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Auto Fold Labeling Solution For Distribution Centers


Published on is now offering an all-in-one solution for distribution and fulfillment centers to streamline their shipping process. The Auto-Fold Label is the newest member of the distribution label family. This label is a packing list, shipping label, and RMA (if needed) combined into one form that is folded and placed on the package. This label can also be auto applied with specialty equipment to further enhance a distribution center's shipping process.

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Auto Fold Labeling Solution For Distribution Centers

  1. 1. Presented by:
  2. 2. Challenges for Today’s Distribution and Fulfillment Centers Due to the thousands of products and many different packaging configurations, most of today’s distribution and fulfillment centers purchase a large assortment of labels and forms for packaging and shipping purposes. This mixture of shipping supplies:     Creates significant amounts of inventory. Requires large amounts of storage space . Requires tracking and maintaining inventory. Necessitates that employees must learn many different labels and forms.  Requires a lot of employee time maintaining pricing structures.  Generates more work obtaining multiple bids, taking purchasing agents away from other essential tasks.
  3. 3. Challenges for Today’s Distribution and Fulfillment Centers cont. There are additional challenges when using numerous labels and forms. Different labels often require the purchase, and maintenance, of various types of equipment, printers, ribbons, and toners. This in turn:  Each additional piece of printing equipment takes up valuable space on picking/packaging stations.  Utilizing several pieces of equipment, forms, and labels decreases uniformity, and increases the likelihood of errors.  These errors affect delivery time, customer satisfaction, and efficiency.  This variety of equipment requires that employees be trained to perform the necessary maintenance, and to resolve issues as they occur.  Pickers must be trained on the use of the various printers, and the variety of labels and forms, used at their stations to help prevent issues from occurring.
  4. 4. The Solution has developed a patent pending shipping label/packing slip combination specifically designed with high volume distribution and fulfillment centers in mind. This innovative, exclusive product is called the Auto Fold Label®. The Auto Fold Label® eliminates the need to repackage an item simply to add a packing slip. This elongated, single label, with strategically placed perforations and void holes, is proving to be the most efficient label/form combination on the market.
  5. 5. Auto Fold Label® Printing and Equipment The Auto Fold Label® is printed with a single print head, direct thermal printer, on the top side only. The label is easily folded on a perforation near the center, either by hand or by high speed print and apply labeler, and is then applied to the package. With the packing slip neatly tucked under the shipping label, the label is securely adhered on all sides. has teamed with CTM Labeling Systems to develop a high speed applicator specifically for this labeling solution; the 3600 STAFF Labeler/Applicator. CTM Labeling Systems is a proven innovator in their industry, and well known for their superior products and service. They currently supply printers/applicators to many of the large fulfillment centers in America. Detailed specs on the printer/applicator can be obtained by contacting CTM Labeling Systems directly.
  6. 6. Auto Fold Label™ Distributor Application Utilizing the Auto Fold Label® is quite simple. 1. An order is received and sent to a picking station. 2. The picker reads the monitor, then selects and boxes the product. 3. The picker then attaches a license plate label to the package. 4. The package is placed on the conveyor and travels to the shipping area. 5. A scanner reads the license plate label, prints both the shipping label and packing slip information on the Auto Fold Label® and auto applies the label to the package. The 3600 STAFF labeler/applicator also has a function that perfectly folds the label, but does not apply it which is great for hand apply applications.
  7. 7. Auto Fold Label® Customer Benefits Once the customer receives the package, they simply follow the printed instructions on the label. 1. Pull the zipper strip. 2. Pull down on the label, removing the packing slip and shipping label. 3. All of the important information, including their personal information, is now removed from the package. 4. Only the label matrix (picture frame) is left on the package. All personal and product information is removed from the package. Barcode and customer identifiers may be printed on the matrix area for internal identifiers.
  8. 8. Auto Fold Label® Key Points            Shipping Label and Packing List all on One Label. Packing slip and shipping label automatically applied in one step saving time for increased efficiency. Only 1 Item to Stock. No More Individual Shipping Labels, Packing Slips, or Pouches to Keep in Inventory. All Personal Identifiers are Removed from the Packaging for Secure Disposal of Shipping Carton. Simplex Print the Auto-Fold Label® with a Single Print Engine. Less Equipment to Purchase and Maintain; No Need for a Printer at the Picking Station. No Need to Repackage Just to Include the Packing Slip. No Timing Issues as can be Caused by Multiple Print Heads. No Complicated Programming Required. Auto Fold Label® Supplied by, a Proven Supplier for Many Years. 3600 STAFF labeler/applicator manufactured by CTM Labeling Systems; another proven supplier.
  9. 9. Contact Information CTM Labeling Systems 330-332-1800