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5.BBQ food plan


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Published in: Education
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5.BBQ food plan

  2. 2. BRAND NAMES BEEFEATER MANIAS This brand name is an average name because it suggests that our bbq s our able to cook luxurious and succulent pieces of meat. TOXICANTS This brand name I think is really great because it suggests that my meat is juicy. Smokin bbqs good product name finger foods- matches product idea of bbq
  3. 3. Fonts I like this one the best because it’s like a metal finish with a green glow to it and a sleek italic filling. I hate this one because it doesn’t look toxicated and I don’t like it.. I don’t like this one because it’s not a standed out from the background. I don’t like this one because it’s too simply and boring.
  4. 4. LOGOS This logo is kind of ordinary and boring Its cool how you got food as an object. I like this logo since it’s printed a pig from a burnt finger. I like this logo since it’s pulling you towards the ground to buy it. The best one is a picture from a burnt finger because its like you got the hang of using that bbq.
  5. 5. SLOGANS “ Get down and smokin” I thought this slogan was not really convincing to the target audience I think I can rotate this around to my liking of a persuasive slogan. “ Cook like a pro but not a con” I’m rejecting this slogan because it is boring and a bit rubbish also not persuasive for the target audience to buy it. “ You can’t beat our meat” This slogan is persuasive I think because this is suggesting that our meat tastes the best once you cooked it and it persuades the target audience to buy my bbqs. “ Its affective and addictive- it’s toxicated” I think this slogan is quite good because people won’t be able to get enough of our meat from my bbq. The best slogan that I like is “its affective and addictive it’s toxicated” Because when people eat our meat they can’t stop and get toxicated by the taste that’s when I thought of my brand name.