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Social Commerce Conference Brochure

  1. 1. Social Commerce: Driving Results Throughthe Power of Social NetworkingCreating a Monetization Platformthrough Social Commerce “ the Impact of DistinguishingJuly 26-28, 2011San Francisco, CA Formulating a savvy social commence strategy to produce More Registration Details, Click Here! Social Commerce measurable results. in an Organization. ”Attending this Premier marcus evans Featuring Case Studies From Leading Experts Including:Conference will Enable You to: Jill Hunley Rachel Weiss• Integrate divisions between marketing and PR Director, Marketing Strategy & Planning, Assistant Vice President, on campaigns and brand presence and Social Media Digital Strategy & Interactive Marketing Ebay L’oreal• Harness the power of social media and leverage online relationships for commercial gain Michael Turon Jennifer Kasper• Enable consumers to move from social network Director Online Strategy & Business Development GVP, Digital Media & Multi-Cultural Marketing Sears Holdings Macys communication to sales• Understand social commerce as an effective Tom Hale Michelle Thomas multi-channel strategy Chief Product Officer Brand Marketing Manager• Monetize content to generate revenue through mobile technology adoption and behavior Lucas Mast Laura Hernandez Director, Corporate Social Media & Views Executive Director, Diversity Marketing Yahoo! AT&T Rob Talbot Jamie Punishill Former Vice President, Marketing Global, Head Wealth OnlineWho should attend: Napster, Best Buy Thomson Reutersmarcus evans invites C-Level Executives, EVPs, SVPs, VPs, Saurabh Kumar Rajiv NarangDirectors, Heads and other Senior Executives of: Director, E Business Director, Social Media & Marketing Optimization Blue Shield of California Dell• Social Media • Digital Marketing• E-Commerce • Product Directors Mary Putman Adam Kmiec• E-Business • Brand Managers Director, Digital Strategy Director, Social Media Hallmark Walgreens• Marketing • Customer Management• Sales • E-Channel Marketing Kari Allen Graham Kahr• Branding • Brand / Marketing Strategy Vice President, West Coast, National Sales Social Engagement Scientist Groupon Zappos Development, Inc• Digital Communications Lise Brende Director, Marketing Analytics & Research Bing & Msn MicrosoftMedia Partners:
  2. 2. Pre Conference Workshop | Tuesday, July 26, 2011 Day One | Wednesday July 27, 201111:00 Registration 8:15 Registration and Morning Coffee12:00 Workshop A 8:55 Chairpersons Opening RemarksImplementing Tracking Engagement and Transaction Trendsto Determine Brand Strengths and Weaknesses DRIVING REVENUE BY CONVERTING SOCIAL NETWORKWhen building relationship with social consumers, it is important to transform ELEMENTS TO SOCIAL COMMERCEtheir light engagement of “likes” to real transaction. This workshop will helpyou to:• Understanding the social consumer’s behavior for engagement 9:00 and transaction Understanding the True Concept of Social Commerce Within• Integrating tracking transaction with KPI (Key Performance Indicators) an Organization to Increase Revenue for Brands to determine value metrics and create progress • Identifying the real definition of social commerce within• Improving navigational flow and the overall user experience to better the marketing department conversion rates and increase revenue • Evaluating the conversion between social media, e-commerce• Creating compelling experiences to harness consumers’ interest and business marketingLise Brende • Integrating social media customers into their e-commerce experienceDirector, Marketing Analytics & Research • Distinguishing the differences between social media and social commerceMicrosoft Lucas Mast Director, Corporate Social Media & Views3:00 Workshop B Yahoo!Measuring Social Media Value Metrics to Make Strategic Decisionsand Refine Social Commerce Programs 9:45Social Media marketing is mainly about developing communication between Engaging Social Commerce Activities and Aligning with Regulatory,social consumers and company. By establishing a competent social media Compliance and Ethics for Continued Growth in Social Marketingvalue metrics, will improve the interaction between brand and people. • Managing risks of using social networking as a customer service toolThis workshop will help you to: • Aligning brands with compliance and confidentiality between public• Define value and relation to brand and business of ROI relations and marketing• Implement good measurement practices and more approachable • Understanding specific social media and ethical guidelines from metrics in a consistent manner the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)• Examine and understand the general metrics and social media translation • Developing and sustaining a trustworthy process for record management to business ROI to support long-term operational needs• Justify the shifts and spending for brands to implement the best Rob Talbot marketing strategy Former Vice President, Marketing• Measure the accountability for ROI towards growth, revenue and profit Napster, Best BuyJill HunleyDirector, Marketing Strategy & Planning, and Social Media 10:30 Networking BreakEbay 11:00 Creating Brand Awareness to Compete Against Other Brands in Local Search • Optimizing the website to compete against other companies in generating interest to online brands • Building and monitoring strategic campaigns to incite online communities • Developing a clear consumer journey throughout social media assets, from initial engagement to the end of sale • Constructing fully customizable communities to suit social media needs, More Registration Details, Click Here! resulting in enhanced brands engagement and increased revenue Kari Allen Vice President, West Coast, National SalesWHY YOU SHOULD ATTEND GrouponSocial marketing is inseparable from social commerce, connecting consumers DEVELOPING STRATEGIES TO ENGAGEin new and innovative ways with sellers, services and brands through