An Islam economy can be


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Surprise, surprise: An Islam economy can be

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An Islam economy can be

  1. 1. The 4th Media » Surprise, surprise: An Islam economy can be innovative Page 1 of 3 M4 English Beijing SHOTS Русский язык 1코리안뉴스 四月网 四月青年社区 博客 百科 ABOUT US Just Another Voice Submit Query Home Opinion Politics Economy Society Environment Culture Video Photos Forum Subscribe: Your email address Submit Query Surprise, surprise: An Islam economy can be innovative News Feed Comments Feed Post Categories: Asia Top stories Prof. Murray Hunter | Sunday, October 28, 2012, 8:46 Beijing 1 Lebanon’s Red lines, Bared: What a Difference a 2 Week Can Make in the Middle East Print 2 The Dollar Will Collapse from Washington’s Abuse of The Islamic business revolution in Southern Thailand Its Role as Reserve Currency: “China Will Have Defeated Superpower without Arms Race or Firing a Shot” There is a revolution going on in Southern Thailand and I’m not 3 Nerve Gas and Phosphorous Bombs Reportedly Used in USNATO-sponsored Destruction of Bani Walid: talking about the insurgency. Cities like the notorious Hat Yai, a War Crimes Continue sexual playground for Malaysian tourists are being transformed into vibrant Islamic business centres. 4 Sudanese Demonstrate Against Israeli Bombing in Khartoum: Tel Aviv suggests it was responsible for This rapid transformation has been spurred on by the migration attacks on weapons factory of Muslims from the three troubled provinces of Pettani, Yala, and Narathiwat to Songkhla Province, in order to get away from 5 UN Special Investigator on Human Rights in Palestine the trouble. Call for a Int’l Boycott against All Companies That Help Israeli Settlements One of the results of this is a growing cluster of young Thai Malay entrepreneurs who are finding innovative ways to develop new business models based upon 6 A “Dear Jon” Letter Jon Huntsman’s Canceled Visa Islamic principles. 7 US, “the second most dangerous nation after Israel,” Secretly Deployed Nuclear Missiles to OKINAWA This avant-garde young business group has seen the potential of integrating their beliefs into what Aimed at CHINA they do businesswise. And this is paying off as the Thailand Muslim population is in excess of 6 million people, many cashed up from bumper rubber prices over the last few years. 8 How Wall Street Won the Election Long Before The First Vote Was Cast: US Election Culture In addition the appeal of these products and services produced by these businesses are not just restricted to the Muslim population. 9 Fall 1941: Pearl Harbor and The Wars of Corporate America If one travels around the South of Thailand today there are Halal restaurants, boutiques, travel agents, tour companies, insurance, and consumer products all produced and operated by 10 Welcome to the AGE of HELL: Entrenching Arbitrary, companies that aspire to comply with Islamic principles. Some larger projects like Halal hotels and Lawless, Systematic Murder as the AMERICAN WAY condominiums for Muslim retirees from Malaysia and Singapore are being currently constructed. OF LIFE What one can feel talking to these entrepreneurs and seeing the results of their work is an aire of Video +MORE excitement, innovation and expectation that this strategy will lead to growth and success. This is in stark contrast to south of the border in Malaysia where over the last 50 years an institutionalized mindset of dependence upon government contracts, favours, and grants has severely inhibited innovation. Symbolically, this can be seen through the individualized Islamic fashion worn by Southern Thai Muslim women verses the stereotyped fashion worn by Malaysian Malay women. Even the night markets in Southern Thailand are full of innovative Halal foods like dim sum and sushi with stalls decorated in colourful banners in contrast to the drab night markets across the border. ‘Death and destruction in Bani Walid’ as This “tale of two cities” along the border of Malaysia and Thailand probably reflects the vastly media silent different approaches to development by the two countries. Bani Walid civilians bombed with gas – RT source Thai development has been much more ad hoc than Malaysia, where ideas tend to be generated VIDEO: 49 Rebels Killed in Sweeping Russian Anti- by individuals who do something about them using their own resources. Terror Op VIDEO: Poisonous Cloud Sparks Mass Evacuation If and when they are successful, others follow and build upon this base with complementary rather After Kraft Foods Leak in Germany than competitive businesses. Soon after government agencies provide channels and assistance VIDEO: Athens Police Fire Tear Gas in Crackdown Clashes at Anti-Merkel Protest 11/2/2012
