1.1 introduction and overview


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1.1 introduction and overview

  1. 1. Muskie “Virtual Commencement” Welcome, Muskie fellows! As you approach the end of your time in the United States – or perhaps you have already even returned home – you may be experiencing many different emotions. You are likely looking forward to returning home to your friends and family, eating national dishes, and returning to favorite places. You may have already found a job, or you may not have even started your job search yet. You may be wondering what direction to take for your next career move, or you may know exactly what your next step will be. You may be worried about the challenges of readjusting to your home country, or you may not be worried at all. No matter how you are feeling about your return home, there will be some information in the Virtual Commencement that will be useful for you. The material in the Virtual Commencement has been developed and refined over the years with substantial input from Muskie fellows and Muskie alumni. Given the wide range of experience among all fellows, it is impossible to prepare materials that will completely meet everyone’s needs. The benefit to the Virtual Commencement program is that you may review and complete only those sections that you feel are relevant to you, or you may complete the entire virtual workshop. There are four main components of the Virtual Commencement—Career Progression, Leadership Styles, Returning Home, and Alumni. Ideally, you would have the time review all four sections, however, you may also review only the sections that you choose, and the material will still make sense and be relevant to you. Total review time for all materials will be an estimated two to four hours, depending on time spent on reflection. You might also consider meeting with other fellows to review the sections and discuss the material, especially the Career and Returning Home sections. To complete the Virtual Commencement, you will need: Internet access, a computer that can play video files, display Microsoft Word files, and that can display Microsoft PowerPoint slides. Materials and sections contained in the Virtual Commencement: 1.1 Introduction and Overview 1.2 Introductory Video 2.1 Career Progression PowerPoint 2.2 Career Progression Handouts 2.3 Career Progression Video 2.4 Networking Video 3.1 Leadership Styles PowerPoint 4.1 Returning Home PowerPoint 4.2 Returning Home Video 5.1 Alumni PowerPoint Instructions: To begin a section, open the PowerPoint that begins that section, or click the link above to go to that section. (Links for PowerPoints, handouts, and videos should open automatically if you are viewing the PowerPoint in SlideShow mode, but all individual files are included here so that you
  2. 2. can access them individually if you encounter technically difficulties). Each PowerPoint will walk you through that particular section, and will note when you should reference handouts or view a video. You are currently reading section 1.1, the Introduction and Overview. We now invite you to watch a short Introductory Video from the IREX DC staff. Click here to view the Introductory Video. After watching the Introductory Video, click here to continue to section 2.1, Career Progression.