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Corinne Rusch-Drutz, Andrew Delaware & Michelle Hamilton-Page - Beyond Mobile Giving: Using Mobile as a Tool for Social Engagement


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This session will explore a variety of mobile platforms that non-profits can use to strengthen and build their networks and improve their connection to clients and stakeholders. Using recent campaigns from CANFAR, Toronto Public Heath and YWCA Canada as case studies, the panel will discuss mobile campaigns, smart phone applications, text-to-give campaigns, and other e-strategies to engage diverse communities, with a goal of exploring myriad new and emerging technologies that social innovation organizations and non-profits can use to broaden their reach, raise awareness and get the message out.

Attendees Will Walk Away With:
• An understanding of the ROI on mobile platforms
• Broadened knowledge of social media campaign strategies
• Great ideas to steal for your organization’s next campaign

Corinne Rusch-Drutz
Responsible for communications and national programming at YWCA’s national office, Corinne holds a multi-disciplinary PhD from U of T. She has been on faculty at York University, University of Toronto, and worked on initiatives at all levels of government. She is a board member of Jewish Women International Canada.

Andrew Delaware
As National Director of Marketing and Communications, Andrew has pioneered mobile marketing, while initiating integrative campaigns to help bring new visibility to this important organization. Effectively harnessing emerging technologies has been the hallmark of Andrew's career. Formerly the Dean of the E-Commerce program at the Academy of Design and Technology, Andrew has brought his expertise to both the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors.

Michelle Hamilton-Page
Michelle is a social marketing strategist with Toronto Public Health where she develops and evaluates new and social media health promotion strategies. As a social media consultant, Michelle combines experience in communications and social marketing in the private sector with 15 years of experience in Ontario-wide non-profits, and most recently the public sector. Michelle is involved with Toronto’s social innovation community and brings a passion for community and social networking together with an on-going curiosity for new media and technology that facilitates open and dynamic communication.

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Corinne Rusch-Drutz, Andrew Delaware & Michelle Hamilton-Page - Beyond Mobile Giving: Using Mobile as a Tool for Social Engagement

