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Exercise Program For Women


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Half an hour of exercising is quite necessary for being in good health. Strength and aerobics training is effective for getting in shape in less span of time

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Exercise Program For Women

  1. 1. Regular exercising is essential for better physical and mental health When it is about your health you should not mind working out for 30 minutes out of 1440 minutes in a day.
  2. 2. Picking the right type of fitness program is crucial for getting in shape Especially if you’ve set a deadline for yourself. Aerobics is a low intensity exercise that can be performed by people with low fitness level
  3. 3. Strength training is quite effective for losing large amount of calories even in short exercising session
  4. 4. Aerobics performed types can be in many Swimming, jogging, cy cling and walking are some popular types of the exercise. You can also choose an activity that you love to do
  5. 5. Strength Training Strength training can be done with different kinds of tools Women prefer resistance bands instead of weights and machines for performing the exercises Since band is used for moves it is also called resistance training.
  6. 6. Resistance is a simple tool that can be used with ease The equipment is cheap and can be used with varieties of other exercising tools.