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LiveBudget LivaClick by Fincore-EN- PPT-2022

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LiveBudget LivaClick by Fincore-EN- PPT-2022

  2. 2. How LivaBudget Benefits Your Business! LivaBudget solution has encapsulated the successful experience which proven to work for the leading companies in their sectors. A ready-made breathtaking solution. Speed to tomorrow market with AI driven adaptability and integration. In LivaBudget, your satisfaction is a given in the highest level, with valuable success saga. Not to mention modifications on demand.
  3. 3. How LivaBudget Benefits Your Business! Budgeting Artificial Intelligence Strategic Decision Making Financial Consolidation Business Intelligence Planning Forecasting
  4. 4. LivaBudget's CPM Solution shook the world! Ready-to-use, the moment it is installed. It encapsulated and rounded all the know-how for most of the sectors. Want to generate Solo and Consolidated budgets in accordance with COA, IFRS, GAAP standards one click at time! LivaBudget runs your budgeting process faster, more accurate, across all departments involved into the budget process, thereby expanding the budgeting culture of your company.
  5. 5. As usual upper managers look at the big picture of the company, to evaluate the factors that make up the budget and have the flexibility to analyze. LivaBudget gives them the opportunity to see and analyze the data across previous years, compare scenarios (what if) and easily analyze and optimize the factors on budget. Not to mention you will perfect making predictions for the future and decisions of productivity and ROI.
  6. 6. LivaBudget suitable for multi companies Holding or Groups, multi nationalities and also single company in many sectors such as construction, retail, production, you name it. LivaBudget gives you the opportunity to prepare consolidated budgets of many companies (Holding or Group) and facilitate to consolidate and compare when prepared budgets with actual data.
  7. 7. By using the decision support feature of LivaBudget, you can prepare different versions for the projects, start with the “Feasibility Budget” version(s) and continue with the “Discovery Budget” version(s) and follow up in details in different versions of “Master Budget”. For each project version, you can enter quantity and unit prices for each activity and sub-activity with the resources details wither materials or services. This way the project progress reports will be very easy to follow up and to determine if any deviation occurs, whether it is consistent or quantitative. Yes, you be able to distribute OPEX to all projects using the appropriate distribution keys.
  8. 8. +150 Company +11 sector +6000 User
  9. 9. • Pharmaceutical • Medical / HealthCare • Building Material • Consumer Products • Chemicals • Engineering, Construction, and Operations • Food & Beverages • Glass • High-tech • Industrial Machinery and Components • Automotive • Mill Products • Oil and Gas • Professional Services • Retail • Structure Steel • Wholesale Distribution LivaBudget Sectors
  10. 10. Some of our proud references
  11. 11. Empowered 22+ projects
  12. 12. Empowered 17+ projects
  13. 13. The rate of efficiency and accuracy of budgeting process is increased due LivaBudget well integrated its all modules. FULLY INTEGRATED MODULES
  14. 14. With the Integration feature of LivaBudget, you can transfer data from LivaBudget to different systems or vice versa. By making a detailed budget, you will increase the accuracy of planning. SYSTEM INTEGRATION
  15. 15. Fully Integrated modules All modules of LivaBudget are well integrated with each other which increasing the efficiency and accuracy of budgeting process. Big-Know-How Since 2006, LivaBudget has been continuously developing according to the needs of companies from different sectors and the evolution technology. Interactive Budget The interactive budget increases collaboration between departments, which affects performance in budget processes. Make Better Decisions Livabudget provides you with a variety of management and financial reports that will support you to make the right decisions. Our Values in Our Features
  16. 16. Our Values in Our Features
  17. 17. Our Values in Our Features
  18. 18. MODULES Production Budget Purchase Budget CAPEX Budget HR Budget Sale Budget OPEX Budget Costing Finance & Accounting
  20. 20. Master data • Sales Channels, Customers, Services • Master data Groups Data Input • Detailed Sales Data Entry • Sales Price Management • Discount Management • Collection Management (By percentage and amount) Reporting • Sales Report (Quantity, Gross Revenues, Discount, Net Revenues) • Tax and Collection Report (Tax, Monthly Collection of Revenues, Exchange Differences) SALE BUDGET
  21. 21. Master Data • Product Trees (BOM: Bill Of Material), • Production Batch Size • Minimum Purchase & Lead Times • Production Lines • Stock Turnover and Inter-Company Keys Data Input • Opening and Minimum Stock Levels • Fixed and Flexible Production-Purchasing Strategies • Domestic and Foreign Purchase Price Lists • Import Expenses • Purchase Payment Management Reporting • Production & Usage Quantity Report • Production Capacity Report • Purchase Report (Quantity & Amount) • Tax and Payment Report (Tax, Payment Cash Flow, Exchange Rate Difference) • İmports Report • Stock Movement Report (Quantity & Amount) [Input, Output, End of Period] PRODUCTION AND PURCHASING BUDGET
  22. 22. HUMAN RESOURCES BUDGET Master Data • Titles and Positions • Additional Payroll Items • Overtime Types, • Benefits, • etc. Data Input • Staff Entry/Exit. • Payroll Parameters. • Working Hours. • Salary Raise Rates . • SSI Rates. • Tax Adjustments. • Promotions. • Other Parameters. Reporting • Staff and Payroll Reports.