  1. 1. Beyond Mobile Giving Using mobile as a tool for social engagement
  2. 2. Beyond Mobile Giving • CANFAR’s Mobile Giving & Subscription Alerts • YWCA Safety Siren app for iPhone • Toronto Public Health’s TOHealth Text Messaging Service • Policy, Barriers, Advocacy & Organizing: how to get it done • What’s the ROI? 2
  3. 3. CANFAR’s Mobile Giving & Subscription Alerts The REAL Deal on Text Messaging
  4. 4. 4
  5. 5. “Text Ribbon to 30333” RIBBON DONOR To confirm your $5 donation to CANFAR, reply with the word YES. INFO? Visit or txt HELP. Txt STOP to cancel. CANFAR YES DONOR Thanks for supporting CANFAR this World AIDS Day. Ribbon here: (data rates may apply). To join our Inner Circle, reply YES CANFAR 5
  6. 6. 6
  7. 7. 7
  8. 8. Text Ribbon to 30333 8
  9. 9. How it all works. • 4 keywords (ex. Ribbon, HIV) • Mobile Giving Shortcode: 30333 • Limited functionality/programming • Receipts through MGF 9
  10. 10. A few stats. • Mobile Giving launched in Canada in November 2009. • 99,000 donations made to February 2010. • $497,000 raised by 26 charities. • Haiti. 10
  11. 11. Service Providers. • MyThum Interactive • Zipstripe • Atlas Telecom Mobile Fee Structures: • Flat • Per donation 11
  12. 12. Alerts / Subscription Database • Vanity shortcode: 22033 • Subscriber database/blasts, including contests, voting, trivia. YES DONOR CANFAR: Thanks, you are signed up for mobile alerts! You will receive 1 alert per month. To quit, reply STOP CANFAR 22033 CANFAR: Thanks for your commitment to end AIDS. You are now signed up for CANFAR's Inner Circle. To unsubscribe at any time, reply STOP CANFAR 22033 12
  13. 13. Alerts / Subscription Database Monthly Reminders: Current CWTA Requirement. CANFAR: You are subscribed to CANFAR monthly subscription alerts billed at standard rates (1 alert/month) To quit, reply STOP CANFAR 22033 CANFAR: Thanks for your commitment to end AIDS. As a member of our Inner Circle, only standard txt msg rates apply. To leave, reply STOP CANFAR 22033 13
  14. 14. • Separate database for campaign • Same monthly messages
  15. 15. YWCA’s Safety Siren App for iPhone Healthy Dating? There’s an app for that!
  16. 16. • YWCA Canada is the country’s oldest and largest women’s multi-service organization • 33 Member Associations across the country, 400 districts • Outreach to 1 million women, girls and their families • Turning Point Programs for Women and Girls™ • Personal safety, economic security & well being • Largest single provider of shelter in Canada for women leaving domestic abuse • Second largest provider of child care 18
  17. 17. • Commitment to violence prevention programs for girls and young women • GirlSpace: 20 locations, 2000+ girls • Psycho-educational programming, self- esteem, body image, safe surfing • Early prevention & intervention strategies • 19
  18. 18. • Power of Being a Girl™ • Part of YWCA’s annual Week Without Violence™ • Supported by Government through HRSDC • Girl-led conferences, 27 locations, annual event, 9,000 participants • Many forms of outreach • Zine: A Girl’s Guide to Knowing Her Rights 20
  19. 19. Why build an app? • Expand Power of Being a Girl™ initiative • Innovative way to do outreach • Offers girls reliable, well-researched and trusted anti-violence & sexual health info • Get girls where they live • iPhone offers a level of privacy websites do not • Another tool in the box (one of many) 21
  20. 20. YWCA Safety Siren • Part of the Power of Being a Girl™ initiative • Uses material from the zine • Turns an iPhone into a multi-functional safety device • Available in ENG & FR • Download it for FREE • Siren is the draw • Sexual health information is the anchor 22
  21. 21. 5 Active tabs • Safety Siren • Safe Date • Health • Dating 911 • Geolinks • Key elements of safety, sexual health, crisis intervention and prevention 23
  22. 22. Settings options • Allow user to pre-set emergency contact for email • Emergency contact for phone • Choice of alarm sounds • Choice of home screens 24
  23. 23. • SOS functionality • Emergency email sent when alarm is set off • Urgent email is either pre-populated or manually generated text • Geo-locates user via Google maps 25
  24. 24. Safe Date • Plain language Q & As • FAQs on issues important to young women • Important info: • BEFORE heading out on a date • WHILE on a date 26
  25. 25. Health • Covers sexual health & wellness • Issues ranging from STIs to pregnancy • FAQs on medical confidentiality, birth control options, pregnancy and abortion 27
  26. 26. Health • Information is easy to understand • Puts onus of knowledge on the user • Encourages her to be responsible for her own sexual health • Uses supportive, informational, non- judgmental language 28
  27. 27. Dating 911 • Tips and facts on violence against women • Focuses on dating red flags: • Date rape • Abuse • Stalking • Assault • Sexual assault 29
  28. 28. Dating 911 • Defines myths and facts on common dating misconceptions • Connects users to local services and crisis centres • Offers simple, supportive suggestions when seeking help in 911 situations 30
