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Open dayprogram2010 v3

  1. 1. Open Day Program Welcome to Murdoch University We know that choosing where to choosing what to study. study can be just as hard as to spend today exploring, That’s why we’d like to invite you asking questions and making discoveries around our campus yourself. to experience life at Murdoch for Sunday 22 August 2010 Whether you’re here to find out more uni for the first time about studying at , looking into your postgrad optio ns, 10.00am – 4.00pm or you’ve come along to help a frien expl d or fami ore their options, we hope you have ly member a fantastic day. South Street, Murdoch Open your mind and see what happ ens when free thinkers come together to discover...
  2. 2. Start exploring here... Careers... Visit this tent to take our free careers test, chat to our career advisors and discover the range of careers paths you can follow with a Murdoch If you have questions about courses, careers or uni life – degree. [Map ref c7] you’ll get some answers today. We have a range of information tents and areas set up in Bush Court to help you get started The Student Centre: Fees, enrolments and general information... on your journey. Step inside our Student Centre to learn about uni fees, HECS-HELP, general enrolment information, equity, our Ontrack program and our To find out about courses and admissions... International Office’s Study Abroad program where you can combine Visit this tent to collect course materials, talk to our staff and find out travel with study. [Map ref b8] everything you need to know about courses and admissions when you’re studying at uni for the first time. [Map ref c7] We’re here to help Postgraduate studies... Need help finding you Visit this tent to find out the steps you can take to follow your passion, r way around or have a question about someth ing happening today? expand your career prospects and add to your existing qualifications ask one of our friendly Just staff and students (they’re with postgraduate study. [Map ref c7] the ones in white tops with the red sleeves!). To Kwinana Freeway To Fremantle reet h St And Murdoch Drive Sout Underpass Camp us D rive Health Sciences Sports Science a Sports and Recreation Centre (beneath Tavern) Carpark 3 Carpark 2 Tavern Carpark 4 Carpark 5 b Student Centre Business Food Court Bush Court c Physical Sciences ACE Careers Courses & Robinson Theatre Lecture admissions Guild Hill Lecture Bayliss Psychology Court Theatre Pendopo Postgraduate Courtyard Bower Court d Social Sciences Kim Nexus General Media Library Beazley Theatre Computer Lecture Lab 1 Theatre (GCL1) Loneragan e Information Technology Building Vet Anatomy ECL Building Lab N Law f g Vet Hospital Vet Clinical Sciences Student Village h Veterinary Building Chiropractic Clinic Discovery Way Carpark 9 i Carpark 7 Carpark 8 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Map Legend Information tents Bands Radio tent and lost children Tram stops Welcome tents Toilets Main Pathways Transperth bus stops Nova First aid Buildings open to the public Pony Rides
  3. 3. Visit these hotspots for course and career inspiration Enjoy hands-on activities, talk to our lecturers and students, watch demonstrations, see our displays and be entertained at these hotspots around campus today. When Hotspot activity Where Business 11.30am - 12.30pm • Interactive presentation on the Business of Rock and Roll Business [b6] All day • Create a catchy slogan for your chance to win • Have a go at the crossword and word search competition • Business graduate profiles - Display • Murdoch Business School Study Tour - Display • Murdoch Business Club - Display • Postgrad and Undergrad Business School Display • How effective is marketing on your taste buds? • Personality Insights - what do people say about you? Information Technology 10.00am - 12.00pm • Tour Murdoch’s supercomputer facility ECL Building [f6] All day • Computer networking security - Display ECL Building [f6] • Look at molecules in 3D • IT student projects on display ECL Building - room 2.046 [f6] • Compute your own