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'Our Museums' Initiative - communities and museums as active partners


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Laura Gutierrez, Glasgow Museums

Presentation from the Museums Galleries Scotland 'Fortune Favours the Brave' conference, September 2013.

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'Our Museums' Initiative - communities and museums as active partners

  1. 1. Our Museum: Communities and Museums as Active Partners Laura Gutierrez Glasgow Museums
  2. 2. • Know that this is a safe space What is said in this room, stays in this room • Ensure that airtime is shared • Listen to understand • Share your own unique perspectives • Expect to be surprised • Ask “what’s possible?”, not “what’s wrong?” • Have fun!
  3. 3. What is the Our Museum initiative? It is a about facilitating a process of organisational change within museums and galleries across the UK that are committed to active partnership with their communities. Three year change process funded by Paul Hamlyn Foundation Live Adventurously (1998) Ron Waddams
  4. 4. Working towards four key outcomes • Understanding local need • Community agency • Capacity building • Reflection The Artist’s Studio, Rue Saint-Georges (1876) Auguste Renoir
  5. 5. “How do we change the ways we work together?” “How can we better share our information, knowledge and skills?”
  6. 6. Creating spaces, mechanisms and opportunities for meaningful discussion
  7. 7. Staff Ambassadors’ Programme Community Advisory Panel Artist in Residence
  8. 8. Staff Ambassadors Programme • Learn new information • Gain new knowledge to apply to the workplace • Gain new skills • Achieve a better understanding of colleagues • Gain a new sense of personal accomplishment • Become inspired to test out new ideas and ways of working
  9. 9. “The programme has allowed me to have meaningful conversations with people I wouldn’t ordinarily make contact with and the learning I have gained from this is very helpful for my role within Museums.” “I have learnt the importance of listening to make communication an active, two way process that leads to equality in decision making and problem solving.” “It has been really liberating to work with colleagues who have different learning styles than my own. It has been a good leveller for me and has allowed me to learn how to approach things from different angles.”
  10. 10. Community Advisory Panel The Panel will allow space for regular dialogue, exchange and collaboration between GM staff and representatives of the communities that make up our city. It will provide an opportunity for members to share skills, knowledge and experience in a supported and safe environment.
  11. 11. • To discuss, debate and consider current museum practice and process and how they can better reflect and respond to local need • To provide information and advice based on the knowledge and experience of its members to inform the activities and development of GM • To create a network of support, trust and collaboration between GM staff and communities • To help to reduce real and perceived barriers between the public and museums in general • To help to establish links and partnerships between Glasgow Museums and community based organisations operating within the city
  12. 12. “Our discussions are highlighting not only the different experience but the different ways of thinking that can come together in one room.”
  13. 13. Artist in Residence “It took people out of their comfort zone. It cut through the negativity.” “It allowed staff to think and act differently with each other.”
  14. 14. OVER TO YOU!
  15. 15. THANK YOU Keep in touch! 0141 276 9345