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Google Analytics is a web analytics tool that allows website owners big and small to monitor activity on their site. In this 45-minute webinar, Kathryn will share the fundamentals of Google Analytics and how to use the data to better understand the way users interact with your brand online. Topics range from getting GA setup properly on your site and basic navigation to understanding traffic sources and tracking conversion goals. Whether you are interested in making more informed marketing decisions or simply want to better understand visitors to your site, Google Analytics, and this session, are for you. The presentation will be followed by 15 minutes for questions.

About Kathryn: Katie, as she is known by friends and colleagues, is an enthusiastic digital marketer with both agency and client-side experience across multiple verticals including Not-for-profit, eCommerce, Real Estate, Travel & Technology. In her own words: “I am passionate about helping businesses create greater value and returns by leveraging leading edge technologies, innovative thinking and better alignment with their customer behaviours -- and always with a healthy sense of humour”.

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Google Analytics 101 Charity Training Webinar Slides

  1. 1. Google Analytics 101
  2. 2. Kathryn Snetsinger from Turn TODAY’S PRESENTER
  3. 3. WEBINAR REMINDERS • You can hear us, but we can’t hear you • Have questions? Type questions in the Questions Log • Turn up your computer’s volume • For the best webinar experience, close all other applications • Webinar slides will be shared 2
  4. 4. WHAT IS CANADAHELPS? • A public charitable foundation and registered charity • Through, anyone can donate to any registered Canadian charity online • We have facilitated over $400 million in charitable donations online since our launch in 2000 • 14,500 charities use us to collect donations and fundraise online • Over 850,000 Canadians have donated through CanadaHelps • For donors, CanadaHelps is a one-stop-shop for giving. For charities, CanadaHelps is an online fundraising solution that is affordable, easy and secure WELCOME TO GIVING MADE SIMPLE!
  5. 5. 4
  6. 6. GOOGLE ANALYTICS 101 My Charity Connects Host: Kathryn Snetsinger Wednesday, April 30
  7. 7. Agenda • Understanding Web Analytics • Getting Started • The Interface • Goals & Tracking • Useful Links • Questions
  8. 8. What Is “Analytics” • The ability to collect, organize, leverage data • Generate fact-based insights • Performance optimization What Is Google Analytics • Free digital data for web-based content • Over 75% market share worldwide
  9. 9. Data-Based Learning • Understand what is working & fix what isn’t • Website traffic patterns • Develop value-based audience segments • Opportunities to increase donor activity
  11. 11. 3-Step Set Up 1. Sign Up For An Account • Check out Google For Nonprofits 2. Set Account Properties • Create a profile for your domain name • Turn on tracking options 3. Get The Tracking Code • Under Admin > Tracking Info/Tracking Code • Paste the code into header file for each page (just before the closing </head> tag) • Wait 24 hours and verify your code
  13. 13. Basic Navigation Account Controls 1. Account Home 2. Admin Settings 3. Account/Property Report Navigation 4. All Reports Data Inclusion Controls 5. Add Segments 6. Metric Group selector 7. Date selector 8. Primary dimension 9. Secondary dimension 10. Table filter Graph & Visualization Controls 11. Metric selector 12. Time graph 13. Graph selector Report Sharing & Customization 14. Report customizations 15. Save & share 16. Annotations Help Resources 17. User settings 18. In-Product Help
  14. 14. Key Terms • Goal: an action to measure which defines success such as newsletter sign up or donation • Conversion: a completed goal • Goal Conversion Rate: the percentage of visits which complete a goal • Traffic: the total number of visits to your site • Direct: users who access your site by typing in the URL or using a bookmark • Organic: users who access your site through unpaid search engine results • Paid: users who access your site through a paid advertisement (search, display) • Referral: users who access your site through a link on another website • Impression: each time a link is displayed on the web • Click: an instance when a user follows a web link to your site • Visits: the amount of times your website is accessed • Visitor: the user who accesses your website • Unique Visitor: non-duplicate visitors to a site over a specific time period • Source: where referring traffic is coming from • Medium: the type of campaign traffic
  15. 15. Data Sets • Real-Time: follow along with by-the-second reporting • Audience: understand who is visiting your site • Acquisition: analyze where the traffic is coming from; measure campaigns, keywords & more • Conversions: track actions and success metrics from engagement to completion
  16. 16. What Should I Be Tracking? • Content • Time on page • Bounce rate • Marketing Campaigns • Volume • Click through rate • Conversion rate • SEO Progress (Search Engine Optimization as it relates organic search results ranking) • High volume keywords • High bounce keywords • Goals
  18. 18. Strategic Goals • Set goals to bridge the gap between traffic and success • Action-based metrics: Volunteer sign up, newsletter sign up, donations • Engagement metrics: video views, find a donation location • Example: Charity Event Sign Up • How many users signed up on my website? • Where did they come from? Email, Newsletter, Facebook?
  19. 19. How To Set Goals 1. Go To Admin tab 2. Select Goals from right column 3. Select Create a goal (or new goal) 4. Give your goal a meaningful name 5. Paste the thank you URL into the destination field and click Create Goal
  20. 20. Analyze the Data • Review Goal completions over a period of time • You can review one specific goal or all goals
  21. 21. Analyze the Data • Review Goal completions over a period of time…by traffic source
  22. 22. Campaign Tagging • utm_source= referrals, search engines, and direct • utm_medium= email, social, display, CPC • utm_campaign= label, date, purpose ex. gn=typhoon-haiyan gn=typhoon-haiyan Getting It Right • Be consistent (eMail, E-Mail, e-mail are all different) • Document & share • Use the Google URL Builder:
  23. 23. Test
  24. 24. Recap • Get set up • Create goals • Be aware of bounce rates • Use campaign tagging consistently • Test, test, test
  25. 25. Useful Links • Google Analytics: • GA Help Center: • Google For Nonprofits: • Google For Nonprofits - Video Tutorials : • How To Install Google Analytics On Your Website: http://www.rcip- • 10 things To Check In Your Google Analytics (from LunaMetrics): google-analytics • Google URL Builder:
  26. 26. QUESTIONS? Don’t be shy
  27. 27. Educational and training opportunities through MyCharityConnects
  28. 28. UPCOMING WEBINARS The Evolution of Planned Giving by guest speaker DeWayne Osborn Date: Wednesday, May 14, 2014 Time: 2:00-3:00PM Eastern Time Taking Donor Stewardship Online by guest speaker Holly Wagg Date: Wednesday, May 28, 2014 Time: 2:00-3:00PM Eastern Time
  29. 29. STAY IN TOUCH @canadahelps 1-877-755-1595