  2. 2. The 4th Media » Surprise, surprise: An Islam economy can be innovative Page 2 of 3 through their community industry and marketing programs. VIDEO: 4,000 tons of Shells Explode in Central Russia, Leave Mushroom Cloud-like Plume of Later universities like Chulalongkorn set up fully accredited Halal testing labs to support the Smoke growing business cluster. These clusters start and grow almost naturally and this is occurring along the Islamic business front now. VIDEO: Iranian PressTV Reporter Killed On Air by Syrian Rebel Sniper in Damascus In contrast, Malaysian development comes from top down planning. Much fanfare is given to new infrastructure projects with grand objectives. Photos +MORE The participants attending launches and involved in implementation are bureaucrats and agency officials with very little participation by the private sector. Where opportunities are identified, an agency may set up a government linked company as a vehicle to exploit it, actually stifling out private enterprise growth rather than promoting it. The end result is an attempt to build a cluster with little private enterprise support, that doesn’t have any natural growth or momentum, continually requiring funds to prop it up. 1 2 3 4 This story tends to support what the creativity pundits say. Creativity and innovation comes from adversity and hardship rather than a comfortable and complacent environment. The Winner of the Election George W. Bush: The Election Looks Pretty Close But That’s an Illusion The Muslim entrepreneurs in Southern Thailand have had to make it on their own and not rely upon favors from a structure of cronies who can dish out contracts and funds. Most Popular In addition this trend toward Islamic principled business shows that future wealth will come from 1 Australia in "Asian Century" or Is It Lost in Asia? innovation rather than connections, which is very important if substantiated and real economic China & US: Australian Dilemma development is going to occur. It’s not brick and mortar that will bring development, but new ideas and practices connecting hinterland, culture and entrepreneur to new market possibilities. 2 US, "the second most dangerous nation after Israel," Secretly Deployed Nuclear Missiles to The Malay entrepreneurs of Southern Thailand as well aware that almost 25% of the world OKINAWA Aimed at CHINA population are Muslims and that an Islamic approach to the market is sure to provide a regional source of competitive advantage in the international market arena within the not too distant future. 3 Surprise, surprise: An Islam economy can be Culture and religion can be a strong and powerful economic resource. innovative 4 US Behind the DIAOYU Islands Dispute: To Their gung-ho attitude is to develop the market in Southern Thailand today and extend out to the region tomorrow. One can see through the Halal supply chain system developed by the Halal Contain China, to Obstruct Renminbi from Research Centre at Chulalongkorn University that this is not just a dream. Some of the world’s Becoming a International Currency major food manufacturers like Nestlé have already adopted it. 5 Power of MONEY Rules: LAW Serves the Powerful, NOT Justice: Police State USA And finally what could this mean for the restless south of Thailand. Will growing economic prosperity and wealth be the best long term weapon against any insurgency? Can the people solve 6 DISTURBING & DEVELOPING: OBAMA this themselves without any outside assistance? CAUGHT ARMING AL QAEDA, REASON FOR LIBYA COVER-UP: "Benghazigate" If this hypothesis is true, then the growing Islamic business cluster in Southern Thailand may marginalize the insurgency movement. However this doesn’t mean that the violence would end. 7 Is The World Abandoning The U.S. Economy? When a movement is being marginalized it may seek attention thought further ‘high profile’ acts of violence. That’s the sad part of the story. 8 Scholars for 9-11 Truth: Exposing Falsehoods and Revealing Truths 9 Death and destruction in Bani Walid as media Prof. Murray Hunter silent 10 Nerve Gas and Phosphorous Bombs Reportedly Used in USNATO-sponsored Destruction of Bani Tags: development Malaysia revolution Southern Thailand Walid: War Crimes Continue 2 Print Related articles: Another US Plan to Topple Hugo Chavez? Perfecting The Method of “Color Revolutions”: Western Laders Slip Back into Childhood Future of Humanity Between Capitalism or Socialism: The “CHAVEZ Is Millions!” VIDEO: ‘Europe on the brink of revolution’ Add Comments Name (required) 11/2/2012
  3. 3. The 4th Media » Surprise, surprise: An Islam economy can be innovative Page 3 of 3 Mail (required) 2+3= (required) Submit Query Protected by WP Anti Spam Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail US Behind the DIAOYU Islands New Israeli Attack on Sudan: Victim’s Dispute: To Contain China, to Blood on Israel Hands, Not For The Obstruct Renminbi from Becoming a First Time International CurrencyCopyright ©2011 April Media Co, Ltd. All Rights Reserved 四月网 | 四月青年社区 | 百科 | 博客 | Beijing SHOTS | РусскийAbout US | Contact Us | Work for us | Help язык | 1코리안뉴스 11/2/2012