless when it all his deposits for the year?“= Good comes to others. But I’m actually fairly “Had an abortion this week.“= Bad tactical. I know what I’m OK with people knowing and hearing from me.*** or The spectrum is quite broad. You have to “Dating can be so frustrating gage what you are comfortable disclosing sometimes.” = Nice Break-the-Ice and what you think (and here’s a key thing) Level people you want to interact with would “I’m going through a divorce and want to know. Some post mostly about my wife is making me sleep business, Some mostly personal. I think our backyard.” = Awkward Glass- aiming for some balance on this is great. Shattering Level Allowing others to have a window into your personal life and thoughts is useful – it helps or establish relationships. “Hey Tom: Time for Coffee Today?” = I’ve found that when I met twitters in real life Yes. the ice was already broken. It was far easier “Hey Tom: You are a DECEPTIVE to have conversations from a point at which motherfucker! Why aren’t you calling we already kind of knew each other. me back?” = No. How Much to Disclose? And being interesting and intriguing helps maintains people’s gaze. But how interesting…? If you want to open your circle of friends/followers, and so keep your tweets unsecured (read: public), you are for all intents and purposes, in public. Even if you only have 20 people following, anyone can check out your page and a search can easily turn up your tweet. Again, this is just my opinion. So, here’s my line (and, again, mine alone): Wait – No, it’s not. If it’s something I would be comfortable ________ saying at a party, it passes the test. Notes: How Much is Too Much Created using zinepal.com. Go online to create your own zines or read what others have already published. 5
  8. 8. May 29th, 2009 Published by: mhamburg *(More suggestions about what to tweet about the other guy is wasting their about here and here) money. **These you can even text it (or email) from Amusing though the PC/Mac ads are, your phone, if you like) as it happens! they make me less willing to invest in a Mac, much as I would really like one. ***(or at least I think I do:) The combination of the huge difference ****While I have heard of something similar in the prices and the fact that I’m to the third example happening on Twitter, starting to feel really sorry for PC guy is the second was uttered by a guy who I just driving me to a brand allegiance I can’t met for a dialect coaching session and the actually justify in intellectual terms. first was said to me (rather cheerily, in fact, Having said that, Fiend seems like a by a girl I didn’t know in a film criticism totally appropriate name for this entity. class. (I think I asked if she wanted a french fry.) P.S. Drinking 8 glasses of water a day while consuming vast quantities of Possibly related posts: (automatically sodium will lead to bloating – word to generated) the wise. Reply Source: http:// monicahamburg.wordpress.com/2008/12/17/please- • 3. Maurice Cardinal | December 17, youre-way-too-subtle/ 2008 at 1:15 pm Sometimes there is good reason to reveal • 1. Gusf | December 17, 2008 at 1:00 the other side of the story no matter how pm unsavory. Doesn’t everything cause cancer now-a- How you do it is directly proportional to days anyways? how it is received. I had her comment on my tweet about Timing is also very important. Yerba Mate before as well. You have to know when to blow, when to Plus take a look at their Twitter profile suck, when to spit and when to swallow. photo. I can just picture them screaming lol into your ear saying that as well. SCARY! Reply Reply • 4. Sharon Stone PHD | December 17, 2008 at 1:56 pm • 2. Ruth Seeley | December 17, 2008 at 1:03 pm I was quite grateful for those tweets. I never new about yerba mate being so Yesterday a respected local PR firm dangerous until I read the reports. I am Tweeted to ask folks what they thought enjoying a delicious cup of french vanilla of back and forth attack ads. I soyfee as I type. Who knows, maybe replied that anyone who’s wasting their energyfiend saved my life. Bravo! marketing and advertising spend talking Created using zinepal.com. Go online to create your own zines or read what others have already published. 6
