AMCC 2011 - Multiculturalism & The American Muslim Consumer Market


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3rd Annual American Muslim Consumer Conference

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AMCC 2011 - Multiculturalism & The American Muslim Consumer Market

  1. 1. OCTOBER 29, 2011 American Muslim Consumer Conference Please visit for details: CONSUMER CONFERENCEAMERICAN MUSLIM Welcome to the 3rd Annual EVENT PROMOTED BY the American Muslim Consumer Market" "Multi-Culturalism and Promoting Businesses & Entrepreneurs who are Developing Products for the Muslim Market. SPONSORED BY:
  2. 2. 1 PRESENTED BY oCTOBER 29, 2011 Hyatt Regency | nEW bRUNSWICK, nj CONSUMER CONFERENCE am erican muslim Welcome to the 3nd Annual
  3. 3. 2 A s organizers of this landmark event, we would like to thank you for attending this conference. This is the third year in the making and the support we have received from the community has been overwhelming.Through many fronts, we have been able to start dialogues and conversation highlighting the opportunity which exists in the American Muslim Consumer market. Many consumer brands in the U.S. are taking initiatives and customizing their marketing message to embrace the American Muslim Consumer, whether it is in food, finance, or fashion. A lot more work is ahead of us, a lot of work has been done. American Muslim entrepreneurs have launched many companies targeting the Muslim Consumer. In the area of Halal food, Midamar, Saffron Road and Crescent Foods are emerging as a mainstream brand. In the area of Islamic Finance, we have seen emergence of Shariah compliant mutual fund companies like Amana Mutual Funds and Azzad Asset Management. In home mortgages, there is Guidance Residential and University Islamic Financial which also engages in online banking as well. There is a big buzz about the Muslim lifestyle market where the fashion industry is constantly looking for new influences and is shaped by grassroots trends, as well as different cultures. Fashion is a global phenomenon, and the rising market is with young Muslim consumers who embrace and fuse together both fashion and faith in order to express their identity. JaanJ’s ( collection of non-silk vegan ties will surely captivate you with its trendy design. The American Muslim market today has a fast growing diverse set of media and forums that enable access to it. From fast growing online networks such as,, and to publications such as Azizah magazine (for American Muslim women) and regional newspapers, a variety of media are evolving that reflect the full fabric of American Muslim society and are also bringing issues of American Muslims to the forefront. Welco me to t he 3rd ann ual A meri can M uslim C onsumer C onference!
  4. 4. 3 We hope you will enjoy the lineup of distinguished speakers who hail from retail, Halal food, Islamic Finance, Halal cosmetics, Halal travel, media, marketing, advertising, Hollywood, and a number of other disciplines and industries. We hope you will support businesses who are participating as sponsors and showcasing their products or ideas. What they all share is an expertise in this market and a bold vision of where things are headed. As participants, we encourage you to take an active stand and get involved in this conversation.This dialogue that you are a part of will shape the discourse of American Muslims as consumers and participants now and in the future. We would like to thank our partners and sponsors without whom this conference would not have been successful. In addition, our dedicated team of volunteers and advisors who worked many hours to develop this quality and engaging event. Sabiha Ansari, Event Director Huda Albeltagy, Program and Content Sadiq Shariff, Program and Content Qasim Ahmad, Chief Technologist Saad Malik, Creative Director Saad Padela, Content Editor Adnan Durrani, Advisor Mohamed Geraldez, Advisor Thank you, Faisal Masood, Founder, AMCC WELC o the 3rd A nnual A Special Thanks to Our Dedicated AMCC Team:
  5. 5. 4 8:15AM – 9:30AM 9:30AM – 9:35AM 9:35AM – 9:45AM 9:45AM – 9:55AM 10:00AM – 11:15AM 11:25AM – 12:40PM aMERICAN mUSLIM SCHEDULE|tIM Registration / Networking Opening Welcome, Introduction Faisal Masood, Founder, AMCC CONSUMER STUDY The American Muslim MARKET: Rasi-Uddin Shikoh, CEO Managing Director, DinarStandard “Business Landscape Consumer Needs” Study by DinarStandard Exclusive Launch at AMCC Session I SEGMENTING THE MULTICULTURAL MARKET FOR TARGETTING PRECISION: FOCUS ON THE AMERICAN MUSLIM CONSUMER (M) Nausheena Hussain, Director, Fund Developments Marketing, CAIR-MN • Tariq Farid, Founder CEO, Edible Arrangements • Gwen Kelly, Senior Marketing Director, Walmart • Camille Conley, Consultant, Monitor Insights, The Futures Company • Sarab Al-Jijakli, Account Director, Ogilvy Mather • Manny Palomo, Strategic Marketing Communications Director, Best Buy Session II food and finance: pillars of american muslim consumerism: (M) Abdalhamid Evans, Director, Imarat Consultants • Adnan Durrani, CEO, American Halal Company • Jalel Aossey, Director, Midamar Corporation • Jane Carten, Director President, Saturna Capital • Rushdi Siddiqui, Global Head Islamic Finance OIC, Thomson Reuters • Aijaz Hussain, Vice President, University Islamic Financial cONSUMER CONFERENCE 9th Octob 2
  6. 6. 5 2011 multicultural award Honoree: Nazia Hussain Du Bois, Director of Cultural Strategy, Ogilvy Mather Worldwide lunch DHUR PRAYER (12:55 PM) Session III MUSLIM LIFESTYLE MARKET: PRESERVING VALUES AND SHAPING IDENTITY (M) Ibrahim Abdul-Matin, Author, Green Deen • Kamran Pasha, Screenwriter Director, Hollywood • Maria Ebrahimji, Director Executive Editorial Producer, CNN Worldwide • Layla Mandi, Founder CEO, OnePure • Fazal Bahardeen, Founder CEO, NETWORKING COFFEE BREAK aSR pRAYER (3:35 pm) Session IV ENTREPRENEURSHIP Showcase (M) Adnan Durrani, CEO, American Halal Company • Tariq Farid, Founder CEO, Edible Arrangements • Moose Scheib, CEO, • Haroon Mokhtarzada, Co-Founder CEO, closing remarks NETWORKING 12:40PM – 12:50PM 12:50PM – 1:45PM 1:45PM – 3:00PM 3:00PM – 3:45PM 3:45PM – 5:00PM 5:00PM – 5:10PM 5:15PM – 6:00PM h 2011 AMERICAN MUSLIM MARKET STUDY AGENDA