personality ECL Building - room 2.044 [f6] • Interactive IT games ECL Building - ECL4 Lecture Theatre [f6] • Walking with robots Education 11.00am - 2.00pm • Listen to children stories Pendopo Courtyard [d4] All day • Murdoch education partnerships - Display • Teaching in the outback and the country - Display • Teaching Resources Tent - Display • Early childhood and primary education activity • See how interactive teaching techniques can help children learn maths • Science teaching experiments for the classroom • Teaching activity • Teaching primary school maths Health Sciences 11.00am - 3.00pm • Tours of the Chiropractic Clinic - starts 11.30am and every hour from 12.00pm Sports Science [a7] All day • Amazing Anatomy • Consulting and Pharmacy Self Care • Watch dancing custard • Discover Sports Science - how fit are you? • Examine your posture • Listen to the sounds of your body • Test your blood pressure • Test your reflexes • Free weight checks Law All day • Competition: What are the global possibilities with Murdoch Law? Law Building Freehills Theatre [f5] • Criminology - Display Law Building upstairs [f5] • Global Law School - Display Law Building Foyer [f5] • Murdoch Student Law Society - Display • Southern Communities Advocacy Legal and Education Service - Display Your chance to win* We’re proud of our partnership with Sunset Events, an organisation that cares as much about making a difference as we do! Southbound 2011 tickets If you are 18 years or over you will have the chance to win 10 Southbound 2011 tickets and a West Coast Blues ’n’ Roots signed guitar. Nintendo Wii console If you are under 18 years you have a chance to win a Nintendo Wii console. How to enter Complete a registration form then drop your completed form into an entry box at Bush Court or any hotspot location. The winners will be drawn on 23 August and we’ll let you know if you’re one of them. Good luck! *Terms and conditions apply.
  4. 4. When Hotspot activity Where Media Communication and Culture 11.00am - 2.00pm • Media Centre Tours (starts every hour from 11.00am) Media outside [d4] 11.30am -12.00pm • Games, Art and Design workshop Media [d4] 11.30am - 3.00pm • Discover Games, Art and Design activity Media [d4] 11.30am - 3.00pm • Take part in our sound activities Media Sound Studio room 2.060 [d4] 1.00pm - 1.30pm • Games, Art and Design workshop Media [d4] All day • Discover Public Relations - Display Media outside [d4] • Gender and Cultural Studies - video DJ extravaganza Media [d4] • Meet Murdoch radio students and check out the studio • Shoot a web commercial Minerals and Energy* 10.00am - 3.00pm • Find numbers in bubbles Physical Sciences Outside [c9] • Refining biodiesel • See how desalination works • When metals float… 11.30am - 12.00pm • Engineering pilot plant tour Physical Sciences Foyer [c9] 11.30am - 12.30pm • Discover the magic of chemistry Loneragan Building [e10] 12.00pm - 2.20pm • Hot metal: Watch a fiery thermite Reaction Bayliss Court [d9] 11.30pm - 2.00pm • Plastic from poo? Physical Sciences - room 2.17 [c9] 1.40pm - 2.00pm • Engineering pilot plant tour Loneragan Lecture Theatre [e10] 2.30pm - 3.30pm • Discover the magic of chemistry Robertson Lecture Theatre [d10] All day • Experiment with an engineering control board Physical Sciences Lab 2.26, 2.27 [c9] • Fun with physics Physical Sciences Lab 2.28, 2.29 [c9] • Hands on fun in engineering labs eg: 3D tic tac toe Physical Sciences Lab 2.26, 2.27 and 2.28 [c9] • Make a robotic hand move • Make your own gold nano particles Bayliss Court [d9] • Rock Box - identify minerals for your chance to win a great prize • Pump water using the sun Physical Sciences Foyer [c9] • Race hydrogen cars Physical Sciences Lab 2.28 [c9] *In the laboratory you must wear closed shoes and children under 14 years must be supervised by an adult. Psychology All day • Counselling, how hard can it be? Psychology Outside [d5] • Discover how to strengthen relationships • How do psychologists examine thought processes? • The Imposter Phenomenon - Do you feel like a fraud and could this impact on your career prospects? • Spot the fake smile