Knowledge Understanding and the God Paradigm


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Knowledge, Understanding and the god paradigm
The 4th Media

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Knowledge Understanding and the God Paradigm

  1. 1. The 4th Media » Knowledge, Understanding and the God Paradigm: “Arising from th... Page 1 of 7 M4 English Beijing SHOTS 四月网 四月青年社区 博客 Русский язык 百科 ABOUT US Just Another Voice Submit Query Home Opinion Politics Economy Society Environment Culture Video Photos Forum Subscribe: Your email address Submit Query Knowledge, Understanding and the God Paradigm: “Arising from the Experience of News Feed Comments Feed All Things, Natural and Spiritual, as a Top stories Meaningful Unity” 1 Republican Presidential Candidate Romney Promises Blind Allegiance to Israel Post Categories: Opinion > MurrayHunter Prof. Murray Hunter | Saturday July28, 2012, 10:22 Beijing , 2 The Criminal Injustice System: The Lucrative Prison- Print 5 Industrial Complex 3 Mexican Official: CIA ‘Manages’ Drug Trade: The The existenc or non-existenc of God has bec e e ome an exerc ise Widespread View Linking the CIA to Drug Trade in semantic On one side we have the theologians espousing s. 4 “American Lives Are Not More Important Than Other “God” as the designer/c reator of the universe and on the other People’s Lives”: “Every Person’s Life Should Be side people like Ric hard Dawkins who c laim that “God” is a Equal.” delusional belief of humankind[1]. Stephen Hawking and Leonard 5 Who is fighting in Syria? Journalists Lie Than Admit Mlodinow c laim a “God” was not nec essaryin the c reation of the That They’ve Been Manipulated universe[2]. Dawkins et. al. have been arguing over premodal c epts of God in the paradigm we know without venturing into onc 6 Libyan Resistance Burns Down Two working on the c reation of new arc hetypes, whic c h ould have Banks in Free Baghdadi Campaign widened our narrow perspec tives. 7 The UK Training Syrian “Rebels” In Iraq Thinking as a spec is limited bythe paradigms we c ies urrently 8 US-made “State-Sponsored Terrorism” against DPRK, understand. Over the ages eac ch ulture interpreted God in their Syria, Iran, China and Elsewhere around the World way and all religions emerged as different doors to the same , Continues room – metaphoric allyspeaking of course. The c ept of God is apparent in all major c onc ultures and is how civilizations made sense of incomprehensible phenomenon[3]. 9 The CIA Wants to Spy on You Through Your TV: Agency Director Says It Will “Transform” Surveillance Over the c enturies humanityhas worshipped the earth, heavens, and utilized projec tion, 10 US Military Use of Privateers Circumvents Geneva introjec tion, idealization, sublimation, and denial to deal with fear and hate, and as a wayto explain Convention: Institutionalization of Neo-Fascism what c annot be c omprehended. The belief in God has also play a major role in shaping soc ’s ed iety c ollective identity Manypeople believe in God in the hope of some form of immortality [4]. [5]. Video +MORE To a great extent religious rituals have become the meaning, rather than being sy mbolicof meaning. The power of the esotericis that it stirs up the irrationalityin ourselves. Organized religion has not appeared to deepen our belief in God and adherenc to ethic The c ept of God has e s. onc been hijacked and wrapped up within religion as a means of oppression bythose who want to divide and rule soc . It has inc iety reased our tribal biases, made us judgmental of others, and been the basis of the persec ution of many . Thinking about God and c reation maybe something like a fish looking outside of a curved fishbowl and try to make sense of things. Being “inside the reality” we exist within makes it diffic to ing ult apprec iate new meaning from the single perspective we have from our position of residenc within e the cosmos. The problem in understanding God is that we think within our soc frames, whic limit ial h our understanding. Perhaps we have been asking the wrong question; what is God? May a be US position on Syria directly endorses better question would be; how is God? terrorism – Lavrov VIDEO: Scattered gun fights sound ‘Battle for From the author’s point of view, one must tryto avoid in taking on the esotericas fac or believing t Damascus’ in anything based on c ulture or tradition as knowledge unless it c be proved now or at a later an Severe Weather – Global Warming Climate Change time. For the author, this is the essenc of the searc for meaning. Therefore the subsequent e h is Here