  7. 7. 6 The holy scripture of Islam i.e. the words of Allah (God) revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in Arabic. Considered the authentic, most important source of guidance. Practice and traditions of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) considered the second of the two most important sources of guidance for Muslims. Islamic laws relating to all aspects of human life established by Allah for his servants. The laws are divided into three, i.e. those relating to belief (‘aqidah), those relating to deeds (fiqh) and those relating to ethics (akhlaq). An opinion or pronouncement on Shari’ah issued by a group of scholars (fuqaha’) whose are sufficiently qualified and knowledgeable of the methodology for the issuance of fatwa, as well-established under the discipline of Islamic jurisprudence (usul fiqh). In practice and depending on jurisdictions, fatwa may also be referred as Shari’ah “rulings”, “edicts” and “opinions.” There is no god worthy of worship except God and Muhammad is His messenger. This declaration of faith is called the Shahada, a simple formula which all the Muslims pronounce. Prayers - Salat is the name for the obligatory prayers which are performed five times a day, and are a direct link between the worshipper and God. Charity - A religious obligation of alms-giving on a Muslim to pay a certain amount of his wealth annually to one of the eight categories of needy Muslims (asnaf).The objective is to take away a part of the wealth of the well-to-do to be distributed among the asnaf. According to the Shari’ah, zakat purities wealth and souls. Fasting - Every year in the month of Ramadan, Muslims fast from first light until sundown, abstaining from food, drink, and sexual relations. If they are physically unable to do this, they must feed a needy person for every day missed. Although the fast is most beneficial to the health, it is regarded principally as a method of self purification. The annual pilgrimage to Makkah - the Hajj - is an obligation only for those who are physically and financially able to perform it. Quran Sunnah (Source: Bank Islam Malaysia) Sharia (Source: Bank Islam Malaysia) Fatwa (Source: Shahada (Source: Salat (Salah) (Source: Zakat (Source: Sawm (Fast) (Source: Hajj (Pilgrimage) (Source: Core Religi ous CORT KEY Core Religi ous TERMS CONCEPTS KE
  8. 8. 7 omeofHalalNon-SilkTies eHomeofHalalNon-SilkTies KE RELEVENTTERMS CONT. t erms OTHER An Arabic word meaning lawful or permitted. The concept of halal has spiritual overtones. In Islam there are activities, professions, and transactions that are explicitly prohibited (haram) by the Quran or the Sunnah All other activities, professions, contracts and transactions are halal. Activities, professions, contracts and transactions that are explicitly prohibited by the Quran or the Sunnah. (Source: Riba means interest, which is prohibited in Islamic law. Any risk-free or guaranteed interest on a loan is considered to be usury. Gambling. One of three fundamental prohibitions in Islamic finance (the other two being riba and gharar). An unknown fact or condition. In a commercial transaction, an excessive/ major gharar. e.g. the fact or condition of either the contracting parties or the asset in the contract or the price of the asset are not known or made known to contracting parties makes a contract null and void. A place of worship for followers of Islam (Arabic: Masjid) Islamic month of fasting based on its lunar calendar. One of the ‘5 Pillars of Islam’ One of the two main Muslim holidays that marks the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting. One of the two main Muslim holidays that occurs the day after the pilgrims conducting Hajj, the annual pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia by Muslims worldwide, descend from Mount Arafat. Halal (Source: Haram Riba Maysir (Source: Gharar (Source: Bank Islam - Malaysia) Mosque (Masjid) Ramadan Eid ul-Fitr Eid ul-Adha EY RELIGIOUS EVENTS
  9. 9. 8 BACKGROUND Study byTo Be Exclusively Released at the American Muslim Consumer Conference STUDY Purpose: The American Muslim Market 2011: Business Landscape Consumer Needs Study is a resource guide and strategy tool to assist marketers in effectively reaching and engaging with this large, yet fragmented and diverse market. It covers: A. Identifying the general demand profile of American Muslim consumer needs B. Profile of the major population centers and diversity cluster based market landscape C. List of major media and other key influencer channels nationally and across the population centers. D. Consumer insights and case-studies on best communication and engagement strategies. These background notes have been prepared for the 2011 AMCC (American Muslim Consumer Conference) by DinarStandard, a Muslim market focused growth strategy consultancy firm. These background notes are based on the approach to the American Muslim Market 2011 study. The purpose is to provide Conference attendees with some context relating to the topics to be discussed at the event and supplement the rich diversity of thoughts, experiences and point-of-views to be presented by Conference speakers. BACKGROUND NOTES Key highlights will be presented to the AMCC attendees and an executive summary will be made available through website. The full-study, a valuable resource guide and strategy tool for marketers, will be available for a special discount price for AMCC conference attendees. 2011 October29th,2011 BACKGROU GR OU
  10. 10. 9 AMERICAN MUSLIM MARKET STUDY Population Estimates American Muslims are a large, diverse, and growing segment of the American population with unique needs and consumption habits. They provide marketers – mainstream and niche – tremendous opportunities. However, for marketers it all starts from understanding how large is the market for them? Estimating American Muslim population and associated demographic however has been a challenging issue. Given the US Census does not cover religion in its survey, the various estimates are best educated guesses. Washington DC based Pew Research Center’s US Muslim estimates from its studies in 2007 (2.35 million) and recently 2011 (2.75 million) are the most widely quoted. This estimate for example is based on “combining country-of-birth information (from Census Bureau), with data from surveys on the percentage of people from each country, or group of countries, who belong to various faiths.” 1 They also include third and higher generation Muslim American estimates based on their survey based pool. Conversely organizations such as CAIR, global advertising agency JWT and Ogilvy, and even the US State Department has referred to a 6-9 million estimated US Muslim population, usually based on estimations derived from other grass root methods (e.g. # of mosques adherents, voters databank, etc) DinarStandard strongly feels that the conservative American Muslim population in 2010 would range between minimum of 5.8 million to 6.7 million. This is based on using as baseline, the independent 1 Pew Muslim American Report 2011 BACKOUND October29th,2011 CONT. BACKGROUND
  11. 11. 10 Association of Statisticians of American Religious Bodies’s (ASARB) 2000 Religious Congregations and Membership Study. Using their mosque attendance data per State, we applied a regular non-mosque attendee estimate from the year 2000 to derive total Muslim population. We then applied a conservative US Muslim population growth rate of 2x to 4x national average from 2000 to 2010. (US population growth rate has been 0.91% compared to US Muslim population growth estimates of 6%). This estimate is further validated by other anecdotal evidences. (e.g. various city specific Muslim population surveys e.g. in NYC, which would support our range of estimate. Also growth in mosques across the country, Islamic schools, successful national Halal and Islamic Finance products and service offerings would also support this range of estimate.) AMERICAN MUSLIM MARKET STUDY BACKGROUND 2011
