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Fulk technologies brochure

  1. 1. Why see in 2D what you can see in 3D If you are planning to build your DREAM HOME, BUNGALOW, RESIDENTIAL OR COMMERCIAL BUILDING … And are anxious to know how it will look when completed…contact The Specialists in 3D for Architecture Contact : Manager-Marketing +91 9561127085 www.fulktechnologies.com e-mail: info@fulktechnologies.com
  2. 2. Our Services 3D Modeling of Residential & 1 Commercial Properties Photo Realistic Rendering of the 2 Interiors and Exterior of Properties Cut Section and Floor Plan with Photo 3 Realistic Rendering 4 Landscaping 5 Walk Through and Fly Through 6 Interactive 3D Models We provide our services to Architects, Builders and Contractors anywhere in the world www.fulktechnologies.com
  3. 3. How does it help you ?  You visualize your home before you commit your money in construction work.  You can ask us to change the design any number of times till you are satisfied before you actually start construction.  You can monitor the construction as per the design.  You can get a fairly accurate estimate of the construction material and the total cost. Design can be modified to fit in you construction budget.  It is easier for the work force to follow the design and thus speed up the work reducing the construction cost.  The 3D model helps you, your architect, your contractor and your workers understand each other better. Why should you choose us?  We are professionals in our job.  We understand your requirement and deliver the result over internet. You save your time in finding and meeting a good designer.  We don’t strain your pocket. You can easily afford our services and pay as per your convenience.  We are reliable and value time. We believe in developing business through human relationship and trust.  You don’t risk any thing by hiring us but you certainly risk your fortune in construction work if you don’t hire us.
  4. 4. We Specialize in 3D modeling and Perspectives of Homes, Buildings and Commercial Properties
  5. 5. What do you give us ? You only give us…  A 2D plan and elevation or  A rough sketch and size of you plot. or  A rough idea of your requirement.  And a small fees. This is what we give you …  3D model of your dream home from 3 different angles.  3D model which can be rotated 360 degree in all plains and viewed from any angle .  Interior design and a walk through.
  6. 6. For all your queries and free consultation Please contact:- Manager-Marketing, FULK Technologies, 18, Omkareshwar Apartments, Near Podar High School. Kharalwadi, Pimpri, Pune 400018, Maharashtra, INDIA. www.fulktechnologies.com Phone : +91 9561127085 Email : info@fulktechnologies.com You are most welcome to see some of our samples in the next few slides.
  7. 7.  A rough size or sketch of your plot/land.  A rough idea of how many rooms and size you want.  A CAD plan and 3d Perspective and Walk elevation if you have. Through And this is what we give you. CONTACT Fulk Technologies Manager- Marketing +91 9561127085 INDIA Be Wise ! Don’t commit your millions in construction before you virtually see and walk through highly competitive and quality services to We offer your dream home. Architects, Builders and Contractors, anywhere in the world www.fulktechnologies.com info@fulktechnologies.com
  8. 8. Contact:- Manager-Marketing +91 9561127085 www.fulktechnologies.com info@fulktechnologies.com