Psychology Clinic [d5] Social Sciences and Humanities 11.30am and 2.00pm • Drama student performance Nexus Theatre [d7] 11.30am -12.30pm • Indonesian Gamelan Bower Court [d6] 12.30pm - 1.30pm • Listen to the Indonesian choir Bower Court [d6] 1.00pm - 2.00pm • Philosophy Café - Join a debate about trust Library Kadjininy Cafe [e7] All day • Create your own rock art and grow an Indigenous plant Bower Court [d6] • Indonesian Batik and henna tattoos • Japanese sumo wrestling game • Kendo Japanese fencing and drumming demonstration • The Social Sciences Jigsaw activity • Murdoch loves tourism - Display Pendopo Courtyard [d4] • Create your own theatre mask Social Sciences Breezeway [e5] • Creative writing competition • Japanese calligraphy and origami • Learning the Indonesian language with the internet • Look out for our dramatic performing students around campus • Make your own philosophy t-shirt
  5. 5. When Hotspot activity Where Sustainability Environmental and Life Sciences (SELS)* 12.15pm and 2.15pm • Environmental Technology Centre (ETC) guided tour Loneragan Building - Courtyard [e10] 10.00am - 1.30pm • Experience facial reconstruction by building a face Loneragan Building - room 4.002 [e10] in clay 10.30am - 2.00pm • Fly a weather balloon Loneragan Building - Courtyard [e10] 11.00am - 3.00pm • Get your sick plant diagnosed by the Plant Doctor Loneragan Building - Courtyard [e10] 11.00am - 3.00pm • Wildlife forensics - see how DNA techniques help endangered species Loneragan Building - room 4.002 [e10] 11.30am - 1.30pm • Go on a wetland safari field trip Loneragan Building Courtyard [e10] All day • SELS course information - Display Loneragan Building - room 4.001 [e10] • Biotech out of the box - hands on lab experiments Loneragan Building - room 4.002 [e10] • Experiment with DNA extraction • Science party - National Science Week activity Loneragan Building - Courtyard [e10] *In the laboratory you must wear closed shoes and children under 14 years must be supervised by an adult. Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences 11.30am - 12.00pm • Tour of Vet Hospital Veterinary Building Breezeway [h10] 2.00pm - 2.30pm • Tour of Vet Hospital Veterinary Building Breezeway [h10] All day • Check your heart and lung capacity Veterinary Building Breezeway [h10] • Explore the wonders of Biomedical Science • An artist’s impression of the animal Kingdom Veterinary Building [h10] • DNA display - ever wondered where you came from? • Fibre displays - learn about wool quality • How do x-rays work? • Visit the animal barn • Discover Animal Science - Display • Guess the weight of a bull and win an iPod* • Lung demonstration of a cow, horse and sheep Veterinary Building - room 1.22 [h10] • Visit Murdoch’s Anatomy Museum Vet Anatomy Museum [f11] • What’s that skull? Bush Court Entertainment Zorb Ball – Climb into Perth’s only Zorb Ball to push yourself Other fun stuff to your limits as you take an exhilarating roll down the Pony rides – Visit the area near our Veterinary Building to saddle custom-built ramp. up on a pony and get a different view of our campus. [Map ref Bungee Run/Joust – Run, bounce, dive, joust or challenge f10] a friend to a gladiator duel – and just hope that nobody is Nova 93.7 – Watch out for the Nova Casanovas – they’re here on recording it for YouTube. campus today with loads of giveaways and games. [Map ref e9] Cup and Saucer ride – If whirling around is just your cup of Delicious food options – Hungry? Choose from a fantastic tea, you’ll love this ride. range of food and drinks available from outlets in the Food Court, Travelling Animal Farm – Get back to nature as you pat around Bush Court and in the library. these cute and cuddly baby animals. [Map ref c7] The Red Bull Chill Out Zone – Take a break in the Red Bull tent and enjoy some Red Bull giveaways. [Map ref c7] Enjoy these live performances Once you have all the information and inspiration you need, come and enjoy these bands performing live in Bush Court. Goodnight Tiger 12.00pm – 12.20pm The Joe Kings 12.30pm – 1.00pm Boys Boys Boys! 1.20pm – 2.00pm Felicity Groom and The Black Black Smoke 2.20pm – 3.00pm The Novocaines - Headliner 3.20pm – 4.00pm You’ll also see roving performers around the stage during the band breaks. Enjoy! [Map ref a8]