  12. 12. 11 AMERICAN MUSLIM MARKET STUDY Disposable Income Product Categories DinarStandard estimates a minimum American Muslim disposable income range of $107 billion-$124 billion in 2010. WWe derive this estimate by leveraging various surveyed instruments that aggregate American Muslim (including immigrant and indigenous constituents) income profiles and which mirrors the average disposable income of the U.S. public.2 . With this understanding, we applied the 2010 US average disposable household income to DinarStandard’s estimated American Muslim population (1.7 mill-2 mill households given 3.3 average household unit) to get the estimated minimum American Muslim disposable income range. While the overall size gives the big picture, most marketers are looking to translate this market potential to their area of business. To get a high-level idea of the market demand size in various categories, we show below top 10 expenditure categories using again the US Average Annual Income expenditure breakdown from the 2010 Consumer Expenditure Survey, US Bureau of Labor Statistics. The full “American Muslim Market 2011” study provides Muslim consumer surveyed input around these categories as well as insights on areas that require customized products versus general communication attention 2 2007 Pew Research report, “Muslim Americans: Middle Class and Mostly Mainstream
  13. 13. 12 AMERICAN MUSLIM MARKET STUDY Major Market Dynamic #1 - Geographic Distribution The full “American Muslim Market 2011” study provides a detailed separate profile of major Muslim community related organizations, Halal brands, media, influencers and retail centers in each of the Top 10 States as well as the rest of the States in aggregate. A national survey based input also adds insights on the community’s general consumption needs, satisfaction/ dissatisfaction with current Halal food and Islamic Finance brands. A major dynamic of the American Muslim market is the challenge and opportunity in its vast geographic fragmentation.The biggest population centers are dispersed around the country. By DinarStandard estimation, the top ten States represent approximately 80% of the American Muslim population.These top ten states are dispersed from coast-to-coast, and they are in order of their Muslim population size: California, New York, Illinois, New Jersey,Texas, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and Massachusetts. The geographic fragmentation is a major challenge for many businesses including Halal food startups and the currently mostly small Islamic Financial institutions.The companies are at the fore-front of providing select choices this community is asking for. Meanwhile, mainstream national chains, retailers and brands, who are not engaged yet, are well positioned to address the geographic challenge given their existing national channels and networks. The issue of accessibility is a big area of un-met need that this market is craving for. Authored by DinarStandard BACKGR OUND BACKGROUND AMERICAN MUSLIM MARKET STUDY October29th,2011 Th
  14. 14. 13 AMERICAN MUSLIM MARKET STUDY Major Market Dynamic #2 - Ethnic / Indigenous sub-cluster and implications The Muslim identity of American Muslims is an increasingly important part of their identity (as confirmed by Gallup Poll, Pew and other studies) that ties this diverse market from coast-to-coast. However, as with any market, the American Muslim market also has multiple dimensions to their identity that affects how they consume media, products and services. This includes their general American identity and affiliations, their professional identity and affiliations, as well as their ethnic identity and affiliations. This markets ethnic and indigenous identity and associated affiliations is the second major market dynamic today. In order to have the widest reach and engagement with the American Muslim market, it is key to understand the strong role of the ethnic and indigenous sub-clusters that exist today within the American Muslim market as well as the impact of immigration cycle on consumer behavior, channels and preferences. Within the major ethnic categories of American Muslims, there exists today a strong cluster of ethnic media, organization/events, concentrated mosques/centers, and product considerations (e.g. ethnic food). Each sub-cluster also engages with national and indigenous American Muslim channels. The model below shows how the ethnic clusters interact with the indigenously developing ‘American Muslim’ cluster and the broader national cluster. The full “American Muslim Market 2011” study provides a listing per major ethnicity driven and indigenous American Muslim category related major media, organizations, and other influencers. A national survey based perspective also breaks-down various ethnic nuances. CONT. Jaan he Home of Halal N on-Silk Ties
  15. 15. 14 AMERICAN MUSLIM MARKET STUDY Major Media Channels Key Influencers While a big part of American Muslim community’s media consumption habits are national and even international in nature, there is certainly a growing influence of both Muslim and ethnic media channels and key influencer organizations.To effectively target any niche market, marketers seek cost-effective access to the right media mix to integrate into their overall marketing plans. However the challenge today is it is a complex network. We see this landscape fast evolving with an increasingly efficient ways for marketers to creatively engage with this community. The current landscape is as follows: The American Muslim market today has a fast growing diverse set of media and forums that enables access to it. An important aspect to the media equation is the cross-over of ethnic media with Muslim media. Major segments of American Muslim consumers access their relevant ethnic media rather than Muslim media. This is a core aspect and the various segments within the American Muslim consumers and their relationship with their preferred media have to be understood to effectively benefit from it. The full “American Muslim Market 2011” study provides a listing per major ethnicity driven and indigenous American Muslim category related major media, organizations, and other influencers. In addition survey based input on media preferences is also highlighted AMERICAN MUSLIM MARKET STUDY BACKGROU N 2011
  16. 16. 15 AMERICAN MUSLIM MARKET STUDY Engagement Framework For main-stream brands, there are multiple questions to address in how to engage with the Muslim consumers. To what extent do Muslim values relate to their product category? What is the market potential of their product category and their product? If satisfied, what would be the best engagement strategy and the level of customization needed?