CUSTOMERS WITH BRANDSan ever-changing and ever-expanding array of dynamic channels.Social commerce has begun to permeate every aspect of the digital space 11:45and many marketers are joining the conversation on social channels, Identifying Geolocalization Using Mobile Technology to Improvesomething consumers are coming to expect. As brands map out their Sales by Using all Social Channelsstrategies, it naturally follows to include commerce as it brings with it the • Using mobile applications to promote salesopportunity for growth and revenue. Social commerce has the biggest impact • Adopting the localization method to share with other consumers in-storeon conversion, and the loyalty service stage. Successful social commerce to determine a good buy or bad buystrategies today point to promising implementations now and in the future. • Understanding what mobile technology has to offer in ROI and applyingBy attending marcus evans social commerce event, you will gain insights the right strategy at the right timefrom industry leaders on how to implement and monitor transaction trends • Taking mobile marketing to the next level and applying it fullyto determine brand strengths and weaknesses. This event will focus to social commerceon establishing clear metrics including conversion rates, incremental value, • Mixing mobile technology with Geolocalization to reach the audiencerepeat business, and most accurately, measuring return on investment. and target market Mary PutmanAttendees will return to the office with a stronger understanding of how Director, Digital Strategyto promote brands online and establish a trading infrastructure to manage Hallmarkonline social commerce.
  3. 3. Day One | Continued12:30 Networking Luncheon 4:15 Panel Discussion Achieving Greater ROI and Branding Prosperity to Serve1:30 the Enterprise with Successful Social Marketing TechniquesCreating a Social Commerce Strategy to Convert ‘Like-gating’ • Understanding the role of leaders in product uptake and the impactinto Actual Sales of participatory media on marketing success• Customizing and personalizing interest to subscribers: demographic • Creating compelling content to drive traffic and locality • Encouraging return visits to the page using e-commerce platforms• Building an online community and pushing out offers and marketing to increase brand loyalty and impact sales strategy to create a better experience in social commerce • Creating brand awareness and participation in the conversation• Driving new customers through social media to brands while retaining to help reach revenue through social campaigns existing customers Jill Hunley• Building social commerce value to take personalized social commerce Director, Marketing Strategy & Planning, and Social Media to the next level Ebay• Bringing the "social" into social commerce efforts: integrating social commerce and communication Lise BrendeTom Hale Director, Marketing Analytics & ResearchChief Product Officer Rachel Weiss Assistant Vice President, Digital Strategy & Interactive Marketing MEASURING THE KEY BENEFITS OF SOCIAL COMMERCE L’oreal2:15 Amy LamparskeOpening New Opportunities and Monetizing Content to Generate Director, Digital CommunicationsRevenue through Mobile Technology Adoption and Behavior Wal-Mart• Aligning technology with operational needs inside the organization• Identifying the differences between social community and building Rob Talbot brand visibility Former, Vice President Marketing• Creating a compelling and convenient experiences, tailored to meet Napster, Best Buy consumers’ needs and behaviors• Extending platforms across mobile and various social commerce channels 5:00Saurabh Kumar Improving Transactions Within a Timely Manner and BuildingDirector, E Business Consumer Trust to Increase Conversion and SalesBlue Shield of California • Reinforcing brand value throughout the purchasing process • Utilizing transaction messages for the purchasing decision3:00 Networking Break in a timely manner • Providing customers with trust building tools to reinforce their3:30 purchase decisionEstablishing Information Exchange and Promotion Infrastructure • Establishing trust by delivering accurate and comprehensive productthrough the E-Commerce Environment to Manage Online to reach great customer expectations and create brand credibilitySocial Commerce • Implementing relevant KPIs brands need to track as they harness this• Getting brands to execute proper marketing strategy to their fans, technology into their touch strategies and creating transactions within the social environment Michael Turon• Comparing different ways to approach transactions within the social Director Online Strategy & Business Development commerce environment with potential consumers Sears Holdings• Recognizing the differences and connections between social commerce and e-commerce infrastructure 5:45 Closing Remarks of the ChairRachel WeissAssistant Vice President, Digital Strategy & Interactive Marketing 6:00 End of Day TwoLoreal More Registration Details, Click Here! LET US BRING THE TRAINING TO YOU!marcus evans In-House Training – Tailored solutions to meet your companys specific needsExceptional Trainers: Annual global course portfolio over 3000 events a year guaranteesaccess to the worlds best trainers.Custom designed: Your team provides input into content and delivery through surveyand consultation with trainers to match your unique training needs.Confidentiality: Your team may talk openly about their experiences and organizational needsin a secure and confidential environment.Cost-effective: Maximize your budget by cutting out travel and lodging expenses while alsomaximizing employee productivity and saving time. MARKETING INFO Any Training, Anytime, Anywhere For more information regarding sponsorship, speaking or attending this conference pleaseFor full information on open enrollment and in-house training go to contact, Michele Westergaard, or call 1 312 540 3000or contact Anthony Knox at ext 6625.
