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Presentation of LUMU Invest Sàrl

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Lumu invest sàrl

  1. 1. 1, rue Pletzer _ Centre Helfent L-8080 Bertrange Luxembourg
  2. 2. Private investment company, focused on new technologies for the telecom sector. We invest mainly in start-ups looking for the first round investments. We range our investments are from 50K€ up to 200K€. Entering the capital from 10% up to 25%. The company acts as an “active investor”. We are actively involved in marketing and selling the product through our networks. We ensure a shorter period for the Return on Investment (ranged in between 10% to 15%), accelerating the business of the companies where we invest. After a period of maturity in growth of the company where we invested, from 2 to 3 years, LUMU exits or not by several options: Simple exit by the sale of the shares at market price. Sale of the company with the agreement of the owners. Or participating to the second round and/or third round of investments, bringing in Venture Capital
  3. 3. Our first investment: soundtrckr a multi-platform social music network that connects the world we live in to the music we love.