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Classroom of the Future: Mobile in Education


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How mobile is transforming the learning environment.

Published in: Technology, Education
  • In terms of benefits, mobile learning is not far behind. Mobile Apps have the potential to change the way students perceive learning as a responsibility. For instance, by representing learning through an entertaining medium it would surely make learners more responsive to the chores of learning. Whether you need to view information or revise a topic before an exam, it’s all possible on the go with just a click of a finger. This theory of learning, automatically encourages just-in-time learning. In other words, it promotes active learning with a goal to meet the student needs, within a required time.
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Classroom of the Future: Mobile in Education

  1. Classroom of the Future Transform the learning process with mobile technology Mutual Mobile September 2013
  2. The classroom is changing.
  3. 7 out of 10 children under 12 years old are already using tablets. Source: Nielsen
  4. Thousands of schools have deployed tablets.
  5. Los Angeles Unified District 44,247 tablets* *Planning to deploy 600,000 more by 2014 San Diego Unified School District 26,000 tablets McAllen School District (TX) 25,000 tablets Coachella Valley Unified Schools (CA) 20,000 tablets Long Island University 19,000 tablets Rochester District (MN) 15,000 tablets Mansfield County Schools (TX) 10,720 tablets Prince George's County (MD) 10,000 tablets Chicago Public School District 10,000 tablets Lexington County School District 1 (SC) 16,000 tablets Source: ZDNet
  6. Digital textbooks are expected to grow from 6% in 2012 to over 50% by 2020. Source: Mashable
  7. Do tablets improve learning?
  8. Educational apps increased vocabulary among 5-year-olds by Source: The Wall Street Journal 27%
  9. Kindergartners with tablets tested higher in every literacy measure. Source: Mashable
  10. UC Irvine medical school students increased exam scores by Source: Edudemic 23%
  11. of special-needs students using a therapy app improved speech.Source: Mashable 50%
  12. How can your company reach technology-minded students?
  13. Mutual Mobile can help. We create unique mobile experiences that improve lives. Where do we start?
  14. Building a mobile classroom Mutual Mobile helped Pearson’s iLit reignite student excitement about learning and improve literacy rates by almost two grade levels in as little as four months.
  15. Expanding education’s reach Mutual Mobile helped enable millions of subscribers to learn anytime, anywhere with mobile access to their growing catalog of training videos.
  16. Increase student engagement and motivation
  17. Offer individualized experiences for every learning level and pace
  18. Measure and track student results and progress
  19. Contact us today and unlock the power of mobile technology. Learn more about how we think at Be part of the education revolution.