  17. 17. 16 Authored by DinarStandard BACKGR OUND October29th,2011 BACKGROUND AMERICAN MUSLIM MARKET STUDY The full “American Muslim Market 2011” study provides a product customization framework as well as communication strategies, pitfalls to avoid, and case-studies.
  18. 18. 17 A bout DinarStandard™ specializes in the emerging Muslim markets -- helping companies with their growth investment strategies. For more than 5 years, DinarStandard™ has been a pioneer in researching and highlighting the emergence of the Muslim Lifestyle Market globally. It has been delivering Muslim market analysis, feasibility studies and growth strategies for its clients. Its anchor report, the DS100--Top 100 Businesses of the Muslim World, and other original reports are regularly covered by global media such as The Economist, Forbes, Zaman (Turkey,) Malaysian Star and many others. AMERICANMUSLIMMARKETSTUDY BACKGROUN 2011
  19. 19. 18 HALA COM FEATUREDJaan J. The Home of Halal N on-Silk Ties
  20. 20. 19 AL Crescent Foods Crescent Foods implements Halal standards in corporate policies. “Crescent Foods has Islamic principles incorporated into its core business philosophy” says Ahmad Adam, Founder and CEO of Crescent Foods. Crescent Foods has developed and successfully merged its Halal food processing methods with the same stringent standards that it employs in daily business practices.The company policies address issues from compliance to a modest dress code, travel standards, eating, praying and even financing.To ensure that the policies were justified within a legal framework, a labor law attorney was consulted to review proper structuring of the company handbook. Employees’ expenditures on meals, travel and entertainment are reimbursed contingent upon Halal standards. No company funds or other assets shall be spent or used on non-Halal expenditures such as alcohol, pork and its derivatives, movies, music products and the like. Pork and alcohol is prohibited on the company premises.There is a zero tolerance policy for any positive testing for drug and alcohol use. Crescent grows purely on its own profits and does not finance any expansion or growth with interest based financing. With millions of Muslim and non-Muslim consumers, the time has come to once again integrate Islamic business ethics into the Halal business model. Islam was spread to the four corners of the world by honest Muslim entrepreneurs that sold halal products and provided a fine example of the business ethics embedded in Islam. Jaan J. caters to the needs of those who appreciate quality neckties but do not wear silk for health or personal reasons. From traditional ties, to bow ties, to ascot ties, Jaan J. has made it their mission to produce the best non silk vegan neck wear for those who want the best and need the best for their mind, body, and soul. MPANIES
  21. 21. 20 Illume Magazine was one of the presenters at 2010 Entrepreneurship Showcase. ILLUME was honored by the National Press Foundation earlier in March. They were given the award ‘Excellence In Journalism’ and were among 12 recipients, being the only ethnic/minority media in the country to be recognized alongside major outlets like CNN, NBC/MSNBC, Washington Post, NPR, Politico, Associated Press, etc. Most recently they received the award for ‘Best Online News Operations’ by RTDNA UNITY: Journalists of Color. CNN took the award for best website for mainstream media and ILLUME for ethnic/minority media. Every year, we look for companies, entrepreneurs and outstanding candidates to present their business, product, or service which is benefiting the American Muslim consumer, either directly or as a by-product. During this session, the selected candidates present to the audience and a panel of experts who provide guidance on furthering their company’s growth and exposure. We received numerous submissions across a number of industries and went through a rigorous application review process to select the best candidates. ENTREPRENEURSHIP SHOWCASE Last Year... Panelists Moderator: Adnan Durrani CEO, American Halal Company Tariq Farid Founder CEO, Edible Arrangements Moose Scheib CEO, Haroon Mokhtarzada Co-Founder CEO, LIM
  22. 22. 21 GOOD EARTH POTATO Good Earth Potato is a healthy fast food franchise concept that uses the naturally nutritious potato as a foundation for a large variety of healthy toppings. We also specialize in build your own fresh chopped salad using high quality fresh local ingredients and produce. Our mission is to provide consumers a healthy dining alternative, one community at a time. MODERN EID ModernEID is an online resource for contemporary party and gift products for the Eid holidays. Our products make it easy to decorate your home and celebrate the holidays in a coordinated and fun way. At modernEID, you will find goods for dressing up your home, packaging your presents, and styling your Eid celebrations. SALIK PRODUCTIONS Salik Productions develops Islamic Applications for mobile devices including iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry.The application portfolio includes a sophisticated Quran learning application called myQuran which has a global user base and has a 5-Star rating on the Apple AppStore. Salik Productions has also recently launched a global application called myMasjid which allows communities to better communicate and stay in touch with their Masjids and tracks events, services etc. Salik Productions is a wholly owned subsidiary of Magnicode, Inc which develops custom apps for a broad range of clients. NATRUssential naTRUssential Natural Lifestyle company is a subsidiary of Essential Health International, LLC a minority- owned, Solon, OH based direct sales company of earth-friendly, health and wellness products. naTRUssential supports women who want to nurture their passion, potential and purpose by creating an empowering community and environment. SELECTED BY THE AMCC TEAM ENTREPRENEURS October29th,2011 SHOWCASE AMERICAN MUSLIM companies
  23. 23. 22 Camille Conley Consultant, MONITOR Insights,The Future Company Camille Conley is a Consultant in MONITOR Insights with the Futures Company. She supports accounts and provides clients with consultation and analysis of consumer lifestyle trends. Her clients include several leading financial services, media and advertising, consumer packaged goods, food and beverage, and retail companies. Over the last several years, Camille has also been heavily involved with the development and implementation of the annual Multicultural MONITOR and consults with clients, offering actionable marketing insights for the African American and Hispanic markets. Camille earned her B.S. in business administration along with a minor in Spanish from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Abdalhamid Evans Director, Imarat Consultants Abdalhamid Evans was appointed as the Director for the World Halal Forum in January 2011. He is the Senior Analyst at Imarat Consultants, a niche UK consulting agency that specialises in the Halal sector, and is also the founder of, a leading online news service