  6. 6. Enjoy our course talks and info sessions Don’t miss your chance to experience what life at Murdoch is really like through our range of talks and course information sessions. If you’re the parent of a high school student, we even have a range of talks to help you lend support during stressful times for students. ECL Lecture ECL 3 Lecture Hill Lecture Kim Beazley Law Building Loneragan Nexus Theatre Business - Vet Clinical Theatre - Theatre - Theatre Lecture Theatre - Freehills Building - upstairs Sciences Level 2 ECL Level 2 ECL (General talks) Theatre Loneragan 1.106 Building Building Lecture Theatre Map ref f6 Map ref f6 Map ref d4 Map ref d7 Map ref f5 Map ref e10 Map ref d7 Map ref b6 Map ref h10 11.00am Careers in Discover IT @ Digital Media at Why Law at Environmental Murdoch Veterinary, Chiropractic and Murdoch Murdoch Murdoch? Science Business School Animal and Sports Science and what we Biomedical offer Science 11.30am Think about Virtual cyber Your teaching Survive Year 12 - Crime - Sustainability Theatre, Drama Interactive a career in forensic career starts here Parents’ Guide understanding and Creative presentation on Psychology investigations violence Writing the business of (45 min) Rock and Roll 12.00pm Get some IT Get some IT Media and Discovering Biological Drama students security advice security advice Communications and creating a Sciences and perform their course talk rewarding career Biotechnology International show 12.30pm Learn more Teaching in the Global Community about Mineral outback and the opportunities Development, Science, Maths country with Murdoch Tourism and and Chemistry Law School Sociology 1.00pm Think about Discover drama Alternative Murdoch Discover Politics, Intl European Study a career in teaching pathways for Student Law Engineering Studies and Tour Psychology admission to Uni Society and Energy Security, Terrorism and Counterterrorism 1.30pm Careers in IT in the future Your teaching Discover the right Law - Mooting Saving the Studying Veterinary, Chiropractic and career starts here course for you with the Moot planet - Indonesian and Animal and Sports Science Court Bench Sustainability Japanese Biomedical Competition course talk Science 2.00pm Pharmacy course Discover IT @ Media and Drama students talk Murdoch Communications perform their course talk International show 2.30pm Cutting edge The life of a Philosophy and cyber forensics university student Theology; is it what you think? 3.00pm Explore your options online Find out about student clubs and societies If you’re not sure about your course options, visit our computer lab (off The Student Guild area is in Bush Court – and it’s the best place to meet Bush Court in GCL1) to see how our free thinking philosophy can help Guild representatives, learn about life on campus and find out about all you find your way. of the student clubs and societies you can join as a Murdoch student. [Map ref d8] Choose the study area you’re most interested in and discover what our current students, staff and researchers in that area are working on. Then, you can use a range of tools to help you figure out which course to study. [Map ref d8] Visit our library for your chance to win This is no ordinary library. It’s a world-class facility where free thinkers Get help with your TISC preferences come to learn, explore and collaborate. While you’re at our GCL1 computer lab, speak to our admissions Our students can access work spaces and computer stations within counsellors about your TISC preferences. Your TISC preferences are due at our Library Learning Common facility 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. the end of September – and our admissions counsellors are here to help The library is also where you’ll find our First Year Experience you with course advice and help understanding the process. [Map ref d8] chill out zone and take part in a range of activities throughout the day. While you’re at the library, take a self-guided tour, visit our art collection, speak to our staff or complete the Library Treasure Hunt for your chance to win a hot new eBook reader.* [Map ref e7] WI N! uate? Are you a Murdoch grad *Terms and conditions apply. t in! You’re invited to visi We’d love to see you aga ate you r contact details our Alumni display, upd Join us for morning or and collect an alumni gift. rdoch erience 35 years of Mu afternoon tea, and exp hic journey of discovery. University – a photograp [Map ref d6]