  23. 23. CAPEX BUDGET Master Data • Fixed Asset Definitions. • Depreciation Calculation Methods • Straight-line. • Double declining balance. • Sum of years digits. • Units of production. Data Input • New Fixed Asset Entry. • On-going Investments. • Current Fixed Assets (Active Fixed Assets). Reporting • Fixed Asset Reports (Amount, Amortization). • Tax and Payment Report (Tax, Payment Cash Flow, Exchange Rate Differences).
  24. 24. OPEX BUDGET Reporting • OPEX Report (All Expenses in One Report) • Tax and Payment Report Master Data • Hierarchical Cost Centers. • Cost Items/Accounts. • Approval Mechanism. Data Input • Expense Entry. • Cost .Elements • Cost Items. • Vehicle Expenses. • Personel Item Expenses. • Operating Approval Process.
  25. 25. FINANCE BUDGET Master data • Chart of Accounts. • Monthly Exchange Rate Predictions. Data Entry • Credit / Repo Entry. • Opening Trial Balance. • Manual Record Entry. Reporting • Income Statement. • Balance Sheet. • Cash Flow Table. • Loan and Check Reports.
  27. 27. PS -PROJECTS
  28. 28. PS – PROJECT VERSION In the strategic decision support feature of LivaBudget, you can prepare different versions for the projects, starting with the “Feasibility Budget” version(s) and continue with the “Discovery Budget” version(s) and follow up in details with different versions of “Master Budget”.
  30. 30. PS – PROJECT HIERARCHY Create different hierarchy versions for different superstructure and infrastructure projects in detail.
  31. 31. PS – PROJECT ENTRY For each project version, you can enter quantity and unit price for each activity and sub-activity with the resources details (materials or services). In this way, the project progress reports will be very easy to follow up and to determine if any deviation occurs, whether it is consistent or quantitative.
  33. 33. LivaClick is BI & Analytics Solution that accelerating business value with data and turning raw data into end-to-end remarkable outcomes . What is LivaClick? • Retrospective reporting and analytics including executive reporting. • Exploratory analytics including data discovery and data mining. • Big data analysis and predictive analytics.
  34. 34. What is LivaClick? • Drag-and-drop visualizations • Access to analyses anywhere, anytime and on any device • Smart Search for ultimate flexibility • Collaboration and know-how sharing: comprehensive data storytelling • Various data sources - a single application • Protected data - simple self-service
  35. 35. LivaClick Data Warehouse Structure (Example)
  36. 36. DEPARTMENT DASHBOARD 3D01- Expenses Analysis 3D02- Brand Expenses Analysis PROJECT DASHBOARD 2P01- Project Budget Version Comparison 2P02- Project Budget Detail Report 2P03- Project Progress Report SALES & PROFIT DASHBOARD 1S01- Sales Target vs. Actual Report 1S02- Sales Profit Report (Budget Based) 1S03-Unit Sales and Remaining Stock 1S04- Payment Plan and Collection Report 1S05- Sales Analysis LivaClick Data Warehouse Structure (Example)
  37. 37. TECHNICAL OFFICE DASHBOARD 4H01- Order Revision Report 4H03- Progress Purchase Rate 4H05- Project Progress ($) 4H06- Vendors Risk Raports 4H07- Cash Collateral Tracking 4H08- Stock Values 4H09- Progress Payment Confirmation Report 4H10- Scrap Sales Tracking 4H11-Tracking of Deductions Not Associated with Progress Payment 4H12- Casualty Report 4H13- Subcontractor Evaluation 4H14- Vendors Debit-Credit 4H15- Accepted Invoices Reports 4H16- Monthly Progress Payment Creation Tracking 4H17- Cashflow Track Report LivaClick Data Warehouse Structure (Example)
  38. 38. Dashboard Samples
  39. 39. Dashboard Samples
  40. 40. Dashboard Samples
  41. 41. Dashboard Samples
  42. 42. Dashboard Samples
  43. 43. Dashboard Samples
  44. 44. Dashboard Samples
  45. 45. Dashboard Samples
  46. 46. Dashboard Samples
  47. 47. Dashboard Samples
  48. 48. Dashboard Samples
  49. 49. Dashboard Samples
  50. 50. Dashboard Samples
  51. 51. Dashboard Samples
  52. 52. Thank you