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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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  1. 1. Warren received a phone callfrom his son James. He was due toage up into a teen so was cominghome. His scholarship onlycovered his childhood life-stage.Warren could hardly believe hisson was getting so old!
  2. 2. James returned thatweekend, very muchchanged by his time away.He was far moreconfident, chatting awayabout everything underthe sun! What he’dlearned, the friends he’dmade…Warren was so pleasedthe idea to send him awayhad worked exactly asthey’d hoped. Teresa washappy too, but at the backof her mind she wascalculating how muchmoney an extra mouth inthe household would cost.His room and board atschool had been free…
  3. 3. With Megan moving upstairs, Warren had retuned his sons room to how it had beenbefore his marriage to Teresa. It was the same colour walls, same bed linen… but therewas a lot of business equipment taking up space. Warren promised to move it all, butJames was fine with it. It was interesting.
  4. 4. This new James was full ofhopes. Perhaps once he wasa teen, he would find thewords to bridge the gapbetween him and his half-sister.It was a bit awkward… thetwo of them had never reallygot on. James hadn’t warmedto the baby sister who hadappeared from nowhere, andMegan had resented theattention her strangelybehaved brother got.
  5. 5. He blew out the candles and the sparkles started as his family whooped and holleredin the background. Even Megan smiled and wished him a good transformation.
  6. 6. Everything went well, and in bed thatnight the newly teenage James Baileyvowed to make this the best life stage yet.
  7. 7. Warren stayed true to his word, andmoved most of the brewingequipment out of James’ room andinto his own in the basement. Thoughhe hadn’t hassled his dad to doit, James was pleased. It meant therewould be room for some musicalinstruments. He was already missingthose he lad left behind at boardingschool.
  8. 8. Teresa was speechless. Despite their money troubles Warren had brought his son abass. She ground her teeth and tried to look impressed as James played. He was anexcellent musician, but all she could see was their bank balance glowing red before hereyes. Unnoticed in the corner, Megan was busy purposefully ignoring her brother.
  9. 9. Warren was on a roll. Hehad never seen his son sohappy, so bought him aguitar, followed by akeyboard. Anything to keepthat smile on his face.James had no idea of themoney troubles, soaccepted and enjoyed thesegifts without qualms.
  10. 10. But when outside helping in the garden he began to notice the tension withwhich his step-mum inspected the fruit.Every plant with a poor yield and she frowned deeper. A good harvest barelylightened her expression. Even he could tell something was wrong.
  11. 11. He tried to make up for being sodismissive of her as a child by workinghard on the garden. A more productivegarden made her happier, so he was outbefore school fertilising, watering andtending.
  12. 12. His change of heart towardsher was very welcome.Teresa had been very close toJames when he was a babyand toddler, and had alwaysbitterly regretted missing hisaging up into a child. He hadforgotten her because of thatabsence, and she had alwaysfelt it keenly. Now she couldeven talk to him about thepast, and re-forge their closebond.
  13. 13. The Vickers Household Harold Vickers Harold Vickers was born into the wealthy Vickers dynasty, and spent his entire life trying to live up to the standard set by his father. His parents had been intelligent, successful and extremely popular amongst all the right people. Unfortunately, he had more in common with his good-for-nothing uncle.Harold, or ‘Harry’ Vickers had enjoyed the playboy lifestyle, and even when he’dsettled down with the woman his parents had suggested his spending habits hadn’tchanged.His parents reluctantly paid he debts whenever they got too bad, and made a provisoin their will that Harold’s wife would control the family finances when they died, andAriette would receive a payout separate to her father.But Harold outlived his wife, and now in control of the family fortune spent recklessly.Soon the bailiffs started taking furniture, then land, then their houses. By the timeAriette came of age, there was nothing left for her to inherit. In his old age, he hasfinally come around to his parents way of thinking, but is unable to reverse hismistakes.
  14. 14. The Vickers Household Ariette Vickers Ariette was very young when her mother died, and barely saw her good-for-nothing father during her youth. She was raised by a succession of nannies and governesses, and when the money ran out she raised herself. Around the time she aged up into a young adult her father changed his tune and started forcing ideas of duty and family honour on her.When he informed her he’d found the ‘right’ husband Ariette fled with the first manshe could find – who turned out to be a complete rotter who left her pregnant andalone.She returned home, but only after leaving her daughter in an institution, one in whichshe herself had spent some time as a child. Though Annette was a secret, and herfather found her new suitors, she never married. Her heart grew cold as she embracedorder and rationality, duty and honour. It was her way of dealing with her grief.Since her daughters return, Ariette has begun to question her life, and how she lives it.
  15. 15. The Vickers Household Annette Vickers Ever since she could remember, Annette had lived in a residential education facility with the last name ‘Aker’. A woman visited to ensure her grades were good, and she was led to believe this woman was just her guardian from social services. It was lonely, but she managed to scrape some pride together from knowing the school and grounds better than anyone.Against the odds, Annette had turned out a pleasant girl. A little shy, and a bit of adreamer but nice enough. Her biggest dream was being taken back by her realmother and being a princess… so when Ariette reclaimed her she thought all herwishes had come true.Life as a Vickers had come as a shock, the responsibilities and pressures not what shehad hoped for. She befriended the confident Megan Bailey down the road though, sohad somewhere to escape to.Recently, she has been encouraged to make new friends, and is finding the balancedifficult. On the plus side, she and her mother seem to be finally bonding over hernew horse, Peps.
  16. 16. Trinity was plotting a plan of action to get her sister sorted. Now she knew whatthe problem was, she had thrown herself into helping her sisters phobia. Thefirst step was a brand new balcony outside Belladonna’s bedroom.
  17. 17. Belladonna could sit out here and observe theoutside world far better than through a window. Andbeing outside, she could start to feel a part of it too. Ifnothing else, the fresh air and green views would doher good.
  18. 18. Deasil StreetNo. 1 No. 3Trinity and Belladonna Darkstone The Williams FamilyNo. 2 Marley, Aimee and MalikaThe Bailey Family. No. 4Warren , Teresa , James and Megan Bernice Kasitova and Ambrose Merrihall No. 5 No. 6 Alfred Hennrick Jen Potter and Angus McKirrick No. 7 Ariette Vickers, her father Harry and daughter Annette Next What will Megan stoop to in order to impress Time… Allain? Who gets an unexpected kiss at a house party? Find out next time on Deasil Street!