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Rijksmuseum App


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Finalist in the Museum-Wide Guide or Program Category of the 2018 MW GLAMi Awards

Published in: Technology
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Rijksmuseum App

  1. 1. New Rijksmuseum App
  2. 2. Main features of the app: Rijksstudio, tours, and tickets.
  3. 3. The new app Discover more with the new responsive Rijks app 1. In the museum • Explore on your own the 10 areas of the museum with all the 350 stops or take one of the 5 guided tours • Automatic taylor made wayfinding with 300 ibeacons shows you where you are and en guides you through the whole museum 2. On the go • Enjoy the complete digitized collection (350.000 objects and 400.000 Rijksstudio’s) 3. E-tickets
  4. 4. Rijkstudio in the train
  5. 5. Multimediatours in the museum
  6. 6. Tailor made wayfinding: using the four stairwells as intersections, the app will always guide you to the next area in no more than three steps
  7. 7. Switch to ‘all works in this gallery”
  8. 8. First 2 months since launch 25 January • 2583 sessions per day: iOs 49 %, Android, 34 %, rental device 17 % - 83 % own devices • Duration: iOs 36 minutes, Android 34 minutes, rental device 192 minutes • 2807 tours started per day in the museum: iOs 1196, Android 622, rental device 989 – 65 % own devices • 4 Award nominations (SpinAward, Dutch Interactive Award, European Design Award, GLAMi, prestigious museums and internet conference)
  9. 9. USP’s The new... … ‘Rijks in your pocket’ • Enjoy the complete Rijksmuseum collection everywhere: in the museum with tours and on the go with Rijksstudio • Swipe through the app and browse the museum in one simple mobile first user interface • Google and Apple photos style art app experience: extreme focus on enjoying the art, seamlessly swipe and zoom! • Find your way in the museum: tailor made automatic wayfinding system
  10. 10. The museum of the Netherlands