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How Lawyers Use Web-based Software


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MyCase Infographic on how lawyers are using web-based software in 2015 to help optimize and run their firm.

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How Lawyers Use Web-based Software

  1. 1. 72% of solo and small firm lawyers have online document storage available at their firms. 35% of solo and small firm lawyers report using web-based software for law-related tasks. USE web-based software HOW LAWYERS USE web-based software HOW LAWYERS IN 2015 Security measures TAKEN WHEN USING WEB-BASED SOFTWARE: Make regular local data backups: 51% 42% Solo Small firm Review privacy policy: 47% 40% Solo Small firm REVIEW TERMS OF SERVICE: 44% 26% Solo Small firm USE SOFTWARE WITH SSL/ ENCRYPTION: 42% 25% Solo Small firm Seek out peer review/ advice: 33% 25% Solo Small firm EVALUATE VENDOR HISTORY: 33% 23% Solo Small firm Top benefits REPORTED BY LAWYERS WHO USE WEB-BASED SOFTWARE: Easy access to data from anywhere: Solo Small firm 67% 78% 24/7 availability: AFFORDABILITY: Solo Small firm 68% 65% Solo Small firm 72% 67% $ $ $ QUICK TO GET UP AND RUNNING: ROBUST DATA BACKUP AND RECOVERY: ELIMINATES NEED FOR IT SUPPORT AND SOFTWARE MANAGEMENT: Solo 56% Small firm 53% Solo Small firm 53% 47% Solo Small firm 44% 53% TOP 5 MOST POPULAR FEATURES OF CASE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE: Centralized case/ matter management Document management Contact management Scheduling/ calendaring15 @ Time and billing Importance of name recognition: 78% of solos say it’s very important 67% of small firm lawyers. vs. 21% report using a secure client portal to collaborate with clients OF LAWYERS Top 3 TASKS ACCOMPLISHED BY USING CLIENT PORTALS: Document sharing Messaging/ communication Invoicing/ bill payment $ $ NEARLY 1/3 OF SOLO LAWYERS WHO USE WEB-BASED PORTALS REPORTED USING MYCASE. SOURCE: ABA's 2014 Legal Technology Survey TOP CONSIDERATIONS WHEN CHOOSING WEB-BASED SOFTWARE: Benefits of Client Portals