for the Halal market. Abdalhamid worked with KasehDia Sdn Bhd from 2004-07, during which time he participated in the development of The Halal Journal magazine and the World Halal Forum. He also provided consulting services during this period for the Malaysian government in their efforts to position Halal as an engine of growth for the national economy, and collaborated in drafting the Halal chapter of Malaysia’s 3rd Industrial Masterplan in 2006. From 2008-2010 he worked with the Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources of Brunei Darussalam to assist in the development of their Halal agenda as well as their International Halal Market Conference and SME workshop programmes. He is also a founding member of the American Halal Association where he is working with Halal sector stakeholders to develop an accreditation infrastructure for the US Halal industry. Abdalhamid is a seasoned writer and a regular contributor at Halal industry events around the world, and is widely regarded as a thoughtleader in the global Halal movement. He has long been an advocate for the development of Halal as catalyst for a new commercial paradigm, and has lobbied for greater involvement from the Islamic Financial sector for many years. SPEAKE BIOGRAphies
  24. 24. 23 Adnan Durrani CEO, American Halal Company. Inc. Mr. Durrani is the CEO of American Halal/Saffron Road (www.saffronroadfood. com),the first halal product to be sold nationally in all Whole Foods Stores and now 4,000 other retail food stores. Mr. Durrani is also President of Condor Ventures. His entrepreneurial ventures have resulted in a successful track record of building niche- branded food companies, using grassroots marketing with natural food consumers to capitalizing on guerilla tactical distribution strategies with major supermarket chains. He founded Vermont Pure/Crystal Rock Water Co in 1991. Mr.Durrani was also a principal investor and financial partner in Stonyfield Farms, Inc. ($350 million) led its sale to Groupe Danone in 2001. He was also a principal of Delicious Brands, Inc., which he scaled, with the financial backing of Carl Icahn to become the 5th largest cookie brand in the U.S. He is a Director for READ Global , funded by the BillMelinda Gates Foundation He also served on the Board of Social Venture Network and has been recognized as one who engineered “20 Ideas That Changed The Way The World Does Business”.The select list of these inductees include: Ben Cohen, Gary Hirshberg(Stonyfield Farms), Muhammad Yunus,and Steve Case(AOL). Mr.Durrani sits on the Board Columbia Engineering where he is also Chairman of Entrepreneurial Advisory Board. Most recently, he was hosted by the Vatican and Ambassador to the Holy Sees ( as one of only two American Muslims to be a speaker on “Interfaith In Business” in October 2010, in Rome, Italy. Mr. Durrani was also cited in 2011 as one of 100 Muslim Heroes. Jaan J. The Home of Halal N on-Silk Ties Haroon Mokhtarzada Co-Founder CEO, Webs Inc. Haroon co-founded in 2001 with his brothers Zeki and Idris while still studying Economics at the University of Maryland. Haroon continued to build the company while earning his J.D. from Harvard Law School. Starting with $2,000 and a single server in a closet, Webs is now the world’s largest website building solution serving over 40 million users, where anyone can easily create a website and get web hosting. In 2006, Haroon raised $12 million in capital for Haroon also co- founded SGN, the Social Gaming Network. SGN was spun out as a separate company in 2007 and in 2008 $15 million was raised in venture capital. BIOGRAPHIES
  25. 25. 24 Ibrahim Abdul-Matin Author,“Green Deen“ Ibrahim Abdul-Matin is author of the new book, “Green Deen: What Islam Teaches About Protecting the Planet.” For the past ten years, Ibrahim has been a passionate voice for transforming our pollution based way of life to one that prioritizes our planet and its people. Ibrahim’s dedication to the environment is rooted in his Deen – his religion of Islam. Ibrahim is an environmental policy consultant and has worked with Green for All, Green City Force, Interfaith Leaders for Environmental Justice, the Prospect Park Alliance, and the New York City Mayor’s Office of Long Term Planning Sustainability. He has appeared on FOX News, ABC News’“This Week,” and is a featured regularly on public radio’s morning news show, “The Takeaway.” His writing has appeared in The Washington Post,,The Daily Beast, GOOD Magazine, ColorLines, Wiretap, and Elan Magazine. “Green Deen” has been featured on the Brian Lehrer Show,The Global Grind, Energy Now, the Center for American Progress, October 29th, 2011 Jalel Aossey Director, Midamar Corporation Jalel Aossey was born and raised in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where he resides with his wife and two children. He is a 1997 graduate of Cornell College where he majored in International Business. Jalel has traveled extensively throughout the Middle East, Asia, and North Africa, and embraces cultural differences. Jalel is a Director at Midamar Corporation, located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, a family owned business that has pioneered the Halal food industry in North America since 1974. Prior to joining Midamar, Jalel worked with Prudential Financial Services. Currently Jalel consults and speaks to organizations throughout North America and overseas on topics including, “Understanding and Marketing to the Halal Food Industry,” and “Muslim Marketing.” Jalel’s main goal at Midamar is to further develop the strength and diversity of the Midamar brand in the global market. Over the years with Midamar, Jalel has been quoted in numerous media stories including features in the “Wall Street Journal,”“Los Angeles Times,” and several overseas publications. In 2007, Jalel was asked to speak before US government bodies on the topic of the Halal and Muslim markets. Jalel is an active participant (and North American representative) at the World Halal Forum established in 2006 and held annually in Malaysia. He is currently serving on the boards of directors for MYCA (Muslim Youth Camps of America), the Islamic Center of Cedar Rapids, and is a charter member of Rotary International in Cedar Rapids. In addition, he is an involved member in the ISNA (Islamic Society of Northern America), CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations and MAS (Muslim American Society). SPEAKERS BIOGRAPHIES
