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Teenage issues media project


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology
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Teenage issues media project

  1. 1. By Mustafa Oztekin 9CB Year 9- Autumn Term Homework project- Still Images
  2. 2. In this project, I’ll be producing a photo story of teenagers issues. The story is going to be based on a boy called Jack, who losses his way of life. In other words, falling apart. I’ll be using a variety of shot types on different pictures, to capture the emotions and feeling of the person. The story starts of with Jack doing his homework (1st scene). While doing his homework he realises he was invited to a party on his computer, however his parents banned him to go to the party. (2nd scene- teenage issue, Distraction/ social network. 2nd teen age issue disobedience ). Jack ignores his parents, an then goes to his wardrobe where he gets change (3rd scene). Jack then planned how to sneak out ( 4th scenewalking down stairs). He then tip toes to the door while his parents watches TV (5th scene walking towards the door while parents watch TV). Jack enters the party. Seconds later, he is drinking alcohol and is offered drugs (6th scene Drinking- Teenage issue) . Eventually, he has passed out (7th scene- Taking Drugs- Teenage issue). As a result, Jack passed out in the party, which then his parents picked him up (scene 8)
  3. 3. My story board are examples of issues in teenagers life. Objects such as laptops, phone and any other ‘social’ technology, have a big effect on teenagers. They distract teenagers from there work which will have an effect on them in the future. Not only technology is an issue, but also under age drinking is a massive issue. Not only is it illegal, but it can also damage your body and the way you act. These are only a few issues as there are thousands of issues in teenage life.