c omments in this essayshould be seen a view in thought development as what a potential realityof how God c ould be among a vista of realities. VIDEO: Lavrov-Clinton talks: ‘Very good chance’ of progress on Syria in Geneva Consequently It is not a fixed view, but thinking in progress, whic will bec , h ome outdated as new US could put Assange to death if it gets him – knowledge emerges. What I have to sayis mere possibilityrather than fac t. former senior NSA official Perhaps the greatest my steryis understanding the medium or environment we exist within. We are VIDEO: Aftermath in Krymsk: Hope among the reallynot muc different than a fish in a fishbowl. How we see the environment around us h ruins influenc what we believe. This is true both soc es iallyand scientific . As we adopt new frames or ally VIDEO: In search of peace: Annan arrives in Iran paradigms our views of the environment c hange. from Damascus For example, we onc treated some ty e pes of psy hosis with lobotomies, now we c treat those c an same disorders through drugs and therapy Onc we saw the universe revolving around the earth, . e Photos +MORE then the earth and planets revolving around the sun in a sy hronized Newtonian order, and now nc we see the solar system as a dy namicenvironment. The truth c hanges as we acquire more knowledge. This has oc urred in all domains, fields and disc c iplines, exc for the theologyof God. ept 8/17/2012
  2. 2. The 4th Media » Knowledge, Understanding and the God Paradigm: “Arising from th... Page 2 of 7 Present monotheisticreligions take an ego-c entricview of humanity The human spec is at the . ies centre of the environment if we take the sc riptures literally This plac the earth at the c . es entre of the universe and humanityas its master, bloc king our abilityto view the environment for what is. Many have been persec uted for thinking differentlyto ac epted soc c iallyc onstruc explanations of the ted unknown. The Torture Inc.: America’s Brutal, Inhumane, Anti- ”Human Rights” Prisons Manytheories exist about the grand order of things, from c osmicc onsc iousness to the evolving hypotheses of quantum mec hanic Cosmicc s. onsc iousness, M-theory and the multiverse still have , esotericappearanc and c es onnotations. However, we onlyneed to look at the environment to see Most Popular a structure created out of relatedness[6] with an almost infinite number of phenomena oc urring c 1 Putins Geopolitical Chess Game With Washington simultaneouslyin the personal, soc phy al, and galac domains; in what c ial, sic tic ould be postulated In Syria And The Eurasia a grand self organizing system. 2 Israel Declared War on Iran: The Burgas Bombing This grand order from the smallest partic to the c le osmos itself c be linked through one heuristic an Another Israeli False Flag???!!! that c be found within the anc an ient Pali texts. This heuristicknown as paticcasamuppāda or 3 The Globalist Elite (US=Israel) March Toward dependent origination c be summed up in four simple phrases that explain all phenomena and an World Governance By Way of Elimination of All reality; Sovereign Nations When there is this, that is 4 al-Qaedas American Branch: Syria 2012 Name of the Game: Western Colonialism With the arising of this, that 5 U.S.-China Relations: Some Secret History and My arises Father’s Memories I When this is not, neither is that 6 Planning for the Post-Assad Syria Has Roots in 2008 "Democracy Promotion" Conference under the Tutelage of US With the cessation of this, that ceases[7] 7 The CIA Wants to Spy on You Through Your TV: Agency Director Says It Will "Transform" The general principle of dependent origination c erns the fundamental struc onc ture of nature and Surveillance how the elements within it interrelate. The doc trine of dependent origination looks upon the 8 Who is fighting in Syria? Journalists Lie Than universe as a continuous suc ession of ac c tion, reac tion, and effec within a state of dy t namicflux Admit That Theyve Been Manipulated and transformation. Max Brown postulated that the oc urrenc of entity“A” relies upon the c e oc urrenc of entity“B”, i.e., “B” is the cause of “A”. c e 9 US position on Syria directly endorses terrorism - Lavrov This implies antec edenc where c e auses must precede or at least simultaneouslyexist for something else to exist. These phenomena must be spatiallyc onnec bya c ted hain of immediate 10 German Intelligence Estimates About "90 Terror things in conduit[8]. However this is abandoned bydependent origination where mutual arising with Attacks" Attribute to the "al-Qaeda" Which Is All