Nazi use of propaganda-Rallies and Festivals


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A GCSE History presentation on how the Nazi's used festivals/rallies as propaganda.

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  • Very useful to help me with my history project about nazi propaganda thanks!
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Nazi use of propaganda-Rallies and Festivals

  1. 1. Nazi Use Of Propaganda<br />Festivals & Rallies<br />
  2. 2. Examples of Nazi Festivals and Rallies<br />The most famous rallies during the Nazi regime were the Nuremburg Rallies. They ran yearly from 1933-39.<br />The first mass rallies after the Nazis came to power were held in 1933. <br />The 1933 rally ran from the 30th August-3rd September.<br />Not only the Nuremberg rallies, but Hitler’s birthday(20th April), Nazi successes and Thanksgiving Day were also celebrated.<br />
  3. 3. The Control of the People<br />Huge numbers of people turned up at rallies-<br /> in 1935, 30,000 people attended-1600 were soldiers<br />That showed the devotion and loyalty many Germans had to the party<br />Goebbels knew that whilst trying to gain power, he used marches, rallies and festivals.<br />Now he needed loyalty from the people and he could gain that through grand and impressive rallies.<br />
  4. 4. Control of the People<br />Goebbels specifically ordered the rallies/festivals so that it boasted Germany’s order, discipline and strength not only to Germans but to the international community<br />One visitor at the time said:<br />“It was my first time at a rally in 1935. I had heard rumours of the grandeur, pomp and discipline of rallies. I never believed it till I saw it with my own eyes… The sight of tens of thousand people standing shoulder to shoulder with each other shouting “Heil Hitler” took my breath away. From that moment on, I loved the Nazis.” <br />Hans Grimdt, a German Stockbroker<br />The rallies gave Germans a greater sense of belonging to a great movement<br />The rallies emphasised the fact that Germans created order out of chaos.<br />
  5. 5. What did the Nazi’s Celebrate at these Rallies?<br />The Nazis celebrated many things in these rallies. They include:<br />Reich party congress of victory<br />Reich party congress of unity and strength<br />Reich party congress of freedom<br />Reich party congress of honour<br />Reich party congress of work<br />Reich party congress of greater Germany<br />Reich party congress of peace<br />
  6. 6. How the Nazi Rallies linked in with the other areas of propaganda:<br />Radios and Newspapers often advertised the rallies. An example is on the next slide.<br />Hitler’s speeches made at the rallies were often broadcasted on the radio to the masses.<br />The rallies often presented military might and other aspects of Hitler’s foreign policy that were constantly promoted to be apart of German culture.<br />
  7. 7. This poster of a strong, triumphant Hitler is promoting the Nuremberg Rallies through the magazine. The magazine had a circulation of about 1,000,000<br />