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MW19: Simple Tangible Interaction


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An Illumination of Trajan’s Weapons Frieze and
Open-source Models For Exhibition Development and Hands-on Storytelling. Todd Berreth, Maurizio Forte, Nevio Danelon and Connor Shipway

Published in: Design
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MW19: Simple Tangible Interaction

  1. 1. MW19 Simple Tangible Interaction An Illumination of Trajan’s Weapons Frieze and Open-source Models For Exhibition Development and Hands-on Storytelling Todd Berreth, Assistant Professor of Art + Design Chancellor’s Visual Narrative Cluster North Carolina State University
  2. 2. collaborators: Prof. Maurizio Forte (co-PI) (Duke) Nevio Danelon (post-doc) (Duke) Connor Shipway (research assistant)(NCSU)
  3. 3. Prof. Maurizio Forte - Dig@Lab Dig@Lab (Maurizio Forte), Duke University
  4. 4. TITA (Tangible Interactive Table for Archaeology) (2015-2016)
  5. 5. CHESS: Cultural Heritage Experiences through Socio-personal Interactions & Storytelling (2011 – 2014)
  6. 6. Muntean, R. et al. Belongings: Tangible Interactions with Intangible Heritage. Electronic Visualisation and the Arts (EVA 2015) (2015) Chu, J.H. el al, Mapping Place: Supporting Cultural Learning through a Lukasa-inspired Tangible Tabletop Museum Exhibit. Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Tangible, Embedded, and Embodied Interaction (2015)
  7. 7. The hands-on experience is very important, for having tangible feedback from objects and to generate a visual narrative, by touching and combining physical/virtual interaction simultaneously, to customize the visit according to the experience and empathy generated by the unique artifacts.
  8. 8. In the more social environment of a museum, users may be disinclined to isolate themselves with a head- mounted display, or spend time learning the interaction vocabulary of a game controller, stylus and the like.
  9. 9. In collaborative virtual environments (CVEs), where multiple coexistent users experience a space together, there has been some difficulty developing easy-to-use and intuitive mechanisms for navigating through a virtual world, and interacting with its objects.
  10. 10. Reactable / Reactivision (2005) Bencina, R., Kaltenbrunner, M. and Jordà, et al
  11. 11. tangible object tracking hardware custom “one-off” museum projects commercial hardware Ideum Reactable camera-basedmarker tracking system with projected image capacitive marker tracking system over LCD display
  12. 12. Ideum – Tangible Engine SDK
  13. 13. existing commercial hardware technologies – - too expensive for university research labs and many museums ($6000+) - often uses proprietary software development kits - usually not open-source – cannot modify, hybridize or improve as needed table-based tangible object tracking hardware
  14. 14. inexpensive fabrication mini – gaming pc short throw projector acrylic surfaces for projection and touch infrared tracking camera infrared lamps misc electronics (fans, power supply, LEDs, wiring) front-surface mirror lumber, raw materials, hardware $ USD +/- 700 700 150 100 100 100 30 400 $2000-2500 +/-
  15. 15. parts exported from FreeCAD into Sketchup for assembly testing base table configuration (simple tray, no equipment saddlebag) (750mm x 500mm x 850mm table specified)
  16. 16. editable design file in open-source parametric modeling software (FreeCAD) set parameters of table (size desired, etc.) and equipment/hardware specified in spreadsheet, and parts adjust automatically
  17. 17. fabrication and assembly process
  18. 18. fabrication and assembly process
  19. 19. games-based learning
  20. 20. consumer lcd tv and tracking frame (PQ Labs)(60 touch pts) + inexpensive and easy to build + more stable/robust - limited number of tracked objects - no freely accessible object tracking software
  21. 21. TITA TRAJAN Museum of the Imperial Forum, Rome (2017-2018)
  22. 22. alternate modalities for Trajan Exhibition (Trajan Puzzle Project) Dig@Lab (Maurizio Forte), Duke University
  23. 23. conceptual sketches by Julia Lui
  24. 24. A Tangible Illumination of Trajan’s Weapons Frieze for commemorative event marking the 1900th anniversary of Emperor Trajan’s death
  25. 25. installation in exedra cove (Museum of the Imperial Forum/Trajan Market, Rome, Italy) no climate control minimal security
  26. 26. SIMPLE TANGIBLE INTERFACE (2018) “Hello, world!”
  27. 27. user target: • no electronics knowledge • no coding knowledge • proficient computer skills • proficient with some maker technologies (3d printer/lasercutter) fabrication requirements: • all construction materials sourced from local store (Home Depot/Lowes) • electronics via online store (Amazon) • no soldering • simple hand tools and glue • access to computer (PC/MAC/Linux) and display (hdmi)
  28. 28. multi-id piece conductive material
  29. 29.
  31. 31. project finished Dec 2018 Ideum, community partners, NSF funded (2010)
  32. 32. George Oates, Good, Form and Spectacle