entities co-depending upon eac other for existenc Dependent origination is not a sequential h e. Over Syria linear process; it is a c c with no beginning and no end. y le Charles Darwin in the last paragraph of The Origin of Species wrote; “It is interesting to contemplate a tangled bank, clothed with many plants of many kinds, with birds singing on the bushes, with various insects flitting about, and with worms crawling through the damp earth, and to reflect that these elaborately constructed forms, so different from each other, and dependent upon each other in so complex a manner, have all been produced by laws acting around us[9]”. This gives us a perspec tive of his sense of wonderment about the c omplexity[10] and interrelationships within the biologic sy al stem of life and evolution that the c ept of dependent onc origination postulates. Thus onlythrough interrelatedness c we see meaning; an Paper without a tree A tree without soil Soil without water Water without clouds Clouds without an atmosphere An atmosphere without oceans. This ac ording to Winnic is also relevant to human relationships, the familyand the outside world c ott [11]; A child and a parent A parent and a partner 8/17/2012
  3. 3. The 4th Media » Knowledge, Understanding and the God Paradigm: “Arising from th... Page 3 of 7 Partners and family Family and friends Friends and humanity Humanity and nature. Every thing in the realms of nature and humanityare dependent upon eac other for existenc h e. Things onlyexist through relatedness[12]. We c onlyexist through relatedness. Nothing c exist an an in isolation as it all depends upon numerous determinants whic are all interrelated. If one doesn’t h exist then the rest c an’t exist. This continuallychanges, therefore entities change must change to adapt. This c be c an learlydemonstrated with a plant where the plant relies upon the soil as a medium, minerals and nutrients to grow, moisture as carrier for the nutrients and a building bloc for c k ellular structures and the sun to enable photosy nthesis for the building to oc ur. c Without anyof these, the plant cannot exist. The determinants that enable a plant to grow do not influenc the plant in anysequential order of time. Theymust exist together, interdependent of e eac other. The plant c h ontributes to maintaining the system through the shedding of leaves and other foliage, whic dec s, adding to the humus and trac minerals in the soil. h ay e In theoryfor any thing to exist in isolation, it must be self-sustaining and stable. However within the laws of nature that is impossible, thus as a c onsequenc every e thing is onlytransient with no intrinsicproperties of its own. All entities are c reated and sustained through interrelationship. There is no beginning or end as the question of what c ame first c annot be answered: “the seed or the plant, or the chicken or the egg?” Figure 1. The dependenc of a plant upon the whole environment to survive[13]. e There is no suc thing as c h hanc Everyevent is a result of the c e. onsequenc of previous events, es cumulating as multiple influenc upon what is. Therefore the notion of c es hanc depends upon e prec onditions. As nothing exists in isolation, everything depends upon pre-determinants that are not sequential or required to arise in anypartic ular order. This is in great c ontrast to the classic paradigm where the universe was deemed to be predic al table like billiard balls rolling upon a table. Quantum behavior is also attuned to human behavior whic is h muc less predic h table and impossible to measure through mathematic where onlyprobabilityc s; an be predic through heuristic ted s. Dependent origination as a universal heuristicwould look something like figure 2. The lines represent and interplayof two c ausal factors, one linear and the other sy hronicthat c nc ontribute to a non-linear pattern. Lines (2) and (4) are linear and connec past events overtime to the present t and ground the future. Lines (1) and (3) are sy hronicand c nc onnec objec and events to the t ts present moment. These two basicprinc iples intersec representing that all events are influenc bythe two sets of t ed c onditions. Structurallythis divides a sy stem into parts, c onnecting the past, present and future together. The past and present c umstanc determine the present whic c irc es h reates c onsequences for the future. However don’t c onfuse time itself as a determinant, as time is itself a ‘manmade’ invention[14]. Time itself does not direc influenc events, onlywhat happens within the tly e framework of time. Figure 2. The