  7. 7. Explore our campus on a free tram tour Our campus covers an area of Sports and Recreation Centre Chancellery Building stop - Vet Building stop - 227 hectares - which makes it - Check out our facilities for At the heart of our campus lies This is where we treat sick and the biggest university campus in basketball, volleyball, indoor Bush Court, the best place to find injured animals, and help to train Australia. soccer, badminton, netball and course and career information our next generation of vets. squash. We also have a full fitness today. You’ll also find live bands, [Map ref h12] You don’t need to explore it all by centre with a dedicated group rides, food and more. [Map ref b9] foot today - just hop on a guided Law and Media Buildings fitness facility and separate spin tram tour running from these stops Chiropractic Clinic stop - stop - Have a look at our working indoor cycling room. [Map ref a5] every 15 minutes: See our chiro students at work in courtroom and also explore our our fully-operational chiropractic Media Studio, complete with TV clinic. [Map ref h6] and radio studios, newsrooms and more. [Map ref e5] Tours around campus Chiropractic Clinic Environmental Technology Media Centre Supercomputer Facility Meet at the Health Sciences tent Centre (ETC) Explore our media suites, complete Visit our supercomputer facility below the Tavern to enjoy a guided Take a look at our amazing ETC with TV and radio studios, to play games, observe cellular tour of our fully-operational including worm farm, eco-lodge, newsrooms and our new sound lab. functions and find where you live. Chiropractic Clinic and see how our renewable energy systems, Sports and Recreation Centre Tours are available between 10.00am students learn inside a professional wastewater treatment, recycling Health and fitness is an important and 12.00pm at the Business, clinic setting. management and much more. part of uni life – so visit our centre IT and Law (BITL) building, level 4. Tours start at 11.30am, 12.00pm, Guided tours depart from the to learn more about our sports 1.00pm, 2.00pm and 3.00pm. Loneragan Courtyard at 12.15pm Vet Hospital clubs, facilities and find out about and 2.15pm. Take a tour of our vet facilities to tertiary sports and uni games. Engineering Pilot Plant see where sick and injured animals Visit our world-class Engineering Kulbardi Aboriginal Centre Centre open from 10.00am - 4.00pm are treated – and some amazing Pilot Plant, equipped with a Murdoch University is built on for visitors to view and meet staff. examples of nature at work. centralised computer system, Nyungar land and is the home of Student Accommodation Tours start from the Vet Breezeway at modern control room and the Kulbardi Aboriginal Centre. The Explore our Student Village where 11.30am and 2.00pm. processing unit. centre will open its doors for a tour and Q&A session. more than 800 student residents Tours leave at 11.30am from the Wetland Safari from many different backgrounds Physical Science foyer and at 1.40pm Meet at 1.00pm by the Kulbardi stand Visit our Chelodina Wetland to and cultures are living. from the Loneragan building. in Bower Court for the one hour tour. see how the damage humans Tours start from the Village tent in have caused to the Snake-Net Library and Learning Common Bush Court at 1.00pm and 3.00pm. Turtle (Chelodina Oblonga) habitat Use our self-guided maps to can be restored to protect these explore the various levels and threatened animals. facilities our library offers. Tours start at 11.30am and 1.00pm from the Loneragan Courtyard. CRICOS Provider Code MD6077-07-10