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The World of Religion through the Children's Eyes


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Presentation of the Museum Long-lasting Taught Program "The World of Religion through the Children's Eyes". The program includes 5 projects and children's artwork contest, decriptions, results and number of participants.

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The World of Religion through the Children's Eyes

  1. 1. The Long-lasting Program“The World of Religion throughthe Children’s Eyes” Under the program 5 projects, including contests and artworks exhibitions have been held since 2008. The program is specially focused on the children aged 5 – 15 years.
  2. 2. In 2008 the first exhibitionwas entitled“The World of Family andReligion”.
  3. 3. “The Family’s Day at the Museum of the History ofReligion”13 May 2008 On the program : •The Open ceremony of the Children’s Art Exhibition “The World of Family and Religion” Participants: -The Children Art School “Alexandrino”. -The Children Art School № 2. -K.K. Grot Board School for Children with visual impairments . -The Charitable Foundation “Kedr”. -“The Cultural Centre “Danko”. •The “Looking Glass” Childrens Musical Theatre.
  4. 4. The Project“The Very Beginning – The World Tree”October 2008 – March 2009 Number of the contest’s participants: more than 600 people
  5. 5. The world tree represents thecomprehensive concept of the world, theworld model, where each being, thingand event has their own place. It’s a kindof bridge or stair to the other world, theworld of gods. It unites three spheres –underworld (with evil monsters andspirits), the world (with people andanimals) and heavens (with birds, gooddeities and spirits). Various World Trees are recountedin various cultures: in Egyptian (Sacred Sycamore),Norse (sacred ash Yggdrasil), Slavic,Indian, Chinese (tree with the goldencocks), Buddhist (the Bodhi tree), Jewish(the Tree of the knowledge of good andevil in the Garden of Edem), Christian(the Tree of life) cultures and in folkloreas well.
  6. 6. Use these interactive opportunities designed to helpparticipants: Museum Taught Session “When the Trees Were Tall”• Theory part designed to help children explore the differences inreligions; discover the myths and legends about trees in variouscultures.• Applied part highlighted the exhibits of the museum collection. The first visiting classes for the students of the Artschools and board schools.
  7. 7. Use these interactive opportunities designed to help participants: Resource books focused on various target groups based on the special nature of children perception• The resource book “When the Trees Were Tall” (age 8 – 15) encouragedstudents to make links in descriptions of the World Tree in the myths andlegends of various peoples.• “The Fairy Tale of Prince Zakhar and the Sky-high Tree” (age 5 – 8)Make a fairy journey together with the famous characters by AlexanderPushkin and Korney Chukovsky, guess riddles and learn more researchfacts.
  8. 8. Number of the contest’s participants: more than 1 100 people, number of artworks – 420. 96 organizations of Saint- Petersburg, the Leningrad region and other regions of the Russian Federation.The Children Artworks’ Contest and TemporaryExhibition “What Is Life? It’s Water!”October 2009 – March 2010
  9. 9. Guided tours and programs designed to explore the role of waters in the mankind’s history and its perception in various religions.The exhibition included four divisions:“Holy Water”,“Water in Tales, Myths and Legends”,“Water in the Bible Scenes”,“Underwater Kingdom”
  10. 10. Contest Jury
  11. 11. The Awarding Ceremony of the Winners and Opening Ceremony ofthe Exhibition “What Is Life? It’s Water!”
  12. 12. The exhibition interactive guided tourfor the individuals“Sadko – the Risky Tour”
  13. 13. Number of the contest’s participants: more than 1 500 people from various regions and cities of the Russian Federation (Novy Urengoy, Kazan, Dzerzhinsk, Stary Oskol, Kaliningrad, Komsomolsk-na-Amure and etc.).In 2010–2011the National ChildrenArtworks’ Contest and TemporaryExhibition “If There Is a Life in theSky” were held.October 2010 – March 2011
  14. 14. Six categories:•“The Celestials”,•“Angels above a City”,•“Cosmos”,•“Bible Scenes”,•“Sky Romance”,•“Myths, Legends and Fairy Tales”.The Family Category“Fathers and Sons” was firstly emphasized..
  15. 15. Contest Jury
  16. 16. The Awarding Ceremony of the Winners andOpening Ceremony of the Temporary Exhibition“If There Is a Life in the Sky?” Museum Interactive session “The Beautiful Far Away”
  17. 17. The Virtual Contest gallery was firstly placed on theMuseum web site
  18. 18. The Fourth National ChildrenArtworks’ Contest andTemporary Exhibition“An Eagle, an Ox and a Lion”October 2011 – March 2012 Total Participants – more than 1 800 people. Participants from another regions of the Russian Federation – more than 500 people. Organizations – 241. More than 500 artworks of the creative teams of Saint-Petersburg, the Leningrad region and other regions of the Russian Federation.
  19. 19. The Contest investigated the imagesof animals in various cultures’ religiousbeliefs, mythology and folklore.
  20. 20. Use these interactive opportunities designed to help participants:• Methodical plan of the guided tour “An Eagle, an Ox and a Lion” (for childrenaged 7 – 12 years).• Museum game for children and parents “To Defeat the Dragon” (for childrenaged 7-12 years).• Free paper and digital resources designed to help kids and parents in self-directed learning the contest’s theme out of the Museum exhibition (for childrenaged 10-15 years).
  21. 21. In 2012 the contest became the interregional project.Pereslavl-Zalesky State Historical, Architectural and Art Open-AirMuseum got involved in it.
  22. 22. In 2012 on-line voting was firstly held on the Museum web-site.About 2 000 web-site visitors (children, teens, students, adults)voted for the best artworks on the virtual gallery “An Eagle, an Oxand a Lion”.
  23. 23. The Firth National ChildrenArtworks’ Contest and TemporaryExhibition “The Hosts of Heaven andEarth” October 2012 – October 2013.
  24. 24. Project Participants:• The State Museum of the History of Religion• The Kizhi State Open-Air Museum• The National Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan• Pereslavl-Zalesky State Historical, Architectual and Art Open-Air Museum• The Russian and Finnish Project “Kalevala 21”
  25. 25. The Contest “The Hosts of Heaven and Earth” is concerned with 1150 years of the Russian Statehood The artworks exploring the images of guardians,patrons or protectors of a particular family, house or a person, patrons of the Motherland (cities, regions, local cultures etc.) are welcome to the contest.
  26. 26. Categories– The Host of Heaven (patrons and guardians of the Motherland, peoples, regions, cities and etc.: saints, legends and myths heroes).– The Host of Earth (historical characters – patrons and protectors of the Motherland).– Fictitious Character (characters of the world fiction, myths and legends).– My Hero (guardians, patrons or protectors of a particular family, house or a person, heroes of the family legends etc.).
  27. 27. Steps of the partners’ cooperation work. Project “The Hosts of Heaven and Earth” 2012-20133-5 October 2012 The first meeting of the parties and workshop.18 November 2012 “The Children’s Day at the Museum” focused on the International Tolerance Day (thematic children workshops designed according to the local material by the projects’ parties).15 October 2012 The Children Artworks’ Contest “The Hosts of Heaven and-20 January 2013 Earth”. Museum sessions, workshops, contest’s artworks.January - February2012 Call for Contest’s artworks.Spring – Autumn 2013 Temporary exhibitions in Saint-Petersburg, Petrozavodsk, Kazan, Pereslavl-Zalesky, Finland.