Facebook Basics for Your Organization


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Facebook is the most powerful and popular social networking website available today. Originally designed as a place for individuals to keep in touch with one another, Facebook has evolved into a very effective networking tool for charities to create awareness and connect with current supporters and find new ones.

Join us for this webinar and find out how Facebook can help you:
- Find and communicate with current and potential supporters
- Organize, promote and manage events
- Create a single branded page for your organization
- And much more!

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Facebook Basics for Your Organization

  1. 1. Facebook Basics for YourOrganization March 9, 2011 The 2011 MyCharityConnects Webinar Series is generously supported by Direct Energy.
  2. 2. Today’s PresenterAmy Huynh Marketing & Communications Coordinator
  3. 3. reminders You can hear us, but we can’t hear you Presentation slides will be available on www.mycharityconnects.org/pastwebinars For the best webinar experience, close all other applications Turn up your computer’s volume Have questions? Type questions in the Questions Log
  4. 4. What is CanadaHelps? A public charitable foundation that provides accessible and affordable online technology to both donors and charities.For Charities A cost-effective means of raising funds online.For Donors A one-stop-shop for giving. CanadaHelps is a charity helping charities. CanadaHelps is giving made simple.
  5. 5. AgendaAnatomy of a Facebook Page What To Do First ... Now You’re Ready For ... Tips & Reminders About MyCharityConnectsQ&A
  6. 6. Why Facebook?• Enormous network: 17 million+ users in Canada!• Free and easy to use• New tools and features are always being added• Make meaningful connections with current supporters and gain new ones
  7. 7. Things to Consider• Information is shared and is public• Limited control over other users’ opinions• New tools and features are always being added• Maintenance and commitment is required
  9. 9. “Facebook Profile”A personal page on FacebookShare photos, videosSend MessagesPost status updates and writewall postsLike PagesJoin groups
  10. 10. “Facebook Pages”Represents anorganizationCustomized userexperienceTarget updatesPost status updates andwrite wall postsAll public and searchable
  11. 11. “Facebook Groups”Represents an idea or causeNo customizationLimited messagingWallSome private, some public
  12. 12. “Facebook Community Pages”Represents a topic orexperienceOwned collectively by acommunityContent from Wikipedia
  13. 13. WHAT TO DO FIRST…
  14. 14. Get informed!• Check out www.facebook.com/nonprofits for tips and best practices• Good idea to “like” them to keep informed of any updates• See what other organizations are doing
  15. 15. Create your page.• Create your organization’s Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/page
  16. 16. Secure a username for your Page.• Choose a username for your Page at www.facebook.com/username• Eligible to create a username when your Page has more than 25 fans• Example: www.facebook.com/canadahelps
  17. 17. Get to know the apps that come with your Page.• Photos, Videos, Notes, Links, Events, Discussion Boards• Discuss out how you’ll use (or not use) them for your Page
  18. 18. Populate your page.• Populate your page with the content you have: photos from past events, PSAs, information about pillar events and programs• Fill out all your basic info
  19. 19. Develop content ideas for post-launch.• Have some content ideas for after your launch• Great time to test out the apps: • Start a discussion • Post a link to an interesting news article • Update your status • Write a note!
  20. 20. Promote!• Add your Facebook Page link everywhere• Make an announcement to your email list of your page launch• “Suggest to Friends”
  22. 22. OTHER APPLICATIONS • Check out the Application directory at www.facebook.com/ applications • Browse through ones that make sense for your organization
  23. 23. CUSTOMIZATION• Create custom tabs for: welcoming non-Fans, contests, projects, events, initiatives, recruitment, etc.• Static FBML, Static HTML, iFrames
  24. 24. Customization
  25. 25. STRATEGY• Integrate with your existing communications plan• What are your current marketing, fundraising or programming goals? What desired outcomes do you wish to achieve? Can Facebook be used to accomplish them?
  26. 26. Sample Plan GOAL To broaden the base of supporters between the ages of 18 - 22 to the organization. OBJECTIVE To increase the number of our Facebook fans by 10% by the end of the fiscal year. STRATEGY Leverage our connections to the local colleges and universities through our Board Member, Joe Stiles – President, Learning College. AUDIENCE Tool(s) Tactic Message(s) Timeline ResourcesCollege and Facebook Initiate an We help 1 in Sept – April SWAG foruniversity incentive 3 people in incentivesstudents in campaign to our town.our town. solicit “fans”. Help us help more. Tell a friend.
  27. 27. TIPS & REMINDERS
  28. 28. Go at a comfortable pace• Take your time• Learn about the different tools• Then focus on building your network
  29. 29. Be Real• Leave room for personality• Most online communities expect a less formal tone
  30. 30. • Balance self-promotion with listening• Social media is about personal connections• Engage with your fans, followers and supporters It’s a Conversation
  31. 31. Rule of Three • Content planning tip: • 1/3 “me” – content about your organization • 1/3 “you” – content directed towards your Fans • 1/3 “them” – content about your sub-sector, an important issue affecting your cause
  32. 32. Listen, Learn, Adapt• Use Facebook Insights• Observe activity on your page• Analyze, adjust, optimize• Track referrals to your website
  33. 33. • What’s next on the horizon?• Keep on top of Facebook’s changes• Attend training opportunities Keep Your Ear to the Ground
  35. 35. www.mycharityconnects.orgfree online resources Information about technology Video demonstrations More webinars Past webinar recordings & slides Learning opportunities Events across the country
  36. 36. MyCharityConnects Conference 2011 JUNE 6 – 7 | MaRS Centre, Toronto• Join us for thought-provoking keynotes, practical how-to workshops and plenty of chances to learn from other non-profits about what works online… and what doesn’t!• A proud partner in Net Change Week• Registration is open! Early bird ends on April 30. Limited quantities available. www.mycharityconnects.org/2011Conference
  37. 37. Upcoming Webinars www.mycharityconnects.org/webinars• March 15 – Special Webinar: Charity Fraud – What does your charity need to know?• March 23 – The Art of Storytelling: 2.0 Edition• April 13 – Blogging Basics• April 27 – Social Media Done Right: 5 Case Studies• May 11 – Spruce up your E-newsletter• May 25 – 10 Tips to Improve Your Website• June 15 – Getting the Most From your MyCharity Account & Reports• June 29 – Know Your Website: An Intro to Google Analytics
  38. 38. Keep in touch! info@canadahelps.org www.twitter.com/canadahelpswww.slideshare.net/MyCharityConnects www.facebook.com/canadahelps www.youtube.com/canadahelps
  39. 39. YOUR TURN