Unboxing iOS 7


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Highlights the iOS 7 changes. Features developer tips, design guidelines, video content and more.

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Unboxing iOS 7

  1. 1. Unboxing iOS 7
  2. 2. iOS 7’s minimalist design puts functionality and content in the spotlight. Make sure your app differentiates itself by more than its appearance. Be Original Getting Started iOS 7 apps have the bandwidth to perform more functions at more intervals than ever before. Take advantage of the new Multitasking APIs. Be Versatile
  3. 3. iOS 7 makes it easier for apps to communicate with Siri’s new male or female voices. Make sure Siri can navigate your app as simply as a human. Be Vocal iOS 7’s MapKit now makes it possible to look up 3D maps, flyovers and street views. Make sure these features find their way to your app. Be Aware Getting Started
  4. 4. iOS 7 doesn’t nullify your iOS 6 app. Make sure your existing app can run on iOS 7 while you build a new app that takes advantage of all of its features. Be Practical Getting Started VIdeo Support Getting Your App Ready For iOS 7 http://tinyurl.com/iOS7ready What New iPhone Mean For Your Apps http://tinyurl.com/2newiPhones
  5. 5. “By stripping away visual distraction, Apple’s forced app designers to embrace the full capabilities of the underlying hardware. It’s like closing time at a bar when they turn on all the fluorescent lights. You’d better be really interesting.” Nash Grey UX Lead “It's very important to remember that just because we’re removing a lot of the chrome and decorative elements, doesn't mean it's going to take less time to design. In some cases it could take more time. This type of design approach requires focus and extreme attention to detail.” Eric Celedonia Visual Designer Pro Tips "To me it's important to remember that although the visual style has changed drastically, there are other changes such as motion, animation, physics, etc. There's less detail in the static screens, and now it's up to the transitions and such to help the user understand what to do and where to go." Ryan Considine Production Artist “Apps that haven’t been redesigned for iOS 7 will quickly feel dated. You'll need to think about animations and transitions more than you have in the past.” Sean McMains Sr. Engineer
  6. 6. Design Guide App Thumbnails “Superellipse" rounded corners This tiny tweak is a big consideration for designers adding effects to their thumbnails. Flattened design Apple is ditching skeuomorphism and focusing on functional minimalism. Brighter PSD colors The decrease in textured design has reduced the need for darker tones and gradients. Larger size (120 x 60 px) Bigger homepage icons leave more room for animations like strokes and shadows. Alpha Space
  7. 7. Design Guide The Interface Customizable status bar Designers can now control the background color to match the look of their app. Full-width tables Tables now use the full width of the display and are no longer surrounded by a container. Revised typefaces Typography is less restrictive, allowing for more size, weight and placement options. Responsive nav bar Nav bar changes colors and shrinks in landscape view to create a larger viewing area.
  8. 8. Minimalist outlines Menu icons are simplistic 1pt outlines lacking any color, depth or gradients. No borders Most menu icons are not contained in any kind of a box or shape. Inactive icons When icons are inactive, they remain void of motion and color. Active icons The active icons are inverted with solid color, removing some strokes in the process. Design Guide Iconography Next Item Next Item
  9. 9. More Sizes iOS 7 gives developers, designers and users an array of font sizes to play with. More Interaction TextKit brings interactive text colors, text folding and custom truncation to iOS 7. Design Guide Dynamic Type More Weights Designers, developers and users can also change the weight of letters with ease. 34% of all iPhone users updated their phones to iOS 7 within the first 24 hours of its release. Tech Crunch iPads iPhones All iOS Devices 26.12% 34.04% 31.27% iOS 7 Adoption Want to know more about iOS 7? Read our Countdown to iOS 7 series. http://thepu.sh/ios7/ Source: Onswipe