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Facebook Marketing for Nonprofits: Ignite Your Community & Attract More Supporters


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Facebook is a great social platform for marketing business initiatives – including non-profit initiatives. The challenge is getting noticed, creating an engaging community, and leveraging the platform to broaden your marketing reach. In this workshop you will learn strategies to help you build engagement within your Facebook Page, encourage comments, Likes and shares, learn to manage and develop effective content within your community, and attract more likes. This workshop will teach you how to become a Power Facebook Marketer.

• Key tips to build engagement with your community
• Strategies to attract more Likes, Shares & Comments
• Strategies to effectively market your non-profit initiatives

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Facebook Marketing for Nonprofits: Ignite Your Community & Attract More Supporters

  1. 1. Copyright ©2012 Going Social www.goingsocial.
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION Lowell Brown Social Media Marketing Advisor & CEO Going Social We specialize in highly effective Social Media Marketing services for businesses & organizations so they can build leads & referrals and get more sales faster.Copyright ©2012 Going Social
  3. 3. FACEBOOK MARKETING FOR NON-PROFITS We have a big challenge. • Getting Noticed • Creating and engaging a community • Leveraging Facebook to broaden marketing reach to build awarenessCopyright ©2012 Going Social
  4. 4. FACEBOOK MARKETING FOR NON-PROFITS What We’ll Discuss Today • Strategies to build engagement • How to encourage Likes, Comments & Shares • Best practices for you to manage and develop effective contentCopyright ©2012 Going Social
  5. 5. FACEBOOK MARKETING FOR NON-PROFITS Is it a numbers game?Copyright ©2012 Going Social
  6. 6. FACEBOOK MARKETING STATS HubSpot Study from 4,000 businesses with a Facebook Page Businesses with 501 - 1,000 Facebook fans have 3.5X more traffic than those with 1 - 25 fans. Businesses with over 1,000 Facebook fans had 22X more traffic. To have “fans” or “followers” you really need to start talking, engaging and build relationships for that traffic to happen.Copyright ©2012 Going Social
  7. 7. ENGAGEMENT: DEFINITION What Does Engagement Mean To You? Let’s Define Engagement Engaging - Being Engaged... One-to-one vs. One-to-manyCopyright ©2012 Going Social
  8. 8. ENGAGEMENT: DEFINITION What is Engagement? Facebook Click-through Like Share Comments Subscribe Polls EventsCopyright ©2012 Going Social
  9. 9. ENGAGEMENT: CONTENT IS KING Where Does Engagement Start? ContentCopyright ©2012 Going Social
  10. 10. SOCIAL MEDIA GOAL SETTING Before we can plan content we have to establishsocial media marketing goals.Copyright ©2012 Going Social
  11. 11. SOCIAL MEDIA GOAL SETTING What are your goals for using Social Media? • Increase funding / Donations • Generate more awareness • Promote products & services • Connect with customers • Build brand awareness • Drive web traffic • Expand market reachCopyright ©2012 Going Social
  12. 12. SOCIAL MEDIA GOAL SETTING Exercise: Set Three Social Media Goals • Increase funding / Donations• Get better referrals • Generate more awareness • Reduce marketing expenses • Promote products & services• Get Walk-in-traffic • Connect with customers • Promote an event • Build brand awareness • Convert more sales, faster • Drive web traffic • Develop partnerships/affiliations • Expand market reach • Share information fasterCopyright ©2012 Going Social
  13. 13. SOCIAL MEDIA GOAL SETTING Let’s get very specific • How many much funding revenue in 30 days? • How many new Likes, Comments, Shares? • How many new fans / followers? • How many posts will you make and how often?Copyright ©2012 Going Social
  14. 14. ENGAGEMENT: CONTENT PLANNING With goals in mind, you can start Planning Content that will ENGAGE your audience and start conversationsCopyright ©2012 Going Social