dependent origination or “God” heuristic? Everyevent takes plac in a c e ontext determined bythe c ombined influenc of past events and e present c umstanc Everyevent has reperc irc es. ussions in the present with reverberations extending into the future. The strength of the influenc will depend upon the intensityof the event. Sometimes e events reverberate and amplifyan effec and sometimes events maysuppress an event[15]. t However this is not the result of a chain of causes leading to effec strung over time. Anyevent ts maybe affec bya past event and present c umstanc whic maylead to unexpec ted irc es h ted feedbac loops during the c k ausal proc ess[16]. Due to this possibilityof anyevent happening at anytime, the causation or arising process is extremelyfluid and c omplex[17]. The Pali explains the phenomena using the metaphor of water rather than the wheel of samsara, thus metaphors suc as ebb and flow are muc more suitable h h than “sequencity”. If everything existed in linear relationships, everything would be totallypredictable and deterministic and the future would be unable to c hange from the present and past. If everything was totallyin sy hronicrelationships there would be no relationships from on period to another and all events nc would be totallyrandom and c ompletelyunpredic table. 8/17/2012
  4. 4. The 4th Media » Knowledge, Understanding and the God Paradigm: “Arising from th... Page 4 of 7 Every thing would just break down and change without reason and connection. The two modes work in c urrenc where past events and present c umstanc c onc e irc es reate a potential, but not completelydetermined path. Critic to the c al ontinualityof the processes of dependent origination is feedbac Feedbac is one k. k of the energies (along with momentum) that enable the sy stem to operate c ontinuouslyas a self organizing system. To understand how partic ular feedbac oc urs is to understand the k c manifestations of dependent origination. It is this feedbac whic defines interdependenc . k h y However this understanding maybe bey ond our c ognitive abilities and is thus one of the challenges for mankind to overc ome in the future[18]. Closed feedbac loops are responsible for linearityof the sy k stem and open feedbac loops are k responsible for non-linearityof the system. Closed feedbac loops influenc quantitative rates k e within a system, suc as a thermostat regulating temperature in a room. Open feedbac sy h k stems are more dy namicand allow for c hanges in the state of a system, like the change in direction of wind within a weather sy stem that brings a change in the state of weather. Simple closed loop feedbac sy k stems c be responsible for c an ounterintuitive behavior[19]. For example, we usuallyover c orrec heater thermostat sy t stems whic lead to osc h illations in room temperature until we find a stable range. This is verysimilar in a free market pric mec ing hanism in economic where an inc s rease in price leads to the entryof new produc until supplyoutstrips demand and the pric dec ers e reases to a level where produc leave the industry leading to supplyshortages and inc ers , reases in pric onc es e again, in a continuous c c y le. Open sy stems tend to operate with multi-loop non-linear feedbac sy k stems where manyvariables provide for unpredic table results. It is the interac tion of counter-reactive feedbac loops that provide k the unpredic tabilityand chaos within the sy stem. These feedbac sy k stems c also exist ac an ross the sub-sy stems of the environment where c ertain phenomena c exert enormous influenc upon an e muc more powerful phenomena in other sub-sy h stems. This c c an learlybe seen in the c urrent European financ cial risis where publicperc eption and sentiment has dramaticaffec upon the stability ts /instabilityof the Euro and even fabricof the European financ sy ial stem, i.e., where collective thinking can become self fulfilling prophecies. Not through the esotericwill of anyc ollective unconsc ious but bythe forc of behavioural es economic Mathematic formulas are c s. al entered on linearityand c annot predic the outc t ome of a system that is both emergent and self organizing. As the number of feedbac loops inc k rease the complexityof the sy stem inc reases exponentially [20]. If one trac bac the stream of events, no root c es k auses c be found for any an thing. Events are an emergenc a natural evolution where there is a mutuallyarising[21]. Open sy e, stems are just too c omplex to determine anysingle cause, and selec ting single causes to explain phenomena would just delude reality