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Sahih Muslim Hadith App -Complete Sahih Muslim Collection


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Sahih Muslim contains complete list of Hadith of Holly prophet Complied by Imam Muslim.Sahih Muslim app is gift for those who are willing to learn the Hadith.

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Sahih Muslim Hadith App -Complete Sahih Muslim Collection

  1. 1. Sahih Muslim App A Complete Hadith Collection of Imam Muslim
  2. 2. Hadith • Hadith are the saying ,Action and expressions of Holly Prophet (PBUH). • You can’t understand Quran without mentioning the Quran and also it is not possible to interpret Hadith without affiliation with Quran.
  3. 3. Sahih Muslim Book  There are six Authentic Books of Hadith,one of them is Sahih Muslim.  It is second most authentic book.  Collector of Sahih Muslim is Persian Muslim Imam Muslim ibn al-Hajjaj al-Naysaburi .  He travelled widely to collect Hadith.  There are 2200 Hadith in Sahih Muslim.
  4. 4. Sahih Muslim App
  5. 5. Introduction of Sahih Muslim app • Sahih Muslim app provides you the benefit of learning Hadith of Holly Prophet (PBUH). • Sahih Muslim app also has complete 57 books. • You can consult your daily life matter with Sunnah. • This is free of cost application so that you can learn and teach
  6. 6. Feature • Authentic Hadith • Hadith of Day • Book Marking • Search Hadith • Social sharing • Navigation • Theme
  7. 7. Menu • List of Books • Introduction • Hadith of the Day • Favorites • Instructions
  8. 8. List of Books • There are 57 books. • All are sorted according to Specific Topic. • These Books are further divided into chapters. • You can view each book separately. • You can search Hadith.
  9. 9. Introduction • Intro about Sahih Muslim. • Life of Imam Muslim • How He collected Hadith knowledge. • His death
  10. 10. Hadith of the Day • Daily reminder of Hadith. • Every day learn some new thing from Sunnah. • You can enable and disable this feature. • You can learn some thing new daily • You can also teach your children.
  11. 11. Favorite • If you like any Hadith and you want to set to your favorite you can do it. • You can use it for future reference. • This save times when you want to access that Hadith next time.
  12. 12. Instruction • How to use application • All feature about app.
  13. 13. Other Items • You can customized the theme. • You can share any Hadith on your social media cricle. • You can navigate while reading any Hadith.
  14. 14. Download links Download Sahih Muslim Hadith for Android Download Sahih Muslim Hadith for iOS