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How to Manage Social Media Without Sleeping w/ your Smart Phone


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We all have the same challenge. We want to develop and foster on-line communities that covet our content but may not have the ability to manage it without being on-call 24-7! How do we meet the expectations of our followers and on-line advocates? By Creating de-centralized Community Management Teams that have autonomy to engage! Ultimately, your desired goal should be to have more conversations about your brand on "user ground" than on your "brand ground"- See how the Army Reserve has approached the Community Management Challenge

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How to Manage Social Media Without Sleeping w/ your Smart Phone

  1. 1. Managing & Sustaining Social Media<br />……Without sleeping with your smart phone!<br />1<br />
  2. 2. “What if We are Successful?<br />Who’s going to help me feed the beast? <br />Chief, Public Affairs<br />Web Development Team<br />(Development, Maintenance & Site Upgrades)<br />Digital Strategy Team<br />Integration of Social Media into “Outreach”<br />Chief Digital/Social Media <br />Webmaster/ Content Manager<br />Strategy Integration Specialist <br /><ul><li>Daily Site Content Management (Link b/t ours and Subordinate Site Owners)
  3. 3. Manages “Distributive Content model”
  4. 4. Primary Soft Ware Trainer / Site Certification </li></ul>CMD Group Enterprise Leads<br /><ul><li>Develops and implements best practices for platform integration (1.0 and 2.0)
  5. 5. Helps Synchronizes efforts across all activities & Campaigns and Directorates </li></ul>“Distributive CRM model”<br />(Empower “Enterprise Leads/ Staff” to help Manage Communities, Foster Interaction & Promote Advocacy)<br /><ul><li>Empowered to answer questions/ provide content
  6. 6. Developing a network of “on-line advocates” outside of your organization
  7. 7. Adopt user generated feedback to improve the organization</li></ul>Go from Social Marketing…to Social Buisness by empowering users to be “change agents” <br />2<br />
  8. 8. Integration Leads to a3<br />(Awareness, Activity & Advocacy)<br />On-Line Media<br /><ul><li>Coordinated & Created by Army Assets & Traditional Media </li></ul>Content is “adopted” & Shared via “On-Line Advocates” <br />Linked to Web & <br />Promoted thru <br />Social Media Sites<br />Interaction Creates both Leader &<br />“User Generated Content “ <br /> Media Adopts Content<br />Followers interact <br /> w/ Resources<br />3<br />
  9. 9. Family Resources<br />USAAC/ARNG Related Sites<br />Promotional/<br />Campaign <br />Related Sites<br />Educational /Business <br />partners<br />Drive to Web? <br />OCPA/ USAAC Driven<br />Passion Point/<br />Key Interest <br />Driven<br />MyArmyReserve<br />My Army Reserve<br />@MyArmyReserve<br />OCPA<br />Related<br />Sites<br /><br />Brand Ground<br />Reserve<br />Resource<br />Sites<br /><br />Veteran Organizations<br />Common Ground<br />Drive to “User Ground”<br />Target /Audience<br />Segment Driven<br />User Ground<br />4<br />
  10. 10. MyArmyReserve Social Media Analytics <br />Facebook Demographics Age/ Gender/ Location <br />Additional Notes: (Over Last 30 Days)<br /><ul><li>Daily Active Users (anyone interacting w/ or sharing content ) =3,502 per day
  11. 11. Equals over 100K active users over 30 Days
  12. 12. Impressions(combination fans and non-fans who’ve viewed a news feed from page) = 35,232 per day- Not unlike a magazine or TV Ad
  13. 13. Equals over 1 million per month
  14. 14. 95% of lifetime followers are active in a 30x Day period
  15. 15. Age and Gender :
  16. 16. Majority of Audience (3 of 4) are b/t the ages of 18 & 44 – Positive note for force sustainment (large majority are of service age)
  17. 17. Roughly 40% female- Positive note b/c of both force diversity & that “mothers” are key influencers (particularly in African-American Community)
  18. 18. Room for Growth: Influencers b/t 45-54- Business Owners and Community Leaders
  19. 19. Geographic Location:
  20. 20. Vast Majority (92%) are from U.S. (including PR)
  21. 21. Good for Eligibility purposes (assumption based on information available)
  22. 22. Room for Growth: Soldiers Stationed Overseas (PS Market in Theater) </li></ul>*Note: While there is no analytical way to determine affiliation w/ military (Soldier or family member) anecdotally the estimate is about 70/30 Soldiers & Families to Civilians) <br />Way-Ahead: Strategic Growth thru Marketing at outreach events, promotion thru traditional media, and “On-Line Advocates” <br />5<br />
  23. 23. Conclusion<br />Build Your Plan…<br />Build Your Brand…<br />Engage!<br />Build Your Team…<br />6<br />