Gift Card Printing


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Gift card printing that has an eye catching design and includes all of the right features will result in cards that are sure to get used. Here is what you need to know when designing and printing plastic gift cards.

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Gift Card Printing

  1. 1. Gift Cards Learn the basics and benefits of printing gift cards for your business
  2. 2. Gift Cards One of the “coming-of-age” elements for any business is when they start to offer gift cards to their customers. Adding this aspect to your business is easy when you use for your gift card printing needs. © 2012 | 1.800.691.7867 |
  3. 3. Printing Specs for Gift Cards Quick Specs: – Instant Online Quotes – 30 mil Composite or PVC Plastic Card Material Available – 3 3/8" x 2 1/8" - Credit Card Size – Printing On Face and Back Of Custom Gift Cards – Custom Materials, Sizes and Shapes Available – 10 Day Standard Turnaround © 2012 | 1.800.691.7867 |
  4. 4. Gift Card Printing Basics  Gift card printing that has an eye catching design and includes all of the right features will result in cards that are sure to get used.  The basics of gift card printing include card design and card functions. © 2012 | 1.800.691.7867 |
  5. 5. Designing your Gift Cards Remember, a gift card’s main function is to store data (e.g. how much cash is left on the card). Your gift card needs to have the right features that will work for you and your customers. When designing your gift cards, you should ask yourself: © 2012 | 1.800.691.7867 |
  6. 6. Gift Card Functions & Features Do you need to store data on the card? Do your store(s) need to verify who the card holder is? Do your gift cards require a barcode for tracking or distribution purposes? How frequently will one card be used (is the car re-chargeable, one- time use, or fixed value?) Do you currently have gift card processing capabilities? Does your gift card processing call for a magnetic stripe, bar-coding or just numbered cards? © 2012 | 1.800.691.7867 |
  7. 7. Gift Card Design: An Example As an example, will your gift cards be used for repeat purchases - can your gift cards be re-charged - does it need to reference the card balance? – If so, youll want to add a mag stripe encoded with the unique number – not an actual dollar value. © 2012 | 1.800.691.7867 |
  8. 8. Graphic Design & Customer Services As you can see, there are many options when it comes to designing gift cards. is always standing by to help you answer design questions and provide you with impeccable customer service. With our help, you can get custom gift card printing that’s right for you. If you need assistance designing your card layout, your marketing collateral, or any other aspect of your plastic cards, contact our graphic design services department. © 2012 | 1.800.691.7867 |
  9. 9. About is an online printing service. We offer a wide range of custom printed and stock products with fast completion times, including: – Plastic Card Printing – Gift Card Printing – Label Printing – Business Card Printing – And many more services © 2012 | 1.800.691.7867 |
  10. 10. Contact Us For price quotes, sample requests, or any other questions, please visit our contact us page and we will respond promptly. © 2012 | 1.800.691.7867 |