THE DREAMIZER<br />Mr. Albus was considered as the luckiest person in London. He was in law enforcement & was kind of a he...
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A short fiction story

enjoy it ;)

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  1. 1. THE DREAMIZER<br />Mr. Albus was considered as the luckiest person in London. He was in law enforcement & was kind of a hero for the citizens. He would complete even the deadliest task without delay. Albus was tall & had long hairs wearing half moon spectacles all the time. He had a son “Ron” but his real name was Ronald Albus. He was a nice boy but not as remarkable as his father. He had enthusiasm for joining law enforcement in future but wasn’t sure if he had got the guts for it. Ron wasn’t that tall but had silky hair. <br />Their life looked normal & who could have thought about the unusual things going on with them. Ron thought he had a simple life but his perception suddenly changed on his 16th birthday. It was 13th December & was snowing heavily. Albus had brought a nice cloud shaped cake. On top of it was written, with chocolate, “Happy birthday Ron”. <br />Albus said, “Well I told your friends not to come today because ------ em ------ well, I have something to discuss with you, so I didn’t want anyone to disturb us.” He paused for a moment then said, “Let’s talk after enjoying the cake.” Ron couldn’t understand this odd behavior of his father. After having dinner and cake they both sat beside the fire. Albus could see Ron anxious. He was continuously stare at his father. <br />Albus started, “Try to listen to me with complete attention, it’s very important & I haven’t shared this with anyone.” Ron became more anxious. Albus took a sip of tea and continued, “5 years ago a person named Snape called me, he was exhausted as he told me to come to his house. He was a crazy scientist actually & was extremely old. I went over & asked his problem. He gave me a briefcase & told me in a low voice, “This is the invention of my life; I am giving it to you because I can’t live any longer. See the manual inside & you will understand everything. Pl-ee-ase use it wisely”. <br />Ron asked uneasily, “What was it?”. Albus grinned & said, “The secret of my success”. Taking the last sip of tea Albus started, “It was a DREAMIZER.” <br />“A dreamizer?” Ron asked, “But what does it do?” Albus said, ”Well it’s a device used to penetrate into other’s dreams & to steal their information.” Ron exclaimed, “Oooh! So that’s why you get your criminals so swiftly.” Albus exhaled and said, “It’s not as easy as it sounds.”<br />He continued, “Before doing this I must tell you the rules of a dream, First of all we can control the environment but the people inside it are out of our reach. They are generated from the dreamers’ mind and are called his subconscious. If the dreamer feels something odd about the physics of the surrounding, it is possible that his subconscious attack us.” After a pause he said, “Secondly we have to kill ourselves in order to come back from the dream & the quickest way is to shoot ourselves, but remember, in a dream we can feel pain, so stay cautious and don’t let the subconscious get you.”<br />“So when will we do it”, Ron asked excitedly. Albus said, “Today!” Ron grinned & said “So what’s the plan dad?” Albus said, “We’ll have to disguise as others & retrieve his secret hideout.” Albus went & brought a briefcase & opened it. It was a machine like a laptop with some weird looking tubes. Albus tied one tube to his hand and the other to Ron’s hand.<br />Albus then took out a yellow liquid & said, “Drink this and you will faint.” They both drank it & the next moment they were standing in a forest. They weren’t in their original forms but rather disguised as someone else. Albus said, “The Drug Lord’s name is James Cullen. I am his brother Aro Cullen and you are my body guard.” They both started walking north and at last reached the destination. They saw a cottage outside which James was having his Lunch. Albus joined his brother while Ron stayed a few yards away. James asked, “So how’s everything going on Aro?” Albus said “Fine Fine it’s just that I am a little frightened from that cop Albus.” James laughed and said, “Oh come on, he’s nothing!” Albus said, “I just think he’s after you may be you could involve me in your business as I can assist you.” James said, “Yeah you are right, I do need someone trustworthy.”<br />James gave Albus a note:<br />Pheonix Tower (Basement)<br />Albus was shocked as he never knew there was a basement there.<br />Suddenly James’ mood changed & he said, “It is strange that I don’t remember how I came here,” James started glaring around & stood up. Ron came closer to his father & said, “I think he knows”. James’ guards were staring at Albus as if they were going to rip him apart.<br />Albus whispered, “We should leave now.” Ron asked, ”But how?” Albus said, “DIE!” Before Albus could move, James suddenly drew his gun & shot at Albus’ leg. Albus screamed with agony. Ron at once dragged his pistol and shot Albus in his head then killed himself.<br />Now they were back sitting on their couch. Albus at once stood up and hurried towards the door & called the SWAT team for backup. They reached The Pheonix Tower but it looked as if there was a blast and the whole basement was ruined. Albus could find nothing useful as everything was burnt. James would have done this as he knew about the dream.<br />Albus came back home desperate.<br />