Consequentlythere is no beginning and end, just a c . ontinuous flow of events. The doc trine of dependent origination applies to all things and subsequentlyall things are influenc byc ed ause and effec Kammaniyama the law of karma determines potential future t. behavior paths in a similar manner to how Fouc ault saw soc interac ial tion as ”….a set of actions upon other actions”[22]. All events and phenomena produc karma. e Karma is the ‘potential’ generated by‘cause and effect’ or the interrelationships between dy namic entities[23]. Karma c have a positive or negative c an onsequenc upon the future. Karma being a e ‘potential’[24] is what keeps the universe transient across time dimensions. To some degree karma ac tuallyprovides the substanc to time, as without karma there would be no c e hange in the universe and thus no time[25]. Karma is regularlymistaken for something psy hicthat ac upon the soul, more attuned to the c ts romanticnarrative of a humanized religious version of Buddhism[26], or the mythologyof reincarnation based on past deeds done upon the Earth. Other misinterpretations describe karma as a form of fate. This heuristicc be applied to the c an ognitive, soc phy al, and c ial, sic osmos. It is the basis of all forc or energy the verymedium we exist within. e , The interdependenc of existenc is the fabricof all realities. It links the present with what has e e gone on before, explaining mutual dependenc This is muc more c e. h omplex than simple c ause and effec relationships. For example, we saw that a plant needs soil, and within the soil, moisture to t carrytrac elements and nutrients to the root sy e stem that operates from enzy mes and proteins formed through photosy nthesis in a harmonyof nature. There is no c ause and effec just mutual dependenc This heuristicexplains Darwin’s reefs, t, e. Loveloc Gaia, the formation and existenc of the solar sy k’s e stem, quantum mec hanic soc , and s, iety our self identity intention, and behaviour. The fabricof quantum realityc be seen as the “God , an partic or Higgs Boson, c le” ulture in the soc domain that both knits and divides soc , and ial iety imagination that enables humans to think, feel, c reate, and maintain a self identity. 8/17/2012
  5. 5. The 4th Media » Knowledge, Understanding and the God Paradigm: “Arising from th... Page 5 of 7 These are the seas upon whic every h thing exists ac ording to the nature of dependent origination, c operating as a self organizing system. The wisdom of the c osmos is contained within the above heuristic Suc a paradigm esc . h apes esoteric ism, transc ends theologyand poses that the entire c osmos is the ac tual fabricof our reality. It is complex, but it is grounded, therefore a wisdom that one c obtain, the ultimate understanding an about the great my stery– the c reator. Creation does not oc ur through intended intelligent design, c but rather byinter-dependenc and c e o-arising – an emergenc e. Humanitydid not arise bydesign, but byc hanc Thus we have been unable to see God; bec e. ause we have been within God. To understand how is to understand God. This heuristicas a metaphor implies that God is everything and everything is God. This paradigm or potential realityof God would have a number of potential consequences: Firstly as time is an artific c , ial reation of humankind, there c annot be a beginning or end, only arising or cessation. Therefore there mayhave not been a big bang and the multiverse theorymay have validitymaking the c ept of existenc something far bey onc e ond what our imagination c ould ever c omprehend. This also has implic ations for the earth and humankind, our existenc is not e permanent. As we exist within a self organizing sy stem, change and evolution is inevitable. There is no suc thing as immortality Where we go after death is part of the great sustainability we h . , are rec c and exist as something else. Both metaphoric y led allyand phy allywe are c sic hildren of the earth and the stars. Sec ondly ethic are about survival. Life follows the phy al laws like every , s sic thing else. Nothing is divine, just the result of heuristicprobabilities – a good reason to be humble. Ethic have alway s s been related to soc order and have been c ial ulturallybounded. Soc ietyand religion have been the external medium of transferenc and perpetuation. e Under the doc trine of dependent origination ethic or universal values exist within our true self, s hidden bylay upon lay of c er er onstruc false identities, greatlyinfluenc bythe emotions we ted ed carryboth instinc tivelyand through our