  29. 29. Geolinks • Geo-locates users to local services based on proximity • Purple pins indicate non-urgent care services including YWCAs across Canada, clinics, sexual health centres, police services • Red pins indicate hotlines and emergency crisis centres 31
  30. 30. Geolinks • Geolinks function on two tabs, either “around me” or as general “resources” • Resources connect users with over 250 clinics and services across the country organized by category • Services in all provinces and territories 32
  31. 31. Geolinks • Each resource has an individual information screen • Screen outlines location and service options such as fees, emergency options and after hours • Connects users via phone, map, and website • Offers directions via Goolge maps 33
  32. 32. • 5 months to build; 6 months to convince my CEO/Board • $10,000 to build; another $10,000 for design, translation, consultation, promotion • Steep learning curve (this is NOT a website); but the terrain navigate-able • It’s Apple’s sandbox – play using their rules or don’t bother playing • Already planning my next app(s) 34
  33. 33. Toronto Public Health’s TOHealth Text Messaging Service
  34. 34. The Strategic Thinking Toronto Public Health’s (TPH) sexual health new media strategy • TOHealth: providing the first mobile platform for reliable, transferable sexual health information • TOHealth Facebook Ad, Fan Page • TOHealth Java App and Proximity Marketing • M2Men Application 36
  35. 35. TOHealth Mobile Strategy Rationale • Cell phone is considered more personal and direct (than internet and email) and in a healthcare context SMS has several advantages: • From one to many, can be in different languages • Message held by recipient • Held and stored on a personal, mobile device, accessed whenever convenient and as often as they like (“The role of mobile phones in increasing accessibility and efficiency in healthcare”, Analysis of calls NHS Direct, March 2006) 37
  36. 36. Mobile Stats • In 2008, ¾ of Canadian households have cell phones • In 2009, there were 22 million wireless subscribers • Younger households, 35% of households comprised of just youth between 18-34 rely exclusively on cell phones • Canadians sent 7.8 billion person to person text messages in Jan-March 2009. (Canadian Population: 33,311,389; Toronto Population: 2.48 Million) (Stats Canada; Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association; Strategy Magazine, Sept. 2009.) 38
  37. 37. Why a mobile outreach strategy? • Research with young women aged 16-24 in priority neighbourhoods in Toronto indicated that youth use their social network to obtain information about sexual health, recommendations for care, and personal support. (Generating Local Knowledge for Local Solutions, TPH, 2006) • TOHealth provides a platform for Peer to Peer dissemination of reliable sexual health information. 39
  38. 38. TOHealth Text Messaging Service • 15 scripts, built in consultation with Planned Parenthood Toronto staff and youth advisory • Scripts: provide keywords to shortcode 365247, info on clinics, STI prevention, testing and treatment, birth control info., youth-centred counseling, sexual decision making. • Standard text messaging rates apply. 40
  39. 39. TOHealth Facebook Ad Campaign • Targeting youth 13-19 • At secondary school • Sept-December 2009 • Total Impressions 49,949,840 • Click-throughs to TOHealth fan page 7108 • Cost of ad $3,814.33 • Total Fans on Facebook Page 511 41
  40. 40. 42
  41. 41. Mobile Marketing • Toronto Public Health has used Proximity Marketing (Hypertag) in three social marketing/health communications campaigns. • InSPOT Toronto • Taking Action on Chlamydia Campaign • TOHealth text messaging. (Also used by TPH at Mumps Vaccination Clinics) 43
  42. 42. • Connecting to the mobile service and mobile health communication through proximity marketing with Hypertag • Hypertag uses technology to deliver campaign specific digital content into the mobile handsets of consumers • FREE of charge to target audience • Set phone to discoverable, prompted by broadcasting unit to download free message from Toronto Public Health, OPT IN. 44
  43. 43. Hypertag Download 45
  44. 44. TOHealth Java App 46
  45. 45. TOHealth, Java Application and Proximity Marketing Mobile strategy for mobile service • TOHealth Java App developed to “point a cell phone” to the service • Rolled out with Proximity Marketing at malls in priority neighbourhoods to Toronto youth • 18% conversion rate • Jump in TOHealth user rates • Java App goes online for internet downoads 47
  46. 46. Case for mobile marketing of mobile services • Fully trackable Provides information like the date, time, model#, success, failure, etc. • Consent Receive health info upon agreeing to accept message • Tangible Recall A campaign’s message is extended as long as the content remains in the mobile phone. • Discreet Sensitive messages can be delivered without requiring any personal information in return 48
  47. 47. What’s Next in mobile services at TPH? 49
  48. 48. What’s the ROI? • Hard • Soft • Invisible • Sell in the absence of ROI 50
  49. 49. Recommendations • Find out what’s out there, don’t overlap • Go early, make your mistakes now • Crowd sourcing • Engagement and Stakeholders • Ownership • Time is not always your own • What’s the hard sell? 51