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Get Social with your Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Events


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Wondering how can you add a social spin to your fundraising events? Join us for this webinar as we take you through how to take your peer-to-peer fundraising events to the next level with social media, emerging technologies, and a little imagination!

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Get Social with your Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Events

  1. 1. Get Social with your Peer-to-Peer FundraisingEvents February 29,2012
  2. 2. reminders You can hear us, but we can’t hear you Turn up your computer’s volume Slides will be available on For the best webinar experience, close all other applications Have questions? Type questions in the Questions Log
  3. 3. What is CanadaHelps? A public charitable foundation that provides accessible and affordable online technology to both donors and charities.For Charities A cost-effective means of raising funds online.For Donors A one-stop-shop for giving. CanadaHelps is a charity helping charities. CanadaHelps is giving made simple. MyCharityConnects is a initiative of CanadaHelps.
  4. 4. today’s presenterKirstin BeardsleyMarketing & Communications ManagerCanadaHelps
  5. 5. The State of Peer-to-Peer Fundraising
  6. 6. • CanadaHelps GivingPages launched in 2006• Since 2006, giving through CanadaHelps GivingPages has doubled
  7. 7. Source: Blackbaud
  8. 8. Source: Blackbaud
  9. 9. Peerrecommendationsare a keymotivator forgiving… especiallyfor young donors.
  10. 10. Your role is to support fundraisers and help make fundraising EASY and FUN.
  11. 11. 1. Enable Online Fundraising
  12. 12. • Fundraising is confusing and scary for those who aren’t used to it.2. Provide Extensive Support Material
  13. 13. • How-to resources: manual, webinar, contact information
  14. 14. Help fundraisers with their ask
  15. 15. • It’s not just about setting up the page!• Help fundraisers build their story
  16. 16. Encourageasks on allchannels:- email- Facebook- Twitter- LinkedIn- face-to-face
  17. 17. Give Ideas for Social Media Success!• Personal stories• Campaign updates• Thank donors
  18. 18. 3. Regular communication
  19. 19. • Share tips• Fundraising success stories• Stories about the cause• Status updates on campaign
  20. 20. 4. Create Shareable Content• Don’t expect fundraisers to do it all!
  21. 21. Stories, stories, s tories!
  22. 22. • Videos are ideal for sharing on social media
  23. 23. 5. Segment Your Communication
  24. 24. Returning TeamNewbies Participants Captains Need more Tips for support to Refresher motivating get started team Fundraising Share their Chances to tips & ideas expertise connect
  25. 25. Friendly Competition• People love to share how they’re doing compared to others
  26. 26. • Encourages more fundraising• Ongoing content for sharing via social media
  28. 28. www.mycharityconnects.orgfree online resources Information about technology and social media Webinars Past webinar slides Learning opportunities Events across the country
  29. 29. MyCharityConnects Conference 2012 JUNE 12 – 13 | Allstream Centre, Toronto Collaborate to build a stronger sector. Innovate to solve complex problems. Celebrate our work and the difference we’re making.• Join non-profits from across Canada and social media experts for the premier social media and online fundraising learning opportunity of the year.• Registration opens in February
  30. 30. Upcoming Webinars• February 1 - What You Need To Know about Google+• February 15 - Introduction to TechSoup Canadas Online Donations Program• February 29 - Get Social with your Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Events• March 14 - Essential Facebook Tips for Your Charity• March 28 - Being Social Inside and Out: Fostering a Culture of Sharing and Collaboration• April 11 - The Rules Around Tools• April 25 - Essential Twitter Tips for Your Charity• May 9 - Preparing for a Website Redesign• May 23 - Editorial Calendar Essentials: Organize and Plan Your Online Communications
  31. 31. for more great resources…
  32. 32. Keep in touch!