  9. 9. May 29th, 2009 Published by: mhamburg Reply [...] 19, 2008 I’m beginning to get something of a one-track mind [...] • 5. monicahamburg | December 17, 2008 at 2:10 pm Reply @”Sharon Stone PHD” – Awesome. • 9. Beth | December 19, 2008 at 9:16 Your spam stays up. It’s just that good. pm @Maurice Very, very true. I mentioned coffee the other day and got her “Caffeine is linked to blahblahblah” @RuthSeeley Your unexpected alliance tweet in reply. I didn’t actually check with PC due to feeling sorry for the her Twitterfeed like you did and replied PC guy is both funny – and good something about some recent studies information. showing that, in certain individuals, @GusF She reminds me of Susan coffee has actually been shown to Powter. And I am currently hiding under *reduce* the risk of heart disease. I my bed – while drinking a nice, warm mean, I like to think I know a thing or delicious cup of french vanilla soyfee as two about nutrition, what with having I cower. Bravo! a PhD in the subject. Her reply was Reply that those studies are paid for by coffee companies and that I can get the “truth” • 6. Ruth Seeley | December 17, 2008 at her site. Sigh. at 3:39 pm Reply Ha – I used to be awakened sometimes • 10. monicahamburg | December 19, when I’d fallen asleep with the TV on by Susan Powter screaming, “Stop the 2008 at 9:43 pm Insanity!” Although once it was an actual Ah, the “gal” is a loon. Luckily I went to Tasmanian devil shrieking at me from @Energyfiend’s Twitter feed today and the Discovery Channel. was met with: Reply “the account you were headed to has • 7. Jess | December 18, 2008 at 12:12 been suspended due to strange activity.” pm Thank you, Twitter! Those types are out there. Good thing Reply with the web is it becomes way easier to • 11.Posts about Social Media &hellip | identify the losers. December 20, 2008 at 6:51 pm Love the post. (little worried about the [...] and tell me what you think congenital herpes) made that happen. The prediction Reply from eMarketer Daily is that Web Please, You’re Way Too Subtle… – • 8. One-track Mind « Me&hellip | monicahamburg.wordpress.com December 19, 2008 at 3:13 pm 12/17/2008 December 17, 2008 Today, I posted the following Tweet on [...] Created using zinepal.com. Go online to create your own zines or read what others have already published. 7
  10. 10. May 29th, 2009 Published by: mhamburg Reply 22,000 followers STAT!”). Simply put: lame and counterproductive. Some HTML allowed: First of all, you could have 2 million people <a href="" title=""> <abbr title=""> following you, but if they are not active, <acronym title=""> <b> <blockquote interested followers there’s no point. You cite=""> <cite> <code> <pre> <del are best off cultivating strong, worthwhile datetime=""> <em> <i> <q cite=""> connections – people interested in similar <strike> <strong> things - and developing good relationships. Source: http:// The more people paying attention the better monicahamburg.wordpress.com/2009/03/02/more- – but you should aim at people who want to is-not-necessarily-more/ pay attention to you. And keep in mind that more people does not translate into more I should mention (because I’m not certain if attention. It frequently amounts to more I ever have) that any of my posts assume you noise. are promoting something worthwhile. Similarly, if you have nothing interesting to My job search post assumes you are an say, it doesn’t matter that you have a huge excellent candidate and simply need tools to number of followers. I am always baffled showcase yourself online. The artist series that the people who seem to be trying to makes the same assumption – that you have get more followers usually tweet things like an interesting project to promote. “Making PB&J sandwich.”, “At computer After all, if what you are putting forth is lame now”, “Time to sleep, lol!” (and yes, of course, that’s subjective), you As with cat blogs, the only people paying might get some initial hits on your video attention to these kind of things are your simply by using tricks (or tips), but it won’t close friends (and maybe not even them). last. Just like film trailers that trick you into seeing a horror film when it’s a comedy – It’s not about numbers, it’s about you might get people in seats for opening engagement. weekend, but then you’re toast. Online not only might people stop viewing your video – Possibly related posts: (automatically it is very easy for the “swarm” to also turn on generated) you. It’s also worthwhile to assess your network in terms of strength, rather than by number. For instance, on Twit ter I often see people talking about wanting to get thousands of followers (”I want to get Created using zinepal.com. Go online to create your own zines or read what others have already published. 8