imagination[27]. Therefore non-ethic behaviour c be seen as ignoranc All evil in the world is thus a human al an e. and soc c ial onstruction. One of the great tragedies of todayis that organized religion sees evil as a produc of “satan” and absolves man for the evil he does through partic t ular set rituals. Religion for numerous reasons has failed to provide humanityprac al ctic odes of ethic and morals to live by s . Our ethic are driven bythe notion of our existenc In addition to survival, ethic are needed to s e. s control the notion of ourselves, so one c live in soc c an ial odependenc This realization would be e. the cataly of a soc st ietybuilt upon compassion, fairness, and equity. Under dependent origination, the c ept of c onc ause and effec (or karma as it maybe more t commonlyknown) c onstitutes existenc It c e. reates our notion of existenc our self views. Without e; karma we don’t exist as a person – we are intellectuallyand emotionallya produc of soc t ietyand out experienc within it. What we think and feel shapes the present and influenc future ac es es tions. All structure (self identity, social, physical, etc) is the consequenc of prior ac es tions sustained through past and present prac es and experienc as obdurate[28]. tic ed As suc karma is itself a potential proc h ess of transformation, an opportunityto change[29]. The opportunityto c hange is the keyprinc iple behind sustainability– not necessarilydeveloping static prac es that we believe are sustainable. A c tic ompletelynew paradigm about how we think of sustainabilityis required drawing upon the lessons of c o-arising and cessation in Darwin’s reef, Loveloc Gaia, and Hawking’s multiverse. k’s Our imagination is grounded upon what we alreadyknow and this c onlyexpand through further an discoveryand experienc but is limited bythe metaphors we use. God c e, ertainlyexists, within our imagination, where all realityexists. As our knowledge inc reases, so will our understanding of the c epts of God. Faith is fine, but not onc the faith of the premodal order that loc one into a narrow and unc ks hanging view. Faith is often needed to pursue ideas and test validity– one of the prerequisites of man’s abilityto be creative and adapt; the real essenc of sustainability e . Understanding is a dy namicc onstruc ac ording to dependent origination. Perhaps this essay t c should c lude with some words attributed to Albert Einstein. “The religion of the future will be a onc cosmic religion. It should transcend a personal God and avoid dogmas and theology. Covering both the natural and the spiritual, it should be based on a religious sense arising from the experience of all things, natural and spiritual, as a meaningful unity.” Dependent origination mayanswer his desc ription. Prof. Murray Hunter Endnotes [1] Dawkins, R., (2006), The God Delusion, London, Blac Swan. k 8/17/2012
  6. 6. The 4th Media » Knowledge, Understanding and the God Paradigm: “Arising from th... Page 6 of 7 [2] Hawking, S., & Mlodinow, L., (2010), The Grand design: New answers to the ultimate questions in life, London, Bantam Press. [3] Private communication with Arman Nobari, Sacramento, California. [4] Cohen postulated that objects are central to a society’s collective identity, a role that God and religion has played throughout every society. Any object such as religion according to Blumer consists of meaning for a person and society for whom it is an object. Cohen, J., (1993), The conflicting views of symbolic interactionalists and Talcott Parsons concerns the nature of relations between persons and non-human objects: A sequel to “About steaks liking to be eaten”, Studies in Symbolic Interaction, Vol. 14, pp. 127-153, Blumer, H., (1969), Symbolic Interactionism: Perspective and Method, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, Prentice Hall, P. 11. [5] Becker, E. (1973). The Denial of Death, New York, Free Press. [6] We derive meaning through comparison, thus meaning is a relative phenomenon. [7] Pali Tipitika S.II.28,65 [8] Brown, M., (1949), Natural Philosophy of Cause and Chance, New York, Dover Publishers. [9] Darwin, C. (1859). The Origin of Species by means of natural selection on the preservation of favoured species in the struggle for life, London, John Murray. [10] Even the concept of complexity is relative to the number and nature of actions we are comparing our perceptions with. [11] Winnicott, D., W., (1967), The Child, the family and the Outside World, Reading, MA, Addison- Wesley. [12] Even the conditions around our body are experienced through relatedness. For example, if