  15. 15. ENGAGEMENT: CONTENT PLANNING Know Your Audience • Who is your audience? • What Social Platforms are best to reach your audience? • What type of content can you share? • What type of content is interesting to your various audiences? • What content can you start a conversation about? • Think about how you can measure your social media goals.Copyright ©2012 Going Social
  16. 16. ENGAGEMENT: CONTENT TIPS • What do you want to do? Inform, Promote, Relate • The best content inspires sharing. A word of advise or one sentence can go a long way. Vary the type of content you share. • Use various tools available on Facebook. Post pictures & video, ask questions, share links, promote events. • Become the expert in your field.Copyright ©2012 Going Social
  17. 17. ENGAGEMENT: CONTENT PLANNING • Create a 30 day content calendar - Prep week by week • Continually review your Social Media Goals Prep in advance 70% - 80% of the posts you will publish. • What is the best time of day, for a given day of the week, to reach your audience(s)? Schedule social posts using 3rd party web services/software. • Be part of the conversation. • Establish a way to monitor and review engagement of content.Copyright ©2012 Going Social
  18. 18. FACEBOOK MARKETING FOR NON-PROFITS We now have overall campaign goals. We have a Content Strategy. Now, we need to build ENGAGEMENT to GROW our audience.Copyright ©2012 Going Social
  20. 20. FACEBOOK MARKETING FOR NON-PROFITS Why is this important?Copyright ©2012 Going Social
  21. 21. FACEBOOK MARKETING FOR NON-PROFITSCopyright ©2012 Going Social
  22. 22. FACEBOOK MARKETING FOR NON-PROFITSLeverage Facebook’s Platform Copyright ©2012 Going Social
  23. 23. FACEBOOK PAGE BRANDINGCopyright ©2012 Going Social
  24. 24. FACEBOOK PAGE BRANDINGCopyright ©2012 Going Social
  25. 25. FACEBOOK PERMISSION SETTINGSCopyright ©2012 Going Social
  26. 26. PHOTO SHARINGCopyright ©2012 Going Social
  27. 27. PHOTO SHARINGCopyright ©2012 Going Social
  28. 28. PROMOTE EVENTSCopyright ©2012 Going Social
  29. 29. ASK QUESTIONSCopyright ©2012 Going Social
  30. 30. EXTEND FACEBOOK WITH APPSCopyright ©2012 Going Social
  31. 31. EXTEND FACEBOOK WITH APPSCopyright ©2012 Going Social
  32. 32. EXTEND FACEBOOK WITH APPSCopyright ©2012 Going Social
  33. 33. EXTEND FACEBOOK WITH APPSCopyright ©2012 Going Social
  34. 34. EXTEND FACEBOOK WITH APPSCopyright ©2012 Going Social
  35. 35. FACEBOOK ADSCopyright ©2012 Going Social
  36. 36. FACEBOOK ADS How To Buy Ads • You can set a lifetime budget or monthly. • Ads can run ongoing or you can set start/stop dates. • You can run multiple ads at once. • You create the ad copy and upload ad imagery. • Facebook puts all ads through an approval process. • Not guaranteed - Ads could get disapproved - Ad guidelines. • You can select which Facebook users to target.Copyright ©2012 Going Social
  37. 37. FACEBOOK ADS Targeting Options • Geographic location • Demographics (age, gender) • Education level • Interests • Workplace • Sexual orientation • Relationship status • Languages • Colleges/University attended • BirthdayCopyright ©2012 Going Social
  38. 38. FACEBOOK ADS What You Can’t Target • People who attended “some college” • Race • Specific High Schools • Postal/Zip code • People who don’t enter relevant Facebook profile dataCopyright ©2012 Going Social
  39. 39. FACEBOOK INSIGHTSMEASURE PERFORMANCECopyright ©2012 Going Social
  40. 40. FACEBOOK INSIGHTSCopyright ©2012 Going Social
  41. 41. FACEBOOK INSIGHTSCopyright ©2012 Going Social
  42. 42. FACEBOOK INSIGHTSCopyright ©2012 Going Social
  43. 43. FACEBOOK MARKETING FOR NON-PROFITS How will you increase Engagement? What will you do to attract more Likes, Comments & Shares?Copyright ©2012 Going Social
  44. 44. Copyright ©2012 Going Social
  45. 45. Copyright ©2012 Going Social
  46. 46. E: F: P: 416-398-6669 T: W: L: T: G+: ©2012 Going Social
  47. 47. Q&ACopyright ©2012 Going Social