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Women and sucess in Entrepreneurship murtuza b 15.11.15F


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Women and sucess in Entrepreneurship murtuza b 15.11.15F

  1. 1. “Investing in women is not only the right thing to do but also the smart thing to do.” (Hillary Clinton from Female entrepreneurs today make up 1/3 of all the entrepreneurs on our planet. Women in the early 20th century took up ventures primarily to supplement their income for their family out of need. Today since, 2000 there has been an increase in small and big businesses by women. Most women enter the ropes in their 40’s to 60’s. They are highly skilled from their old jobs. They are highly qualified sometimes having more advanced degrees than male counterparts. The number of self-employed women rose to 33 % of the population globally. In 2012 a study found the number of global women heading businesses at 126 million. Some successes are Coco Chanel a child learned seamstress, Estée Lauder skincare and make-up specialist or media mogul Oprah. The doors to entrepreneurship for women are opening up with great help from: The Women’s World Banking, Grameen and Accion and partners Coca-Cola with a $100 million budget are promoting microfinance for women. Goldman Sachs’s too has a program called 10,000 Women where it promotes management education for women to promote business leadership through scholarship. The recipients are known to pay back by mentoring other deserving women thus; being an engine for women entrepreneurship. Other bodies which can help are: Mompreneurs, advisors of family business setups for women. HerCorner, group brings business collaboration for women. SBA, and loads of information on women and entrepreneurship.
  2. 2. Women as entrepreneurs greatly benefit society in many ways. They will help the society to be balanced and function better some benefits are listed. The benefits: 1) Women can create jobs for themselves and others in society. 2) They can bring about new solutions and management norms of businesses. 3) They can help solve world and business problems. 4) Alleviation of poverty, contribute to family and society. 5) Help grow cultural, financial and well-being of other women. Women will face many obstacles in today’s male run society. They may make it very difficult to start and run a business. Some of the obstacles one may face should be known. The obstacles: 1) Women have to overcome the intense male stereotype and gender biases in society to start their venture. 2) They have to sacrifice part of their family, which they are good at making. 3) They have to secure finances to grow their business which is scanty due to female inequality to property and inheritance from family. Women must be given more access to finances. 4) Inequality in resources for women in education, loans, property and business roles – a part of our modern society’s biases and unfortunate norms. Women must overcome these hurdles to be successful. 5) Biases at work where the employees find it difficult to get ordered by women at the helm and do not work properly in small firms where women run the show. the employees have the mentality that women cannot run a business and need to be with family and children, a biases human nature.
  3. 3. Entrepreneurship may be risky but giving birth is also a risk and women have an innate sense of being an entrepreneur. Women may have a variety of reasons and plans to start their business. Some tips on being a women and a successful entrepreneur. Some Tips: 1) Make a very good business plan and go for your passion all-out. 2) Take charge of your family life and business aspirations and find a balance. 3) Be a good multi-tasker 4) Take the initiative and fulfill your dreams. Do not wait for others to come by and help you. 5) Benchmark yourself with other women. The best in the business strive to be like them. 6) Learn from other success stories of women and improve upon what they have achieved. 7) Identify your weaknesses and strengths. Play your strengths and cut off the risk from your weaknesses. 8) If you cannot start your own, join a start-up and add to its success. You will learn and excel from this venture. Entrepreneurship for women should not be a task, chore or side business, it should be a new passion. Women can be liberated. It will narrow gender biases; gaps increase global income in 2030 by 20%. Women should pursue their dreams. It will inspire new leaders, new thinking, solve world problems. Women reinvest 90% of their incomes in the family. It will make are families more successful, with women at the helm balancing work and family respectfully. It is an investment in your – our future! We need women entrepreneurs to flourish.