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Social fresh top 10


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Social fresh top 10

  1. 1. Kevin’s Social Fresh TP 107 Key Links for top 15% of web pages -Page titles, Headings and Content - Know key words buyers use, focus on great content - Key words must drive you to page 1 - Presentations on slide share help seo- with right titles - Local and niche becoming more importantBlogs have been proven at increase SEO -Blog at least 2/month - 2-3 paragraphs - Senior people have no time, give midlevel cameras for on the spot video - Schedule your posts - short, clear and concise - end by asking a questionSome tools of the trade to check out -Website and blog grader - - google- multi channel funnels - Marketing Sherpa
  2. 2. - - - seomoz - Klout - Compete - alltop.comFacebook likes - Easy to answer and relevant- lane Bryant- Favorite color, click like if you are a curvy women -Emotional stories/debates 2-3 times, 1-2 simple and easy, long content does not work, fun content, offers in general don’t workEveryone loves a good story - exampleReeses gets married- married, honey moon, have a kid, kid becomes mini Reeses - Learn to write to an attention span of 2.6 seconds - Stries to humanize your companyRepurpose content - Report videos, white papers, research studies - Create content calendar and require people hit schedules oContent and Immediacy are king
  3. 3. -Emotion and brevit - Build trust with customers - Research, Results, controversy, behind the scenes, all of above, be as different as you can - Be as different and as ballsy as you canUse data to create teachable momentsMake e-mail sign up easy- at top of page, only a few questions, etc- top side bar,home page top of page, bottom of articleDo not pitch in emailLet them know what they can expect if they give you e-mailFacebook- is not best way to get people to your website- they stay in Facebook- Findapproaches that keep people in FacebookSocial Media measures in silos can be meaningless Mentions, likes, retweets, +1, comments, shares, sentiment! Calibrate social measures to macro measures Use social measures as a toll, not the tool
  4. 4. If you are not making money using social, you are wasting your time