  26. 26. 25 Gwendolyn (Gwen) Kelly Senior Marketing Manager, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. Gwendolyn (Gwen) Kelly is responsible for managing marketing initiatives for the world’s largest retailer, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. With more than 20 years of experience, Gwen is a veteran marketing professional who injects strategic insight into multiple areas of marketing process. Previously as a client-side marketer, she managed the multicultural advertising initiative for American Family Insurance. Through a variety of advertising agency media management roles including Associate Media Director for Burrell Communications Group in Chicago, IL where she was responsible for the media management of the Proctor Gamble and Sears accounts. She has also worked at other leading advertising agencies including E. Morris Communications, Wells Rich Greene,Tracy Locke and DDB/Needham. Gwen brings a tremendous amount of expertise, insight and leadership to her current position. A diverse group of non- profit and civic organizations have been the beneficiaries of Gwen’s talent, time and commitment to community. She has served in leadership roles and on the boards of a number of local and national community service organizations including Girl Scouts of the USA. Gwen is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh (B.S. in Broadcast Communications), attended Illinois State University for graduate study in Mass Communications and is currently pursuing a Master of Business Administration degree at Webster University. Rushdi Siddiqui Global Head, Islamic Finance OIC Countries Thomson Reuters Rushdi Siddiqui is the Global Head of Islamic Finance at Thomson Reuters. Recognized as a thought-leader in Islamic Finance, Rushdi was a key force in the creation of the Dow Jones Islamic Index, and is now a leading advocate of the convergence between Islamic Finance and the Halal industry. Mr. Siddiqui joined Thomson Reuters from Dow Jones, where he was Global Director for their Islamic Market Indices. Over 10 years there, he led Dow Jones Indexes entry and its global expansion into Islamic finance. His contribution has resulted in numerous awards from leading finance organizations and media outlets alike. Mr. Siddiqui has considerable experience in the financial markets having worked at a Wall Street investment bank and commercial bank in the 1990s
  27. 27. 26 Fazal Bahardeen Founder CEO Crescentrating Fazal is the Founder CEO of Crescentrating, which setup the world’s first Travel portal dedicated to the Halal conscious travelers and launched its’ Rating (Crescentrating) system to rate travel and tourism services for their Halal friendliness. Prior to this, he was with Alcatel-Lucent where he held senior management roles based in Europe and Asia. During this period, he also served as a member of the Board of Directors of Alcatel-Fujitsu Joint venture for 3G technology and was a member of Alcatel University Asia Pacific International Branch Advisory Board. Fazal is also a member of the Advisory Board of the SAMI (Socially Acceptable Market Investments) Halal Food Index and the SAMI Halal Participation Index (compliant with AAOIFI criteria); the world’s first Halal Food indexes, which bring together the Halal Industry and the Islamic Finance Industry. Fazal completed the Executive Program from Stanford University National University of Singapore, Strategic Leadership Development Program from Ashridge Management School and International Management in Telecoms Industry from London Business School. He has an International Masters in Management from Management School of Lyon, in addition to the Masters Degree in Computer Applications and Bachelors Degree in Telecommunication Engineering from the Beijing University of Post and Telecommunications. Fazal also has a Diploma in Islamic Banking and Finance from the International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM). He is a Corporate member of IET (UK) and a Chartered Engineer (CEng) (UK). Nausheena Hussain Director, Fund Development Marketing, CAIR-MN Nausheena Hussain is a marketing manager focused on developing segment marketing plans targeting the multicultural consumer. She is very passionate around diversity and inclusion efforts especially around the Muslim culture as well as the Muslim consumer. Nausheena launched the Interfaith Employee Business Network chapter at Best Buy headquarters to enhance the work environment by showcasing how faith plays a role in the employee experience, the customer experience and the communities we serve. In 2004, she helped found the Minnesota Youth Leadership Award, a scholarship program, and served as one of the Board of Directors. In 2009, Nausheena joined the Islamic Resource Group to educate and build bridges within the Twin Cities, Minnesota community through educational presentations on Islam. She also serves as the Marketing Director for IRG. She graduated from the University of Minnesota cum laude in 2003 with her MBA and is pursuing her M.S. in Islamic Studies at the Islamic University of Minnesota. Nausheena Hussain recently left Best Buy and joined the Council on American Islamic Relations, Minnesota Chapter to help lead fund development and marketing for the non-profit organization.
  28. 28. 27 Kamran Pasha Hollywood Screenwriter Director Kamran Pasha is a screenwriter and director, and is one of the first Muslims to succeed in Hollywood. Kamran recently served as Co-Executive Producer and head writer for Disney’s new TRON animated television series. Kamran also sold his first television pilot, entitled ENIGMA, to Warner Brothers. Previously he served as a writer and producer for NBC’s television series KINGS. His other credits include serving as writer and producer on NBC’s remake of BIONIC WOMAN, and on Showtime Network’s Golden Globe nominated series SLEEPERCELL , about a Muslim FBI agent who infiltrates a terrorist group. Kamran directed the short film MIRIAM, which won the Gaia Award at the Moondance Film Festivalin 2008. He is represented by William Morris Endeavor Entertainment and Untitled Entertainment. Kamran is a published novelist as well. Simon Schuster recently published MOTHER OF THE BELIEVERS, a novel showing the rise of Islam from the eyes of Prophet Muhammad’s wife Aisha. His second novel, SHADOW OF THE SWORDS, follows the conflict between Richard the Lionheart and the Muslim leader Saladin for control of Jerusalem during the Crusades. And Kamran has also Made strides in the video gameworld. He recently wrote BLOOD ON THE SAND for Vivendi Universal, the sequel tohip-hop mogul 50 Cent’s bestselling game BULLETPROOF. Layla Mandi Founder CEO, OnePure Canadian born spokeswoman and dynamic entrepreneur Layla Mandi, founder and CEO of OnePure, is a renowned pioneer of the growing Halal beauty industry. OnePure first came to market as a travel collection aboard Saudi Arabian airlines in December of 2009 and has since expanded to a range of 13 retail products that are available to consumers today, including at the prestigious French department store Galeries Lafayette. Ms. Layla has succeed in creating and sustaining an international buzz surrounding OnePure including interviews with L’Official, Marie Claire, Dubai Hot 100, BBC, Al-Jazeera, GeoTV, AFP, Gulf Economist,The National, Khaleej Times to name a few. Ms. Mandi has participated in a number of World Halal events – speaking on branding and marketing to the Muslim consumer and on the global opportunities in the halal personal care sector at Beauty World Middle East, the World Halal Forum in Malaysia,The Halal expo in Moscow, the Global Halal Congress in Pakistan and the Global Islamic Branding Marketing Forum at the Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, England. biographies SPEAK
