Use of the Smartphone at Dallas Museum of Art - by Gail Davitt


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Use of the Smartphone at Dallas Museum of Art - by Gail Davitt

  1. 1. Use of Smartphone Technology at the Dallas Museum of ArtAdvancing Visitor Engagement in Museums & GalleriesNovember 2, 2011University of Queensland Art MuseumGail Davitt, Chair of Learning Initiatives and Director of Education, Dallas Museum of Art
  2. 2. Context for SmARTphone Tours • Wireless connectivity in all galleries • In-house o Develop and archive content o Create production • Onsite and Online
  3. 3. SmARTphone Tour 2009-2011 Device (iPod, iPhone, Blackberry, Android)• Choices: basis for structure• Not dependent on a single device• Collect and archive multi-use assets: interviews, videos, photographs, visitor response, interactive activities• Cross-divisional staff (Education, IT, Curatorial, Library)
  4. 4. Experiment, Evaluate, Learn, Change2009 Summer Experiment: 13 stops• Toe in the water• Addressed FEA clusters o Brief introduction o Performances o Primary sources o Visitor Responses
  5. 5. Experiment, Evaluate, Learn, Change2010 Focus on specific set of galleries: 20 Stops• Wendy and Emery Reves Collection• Close-ups• Use of archival material• Narrow spaces
  6. 6. Experiment, Evaluate, Learn, Change2010 African Masks exhibition: 20 Stops• Importance of videos• Maps and cultural context• High use of SmARTphone
  7. 7. Experiment, Evaluate, Learn, ChangeEvaluations (learnings and changes)• Visitor Interface and functionality• Time length• Interest in artist/maker• Need for critical mass• Visitor appreciation of choices (or not)• Videos• Positive impact on attitudinal and knowledge changes
  8. 8. Experiment, Evaluate, Learn, Change2011-2012: 150 Stops• Link to institutional initiative• Dropped Permanent Collection Audio Tour• 3 phases – 50 stops each phase• More personal tone• Change in backend• Basic Format o Introduction o Artist/Maker/Culture o Contextual information (photos, videos, artist’s voice, collector’s voice) o Responses
  9. 9. Experiment, Evaluate, Learn, Change Phases 2 and 3 • Conversations • Zoom function • Social media • Family choices • Interactive choices • Spanish translation/incorporation
  10. 10. Current Tour Interface Tech Approach• Mobile optimized website ( and• Accessed in-gallery over wireless (tested for 6-8 concurrent users per single AP)• php• jQueryMobile• Single database, 3 tables: assets, exhibitions, objects• Links to outside hosted audio and video• Device sniffer that redirects to iPhone/iPod optimized interface if needed• No CMS (Content Management System) so updates made by IT staff• November 2011: launching a refreshed look and feel and new CMS integrated with Oracle UCM and Oracle SiteStudio.• 2012: begin testing the IMA’s tourML.
  11. 11. Issues• Funding• Involving outside perspectives• Marketing: need for critical mass• Staffing o Time o Differing perspectives on “quality” o Commitment to excellence and collaborationJessica HeimbergSenior