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Charity Fraud Awareness - How to Communicate More Effectively With Your Donors


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In this special webinar about charity fraud, we help charities understand more about what charity fraud is and how Canadians are reacting to it. We'll cover brand-new survey results from Canadian donors about their experiences, perceptions and heightened concerns relating to charity fraud.

We'll hear from the people behind Charity Focus, a new tool from Imagine Canada to help your donors find important information about your charity. Experts from both the charity and business sectors will also talk about best practices for how to effectively build your brand online.

We'll also discuss the online Charity Fraud Awareness Quiz, which is designed to inform Canadians about the risk of charity fraud and how to prevent it. Every participant who completes the quiz will be eligible to have their personal donation made via Canadahelps topped up by $10, thanks to Capital One Canada.

CanadaHelps and Capital One are partnering to educate Canadian charities and donors about charity fraud during Fraud Prevention Month (March).

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Charity Fraud Awareness - How to Communicate More Effectively With Your Donors

  1. 1. Charity Fraud –What your charity needs to know March 15, 2012
  2. 2. reminders You can hear us, but we can’t hear you For the best webinar experience, close all other applications Turn up your computer’s volume Have questions? Type questions in the Questions Log
  3. 3. Today’s PresentersKirstin Beardsley CanadaHelpsLisa Hartford Imagine CanadaLaurel Ostfield Capital One Canada
  4. 4. Webinar AgendaFraud Prevention Month & Charity fraud Survey results on charity fraud Charity Focus – a new tool for donors Tips for protecting your brand onlineCharity Fraud Awareness Quiz
  5. 5. Fraud Prevention Month
  6. 6. Charity Fraud – What is it?• Impersonators pretend to represent a legitimate charity• A false charity identity is created• The money never reaches the charity
  7. 7. Partnership to raise awareness about charity fraud in CanadaGoals: • empower Canadians to recognize the signs of charity fraud • enable Canadians to identify legitimate charities • ensure that charities maintain Canadians’ trust
  8. 8. Why focus oncharity fraud?
  9. 9. Survey of Canadians Regarding Charity Fraud • More than half of Canadians are less likely to donate to a charity due to worries of fraud • Most Canadians believe charity fraud is rising
  10. 10. Protection Against Charity Fraud• Very few Canadians check to see if a charity is registered before donating• Canadians prefer to: – Check a charity’s website – Look at media & advertising – Rely on the charity’s reputation
  11. 11. Regional Differences• Albertans are most likely to check whether a charity is registered before giving• Quebecois are the least likely to do any background research on a charity• A charity’s reputation matters most to those in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba
  12. 12. Millennials are less concerned about sharing personal information• 45% of millennials take no steps to ensure a charity is legitimate• Millennials are more likely to give spontaneously
  13. 13. Telling your Story:How to use CharityFocus
  14. 14. Today’s Agendao Introduction and Objectiveo Background and Historyo About the Datao Key Features: o The T3010 QuickPrep o Side-by-Side View o Telling your Organization’s Storyo Summaryo Some FAQs, and your Questions
  15. 15. Introduction and Objectives• CharityFocus was designed as a one-stop source of information about Canada’s 85,000 charities• a tool provided by Imagine Canada to promote the transparency and accountability of charities• to increase public confidence in the sector as a whole• not a “ranking system”
  16. 16. Background and History• priority of CRA that charities voluntarily demonstrate their accountability• Bill C-470• Imagine Canada’s commitment to providing an “accountability portal” and avoiding external regulation of sector• similar to Guidestar portals in other countries• original proposal submitted in 2009, CharityFocus launched in February 2012• initial seed money provided by RBC Foundation, project funding from CRA and additional sponsorship from RBC Foundation and Cenovus Energy
  17. 17. About the Data• all data come from what your organization provided to the CRA• publicly available• Imagine Canada’s revenues as displayed on CharityFocus:
  18. 18. About the Data cont’d• research identifies that in 2007 a substantial number of charities made errors in their T3010 forms• failing to allocate fundraising expenses, arithmetic errors, not fully completing the form, incorrectly calculating their expenditures• errors are a barrier to transparency: – Out of compliancy – Erode public confidence• so what can we do about it?
  19. 19. Key Features: T3010 QuickPrep• improves quality of data submitted to CRA, and therefore improves compliance• sophisticated and secure• same username and password as CharityFocus• Judy Newman from Seeds of Diversity, after using the QuickPrep:"Charity treasurers, say goodbye to your pencil and eraser! Now you can fill ina charity T3010 return on your computer, just like you do for your personalincome tax, with the T3010 QuickPrep. Its safe, secure, and featuresnumerous prompts and reminders on each page to help you save time andfrustration."
  20. 20. Key Features: Side-by-Side View
  21. 21. Key Features: Telling your Story• numbers alone don’t provide enough information• enhance your organization’s profile with documents such as financial statements, program brochures, impact reports and annual reports• tell your story your way and keep supporters engaged in your work• no self-proclaimed charity evaluator allows for this kind of context or transparency
  22. 22. Summary• your CharityFocus profiles provides important details about the value, reach and impact of your organization• a tool provided by Imagine Canada to promote the transparency and accountability of charities• the T3010 QuickPrep will save you time and prevent errors
  23. 23. Frequently Asked Questions• How often is CharityFocus updated?• Can I update multiple charities?• I see a mistake in my profile. How did that happen?• I’m trying to update my profile page but it’s not working. What’s wrong?• What’s the benefit of looking at multiple charities side by side?
  24. 24. Thank you!
  25. 25. Protecting your brand online from fraudsters1. Monitor what’s being said about your brand2. Engage the right authorities and partners3. Put your donors/clients first4. Communicate!!
  26. 26. The Charity Fraud Awareness Quiz
  27. 27. The Charity Fraud Awareness Quiz• March 1st - March 31st• Canadians take the quiz and continue to to make a donation• Capital One Canada will add $10 to all donations made after the survey is completed! Start the quiz
  29. 29. www.mycharityconnects.orgfree online resources Information about technology and social media Webinars Past webinar slides Learning opportunities Events across the country
  30. 30. MyCharityConnects Conference 2012 JUNE 12 – 13 | Allstream Centre, Toronto Collaborate to build a stronger sector. Innovate to solve complex problems. Celebrate our work and the difference we’re making.• Join non-profits from across Canada and social media experts for the premier social media and online fundraising learning opportunity of the year.• Registration opens in February
  31. 31. Upcoming Webinars• March 28 - Being Social Inside and Out: Fostering a Culture of Sharing and Collaboration• April 11 - The Rules Around Tools• April 25 - Essential Twitter Tips for Your Charity• May 9 - Preparing for a Website Redesign• May 23 - Editorial Calendar Essentials: Organize and Plan Your Online Communications
  32. 32. QUESTIONS You can hear us, but we can’t hear you Type questions in the Questions Log