  29. 29. 28 Manny Palomo Strategic Marketing Communications Director, Best Buy Manny has a diverse background in advertising and marketing that spans almost 25 years. He is currently the Strategic Marketing and Communications Director for Latino Initiatives for Best Buy, Co. Inc. His responsibilities include the creation and execution of relevant and in-culture strategies and campaigns for the largest and fastest growing segment in the US. Consumer and field insights combined with innovative and results based strategies are what fuels the connection to this important segment. Best Buy recently completed their biggest and most comprehensive World Cup campaign targeting Latinos that was a result of Palomo’s small but nimble team, and their agency and vendor partners. Manny’s started his professional career working as a copywriter for men’s fashions for one of the biggest retailers in the US—Sears, Roebuck and co in the mid eighties. He joined Ambrosi Black Dot as Creative Director in 1991, and then to Best Buy as Group Creative Director in 1995. Manny has been involved in creating consumer connections in practically every channel from direct marketing, visual merchandising, insert and FSI’s,TV, radio and online with a focus on promotional advertising. In 2008 he made a career shift into marketing so he could be further upstream in the strategic process where the big thinking starts. Manny graduated from BGSU with a BFA in Writing and Graphic Design. He is on the Retail Advertising Marketing Association board. Maria Ebrahimji Director Executive Editorial Producer, CNN Worldwide Maria Ebrahimji is the Director and Executive Editorial Producer for Network Booking at CNN Worldwide. In this position, she leads a team of editorial producers in guest coverage, newsgathering, and story planning for CNN’s special events, breaking news, and multi-platform programming. She is based at CNN’s global headquarters in Atlanta. Ebrahimji has been an editorial producer for CNN International, where she worked on high-profile programs such as “Your World Today”, “QA”, “Diplomatic License”, and “Inside Africa.” She is the former lead editorial producer for CNN U.S. weekend programming, where she produced elements, researched, and wrote for guest segments on current and feature domestic news stories In her twelve years at CNN, she has been an integral part of CNN’s award-winning programming. Her work on CNN Connects: The New South Africa garnered a 2007 NABJ Award of Excellence in the Television-Public Affairs Program. She is also the recipient of a 2006 Myers Media Innovation and Creativity Award for CNN’s Inspire Summit, a George Foster Peabody Award for CNN’s coverage of Hurricane Katrina, and an Alfred Dupont-Columbia Award for CNN’s coverage of the Asian Tsunami. At CNN, Ebrahimji serves as Vice Chair of the CNN Diversity Council and on the Turner Broadcasting Corporate Responsibility Council and Green Task Force.
  30. 30. 29 Moose Scheib CEO, Mr. Scheib is a business consultant specializing in loss mitigation, private placements, homeowner retention, and neighborhood stabilization. While serving as LoanMod. com’s Chairman CEO, he co-founded Aleph Advisors, a boutique advisory firm focused on helping U.S. companies do business overseas. Prior to founding, Mr. Scheib practiced corporate law at the international law firm of Proskauer Rose in New York City, clerked in the New York State Supreme Court, and interned at the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Eastern District of New York. He has been interviewed on Fox Business News with Neil Cavuto and featured in various publications including - Forbes Magazine, Crain’s Detroit Business, (U.S. State Department Publication), the Detroit Free Press, and The Washington Post. Mr. Scheib received his bachelors in Economics and Management from Albion College where he played football and was a team captain for four years. He received his Juris Doctorate from Columbia Law School where he was a staff member of the Columbia Business Law Review. Mr. Scheib’s notable contribution to various articles and publications include: The Essential Role of Securities Regulation (Duke Law Journal, February 2006). He is the recipient of the 2004 Raymond Jallow Award for Public Service, the Arabian Business Magazine 30 Under 30 for 2010, the 2010 Entrepreneur of the Year Award from the American Arab Chamber of Commerce, and is a member of the Connecticut Bar. He is a member of the Institute of Food Technologists and an expert consultant to the World Organization for Animal Health. A delegate for the UN International Trade Center and the American Spice Trade Association, he has conducted food safety workshops internationally. He has his Ph.D. from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana in Food Science. Jane Carten Director President, Saturna Capital Jane Carten, Director and President, joined Saturna Capital in June 1997. Ms. Carten graduated from Western Washington University with an MBA and undergraduate degree in Computer Science and Business. As President, Jane oversees Saturna’s daily operations and directs Saturna’s internal and external information systems, managing the technology and marketing activities. She also directs Saturna’s continuing education program and the philanthropic efforts of the firm. Ms. Carten is active in the Bellingham Bay Rotary and is a current board memeber of the Mount Baker Theatre; she is a former member of the Whatcom Museum Children’s Advisory Board. She is a founder and former director of the nonprofit OpenAccess Internet Services and is a Bellingham Sister Cities member and contributor. She enjoys her family, snow- boarding, and wildlife, as well as international travel and fine and theatre arts. SPEAKERS BIOGRAPHIES
  31. 31. 30 Susan Labadi Editor in Chief, HalalConnect Magazine, American Halal Association Susan Labadi is Editor in Chief of HalalConnect Magazine and American Halal Association Project Coordinator. She is a member of the ISNA Education Forum Planning Committee, an Illinois registered Professional Development Provider through her company Genius School, Inc., and serves on Accreditation committees for AdvancEd. Prior to her work with AHA and in Education, she started Actionnet Trade, Inc., an export trade company, and built skills in customer service and sales for Xerox, USA Today, MCI, and ADT Security Systems. Through AHA, she is creating consumer awareness and connecting players in the Halal industries in order to unify Standards and to promote regulation of the term “Halal” to provide professionalism, integrity, and excellence. Tariq Farid Founder CEO, Edible Arragements International, Inc. Tariq Farid is founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of Edible Arrangements International, Inc. (“EAI”), the industry leader in providing high quality, artistically designed fresh fruit arrangements.Tariq is responsible for setting the company’s strategic direction and for the licensing