  4. 4. Day Two | Thursday, July 28, 20118:30 Registration and Morning Coffee 1:30 Monitoring "Time Management" in Social Commerce to Maximize8:55 Chairmans Opening Remarks Customer Engagement • Monitoring how much time is devoted to social media and social commerce COMPARING THE BRAND’S VALUE AND CHALLENGES • Structuring the company operationally to engage in more immediate OF SOCIAL COMMERCE social channels • Learning how to respond to negative feedback in a timely manner • Getting real-time feedback from consumers to meet their needs9:00 Jill HunleyCreating Value Within Brands in Social Commerce to Drive Director, Marketing Strategy & Planning, and Social MediaCustomers and Followers in Building a Community Ebay• Discussing how organizations are handling this in different ways• Converting social commerce as the main consumer destination 2:15• Prioritizing social shopping and purchase sharing Privacy vs. Security: Striving for a New Protective Measure• Creating a strategy and platform to go with social commerce to Regulate Behavior and Overcome Regulatory ImpactLise Brende • Creating awareness and instant moderation to prevent public exposureDirector Marketing Analytics and Research • Incorporating confidentiality using social media to avoid leaked informationMicrosoft • Analyzing online security risks and responding to them in a timely and appropriate manner9:45 • Differentiating between privacy and security to maintain safe and secureDefining and Understanding the Differences and Connection digital interactionsBetween Social Commerce and E-commerce Jamie Punishill• Incorporating e-commerce with social commerce elements to avoid Global Head Wealth Online risking established revenue Thomson Reuters• Encouraging interaction with consumers on a different level in social commerce 3:00 Afternoon Tea and Networking Break• Ability to implement e-commerce transactions• Leveraging social commerce cross-selling to enhance e-commerce activityJennifer Kasper INCREASING TRANSACTION VALUES AND MAXIMIZINGGVP, Digital Media & Multi-Cultural Marketing OPPORTUNITIES THROUGH SOCIAL COMMERCEMacys 3:3010:30 Morning Coffee and Networking Break Improving Existing Service Processes while Integrating Social Principles and Collaboration: Social CRM11:00 Panel Session • Understanding the evolution and execution of social CRMInspiring Customer Loyalty Through Social Channels to value conversations• Knowing your brand and making it connectable for your followers • Identifying the importance of social media monitoring tools for social• Keeping customers top-of-mind with your campaigns CRM development• Managing risk in an ever-changing social landscape • Implementing social CRM techniques to show the value of sales• Inspiring conversation to get customers talking to your brand and most and marketing importantly others in their social circles Adam Kmiec• Measuring your efforts, the reach it creates and how your customers Director, Social Media react to your actions WalgreensMichelle ThomasBrand Marketing Manager Identifying and Implementing the Right Social Channels to Enable Social Marketing and Service ModelsGraham Kahr • Understanding the best tools and the best ways to use social channelsSocial Engagement Scientist to gain greater insights into customer needs and behaviorsZappos Development, Inc. • Managing trust models and integrating social and established business processes11:45 • Creating a holistic marketing approach through social media channelsEngaging Social Media Beyond Marketing and Public Relations • Demonstrating correlation between customer experience and loyaltyfor Better Brand Awareness Rajiv Narang• Integrating customer service and product development operations into Director, Social Media & Marketing Optimization a broader social media strategy Dell• Incorporating social media campaigns or presence within other divisions between marketing and PR 5:00 Closing Remarks of the Chair• Merging social commerce priorities between divisions for better resource allocation 5:15 End of ConferenceLaura HernandezExecutive Director, Diversity MarketingAT&T12:30 Networking Luncheon
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