you have been working outside on a hot day and go inside to an air conditioned room, upon returning outside the heat will feel unbearable. Initially the feeling was neutral, but only when one experiences comfortable conditions will the hot conditions outside become a conscious burden. In Buddhism this is important to the concept of suffering or dukkha. Relatedness and comparison as the basis of emotions like greed and envy. [13] Taken from Hunter, M. (2009), Essential Oils: Art, Science, Agriculture, Industry & Entrepreneurship: A focus on the Asia-pacific region, New York, Nova Scientific Publishers, P. 355. [14] Feynman, R., (1995), Six Easy Pieces, London, Penguin Books, P. 110. [15] A good example of amplification and suppression might be a company’s sales. For example certain factors like population growth, rising per capita incomes, advertising, word of mouth, and more accessible channels to reach the public may amplify a firm’s sales growth. However, a situation of decreasing population, loss of spending power though unemployment, increasing competition, and/or the arrival of new technologies may suppress the growth of sales. [16] DeGraff, G., Thanissaro Bhikkhu, (1996), ‘The Wings of Awakening’, P.300. [17] DeGraff, G., Thanissaro Bhikkhu, (1996), ‘The Wings of Awakening’, P.301. [18] Gharajedaghi, J., (2006), Systems Thinking: Managing Chaos and Complexity: A platform for designing business architecture, Amsterdam, Elservier, P. 119. [19] Forrester, J., W., (1971), Counter intuitive behavior of social systems, Technology Review, Vol. 73, No. 3, pp. 52-68. [20] Wolfram, S., (2002), New Kind of Science, Wolfram Media, Inc., online at: [21] The belief that in the beginning there was nothing, does not have any foundation in dependent origination. This thinking can be seen as an attachment to concepts as the truth is unknown, and implies the existence of a creator. This view of the world means that humankind cannot seek solutions by wishing or praying to ‘the gods’. There is no such thing as luck, there are no aimless accidents as there is a seemingly endless process of evolution going on. [22] Foucault, M., (1973), The order of things: An archeology of the human sciences, New York, Vintage/Random House, P. 220. [23] The Buddha taught the concept of karma in the pretext of human suffering, where emotions like greed, envy, anger, and other psychotic emotions perpetuate one within one of the realms of samsara. See Hunter, M. (2012), Opportunity, Strategy & Entrepreneurship: A meta-Theory, Volume 1, New York, Nova Scientific Publishers, pp. 255-266. [24] Something like the current potential between the positive and negative nodes of direct current electricity. It takes a wire of something that can conduct electricity to realize the potential connecting the two terminals. 8/17/2012
  7. 7. The 4th Media » Knowledge, Understanding and the God Paradigm: “Arising from th... Page 7 of 7 [25] Time is a relative measure of one point against another. [26] Payne, R., (2006), Individual and Awakening: Romantic narrative and the Psychological Interpretation of Buddhism and Psychotherapy, In: Unno, M. (Ed.), Buddhism and Psychotherapy Across Cultures: Essays on Theories and Practices, Boston, Wisdom Books, P. 36. [27] Hunter, M., (2011), Perpetual self conflict: Self awareness as a key to our ethical drive, personal mastery, and perception of entrepreneurial opportunities, Contemporary Readings in law and Social Justice, Vol. 3, No. 2, pp. 96-137. [28] , Blumer, H., (1969),” Symbolic Interactionism”, Strauss, A., L., (1993), Continual Presentations of Action, New York, Aldine de Gruyter. [29] However structure is usually very slow to evolve which hints at humankind’s inability to learn from history. Tags: future law life Social Justice 5 Print Related articles: US could put Assange to death if it gets him – former senior NSA official The US-instigated and Carefully Organized Coup in Paraguay Will Continue Unless … For The First Time The New World Order In Panic: The International Establishment Face A Crisis The 39th President of US Jimmy Carter: How Far US Violation of Human Rights Has Extended: A Cruel & Unusual Record Add Comments Name (required) Mail (required) 0+4= (required) Submit Query Protected by WP Anti Spam Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail “World War III of Contending Systems and Ideologies—Socialism versus Capitalism—For Global Hearts and Minds”Copyright ©2011 April Media Co, Ltd. All Rights Reserved 四月网 | 四月青年社区 | 百科 | 博客 | Beijing SHOTS | Русский языкAbout US | Contact Us | Work for us | Help 8/17/2012