of new franchises across the United States and internationally.Tariq launched the first Edible Arrangements® store in 1999 in East Haven, Connecticut. He was inspired by the convergence of three trends: Americans’ growing consumption of fresh fruit, the robust growth in the specialty food market and the increasing amount of money Americans were spending on gifts. Edible Arrangements® was named one of America’s fastest-growing privately held businesses in America by Inc. Magazine and has been ranked first in its category by Entrepreneur Magazine’s Annual “Franchise 500” Ranking for the past seven consecutive years. In 2011 Edible Arrangements was ranked 9th on ‘Top Franchises for the Money” listing.Tariq has several patents for proprietary fruit-cutting and preparation equipment and proprietary software that he designed. In February of 2009,Tariq was named “Entrepreneur of the Year” for 2008 by the International Franchise Association, whose members include more than 1,300 franchise systems, 11,000 franchisees and 500 suppliers.This award is presented to an individual who is building a successful business venture, demonstrates innovative management skills and is active in the community. In June 2009,Tariq was awarded the Ernst Young Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2009 Award in the Retail and Consumer Products category in Metro New York.This award recognizes entrepreneurs who are building and leading dynamic, growing businesses and who demonstrate exceptional innovation, financial performance and personal commitment to their businesses and communities. BIOGRAPHIES
  32. 32. 31 Nazia Hussain Du Bois Director of Cultural Strategy, Ogilvy Mather Worldwide Nazia joined Ogilvy Mather to set up the company’s offer in Cultural Strategy in 2008. Since then, she has co-founded Ogilvy Noor, Ogilvy’s innovative Muslim marketing practice. Prior to joining Ogilvy Mather in London, she had worked in Dhaka, Dubai, Istanbul, Moscow and Shanghai. Cultural Strategy at Ogilvy is a specialist consulting practice that uses cultural anthropology to uncover the deeper cultural contexts behind consumer choices in order to develop more resonant global communications for brands. Nazia’s focus is on unpacking the cultural contexts that inform peoples’ behaviour as consumers the world over. Being of Muslim roots with a childhood spanning Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh, in 2010 Nazia found herself perfectly poised to set up Ogilvy Noor, a practice that helps brands effectively engage with young Muslim consumers globally. Her clients have included the Coca-Cola Company, Unilever, Nestlé, British Airways, Diageo, Reckitt Benckiser and the Pentland Group. In 2010, She is lead author of the award-winning Ogilvy Noor study ‘Brands, Islam and the New Muslim Consumer’ (2010). Nazia graduated from Oxford with a First in English. Her passion for China then led her to an MPhil in Chinese Art, Literature and Cultural Anthropology, during which time she lived in Beijing and became fluent in Mandarin. In 2011, she learned Portuguese to spend six weeks living in the favelas of northeastern Brazil, developing communications for the grassroots education sector. Nazia uses her interest in people and cultures to inform all aspects of her work as a cultural planner in the marketing and communications industry. She is a regular speaker at conferences worldwide. Rafi-uddin Shikoh CEO Managing Director, DinarStandard™ Rafi-uddin Shikoh is leading the development of DinarStandard™, a marketing services, research, and business media firm specializing in the Emerging Muslim markets. Since 2008, Rafi-uddin has been advising startups and multinationals on market expansion analysis, investment planning, and marketing campaign execution in the Halal, Muslim Lifestyle, and Islamic Finance markets. As an expert on Muslim emerging markets, Rafi-uddin has presented at prestigious industry conferences at Oxford, Harvard, IIUM Malaysia and others. He has been interviewed at The Economist, Forbes,, BrandChannel, Arab News (Saudi Arabia), Khaleej Times, Sabah (Turkey), LA Times, Star (Malaysia), and Geo TV (Pakistan). Prior to DinarStandard, Rafi-uddin had been a Vice President with Marsh Inc, a global risk-brokerage firm, where he led and successfully delivered multi-million dollar knowledge management and marketing technology related initiatives. He had previously served as a Senior e-Business Consultant at a Boston based firm. In addition, he has also served as a Marketing Director for a communications training and sports media consulting company.
  33. 33. 32 Sarab Al-Jijakli Account Director, Ogilvy Mather Sarab is a seasoned marketing professional with over a decade of experience solving business challenges on behalf of numerous Fortune 500 clients. He joined Ogilvy Mather in 2010 as an Account Director, managing an integrated Global Advertising Technology Account. Prior to joining Ogilvy, he worked at Digitas leading several Relationship Marketing and Digital accounts. In the fall of 2010, Sarab joined the Ogilvy Noor team (the world’s first bespoke Islamic Branding practice, offering expert practical advice on how to build brands that appeal to Muslim consumers, globally) and helped lead the public launch of the practice in North America. In addition, Sarab recently founded Ogilvy Doonya, an internal professional network where employees can further understand Islamic values, customs, and interests. Sarab is also an active leader in the Network of Arab-American Professionals (NAAP), co-founding the NY chapter and sits on the national board. He is a key driver in strategic community development and capacity building efforts across the national NAAP network. Aijaz Hussain Vice President National Sales, University Islamic Financial Aijaz Hussain has worked in the field of Investments and Islamic Banking for the last 15 years. For seven years Aijaz worked with UBS and Salomon Smith Barney (unit of Citigroup) in the area of Investment management. Areas of specialty included Islamic Investments, Hedge funds and Managed accounts. As part of the Private Client Group he consulted high net worth clients in the areas of investment management, hedging strategies, charitable trusts and estate planning. In 2003, Aijaz joined Guidance Residential a startup Islamic Financing company and played a major role in its growth into a $2 Billion dollar company. Aijaz progressed thru the company first as a District manager then all the way to Vice President Sales. At Guidance, Aijaz was part of the Senior Management team responsible for Sales management and overall company strategy. In April 2011, Aijaz joined University Islamic Financial a Michigan based Islamic Banking company in the capacity of Vice President National Sales. As head of Sales his responsibilities include Sales Management as well as improving overall efficiency within the organization. Aijaz has conducted over 200 seminars and written numerous articles on Islamic Financing over the years. TAAMER BIOGRAPHIES
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