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Group presentation falak -tri


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Group presentation falak -tri

  1. 1. Abdul Rahman Falaknaz Chairman
  2. 2. We would like to introduce our company, Falak Holdings, one of the largest conglomerates based in the United Arab Emirates with diversified interests in real estate development, exhibitions and trade fair management, sports development, sporting goods retailing, medical diagnostics, and retail franchising.
  3. 3. For the past 30 years, Falak Holdings has built a formidable reputation in the Middle East market as an ambitious risk taker and leader through its investments in diverse sectors. The Group’s major subsidiaries include its real estate division Falak Properties, sporting goods retailing division Falaknaz Sports Group, and exhibitions management division International Expo Consults.
  4. 4. Falak Properties is the real estate developer of the $3.3 billion Dubai Sports City, a 50 million sqft project encompassing sports, lifestyle, leisure, entertainment, commercial, and residential components. Falak Properties also owns Jumeirah Plaza, one of the earliest shopping centre in Dubai.
  5. 5. Falaknaz Sports Group is the master franchisee for Japanese sporting goods brand ASICS in the Middle East, operating 5 stores in UAE.
  6. 6. Falak Group also organizes two annual exhibitions – Signage & Graphic Imaging (SGI) and Dubai Entertainment Amusement and Leisure (DEAL) – in Dubai.
  7. 7. The group also has Diagnostic Centre and is setting up a power plant in Albania.
  8. 8. As you’re aware, the Middle East is now on top market for every international FMCG brand. The rapid influx of global brands has made Dubai a multi-cultural shopping and leisure hub, which in turn, has resulted in Dubai becoming the world’s second biggest retail destination, behind London.
  9. 9. Iconic Cricket Stadium
  10. 10. Home Cricket Ground for Pakistan Team
  11. 11. Climate controlled Football stadium
  12. 12. International Cricket Council ( ICC ) Head office
  13. 13. Falak Properties
  14. 14. Over 1,600 Villas Built
  15. 15. Town Houses
  16. 16. Falak Properties
  17. 17. Golf Couse
  18. 18. Golf Course 18 Hole golf Course
  19. 19. Ernie Els golf course
  20. 20. Diagnostic Centre
  21. 21. First private Diagnostic centre in Dubai State of Art Diagnostic centre with MRI facility
  22. 22. Sports Merchandise:
  23. 23. Master Distributer of Asics products in Middle east Sell over 500,00 pair of shoes every year
  24. 24. Sports Retail
  25. 25. Exhibitions
  26. 26. Exhibitions
  27. 27. Largest Exhibition In Middle east Last 19 years
  28. 28. Leisure & Entertainment Exhibition
  29. 29. Second Largest exhibition in the World
  30. 30. TRI ( The Retailers Investment ) is an Operating Company ( SBU ) of Falak Holding , strongly building Key portfolios under larger categories of Personal care and Nutritional Food ,FMCG and Franchising business.
  31. 31. TRI FMCG Regional and International Strategic business alliance . An excellent and highly experienced International business Management, driven by Professionals with decades of successful International Brand / Marketing / Sales and leadership exposure.
  32. 32. Business Relationship / Business association models: Aiming to be the Top Class Master Distributor Extending strategic Market Expansion and Business Services JV Trading and Marketing. Regional / International Master Strategic Alliance Partnership . Manufacture under license. ( only for Personal care category ) Our expertise to make the Business grow long term consistently and sequentially .
  33. 33. Manufacturing under license / Importing / Ware housing / Distributing / Brand Management / Market Management / Sales Management / Products promoting / Multi Trade Channels Management / constantly growing , long term )
  34. 34. Portfolios Personal care Perfumes ( Men and Women ) Body Care ( Women ) ( skin care ) HBL / FW / Perfumed Talc / Men’s and Women’s Branded Accessories ( Including wrist watches ) & Nutritional Food ( Manuka Honey from NZ )
  35. 35. DUBAI HUB GCC TRI DUBAI Endless immediate , current and future STRATEGIC possibilities
  36. 36. Map of Arab League states in dark green with non-Arab areas in light green and Somalia and Djibouti in striped green due to their Arab League membership but non-Arab population. 43 PAN ARAB COUNTRIES
  37. 37.  Arab World – stretches across –12.9 m sq kms ( 5m sq miles)  Larger than Europe ( 10.4 m sq kms )  Larger than USA ( 9.6 m sq kms )  Larger than China ( 9.6 m sq kms )  Saudi the largest in Arab world ( 2 m sq kms)  Arab world straddles in two continents –Africa and Asia 44
  38. 38. Demographics Of Africa And The Middle East Continue To Explode  The Middle East and North Africa, or MENA, region had a population of 112 million in 1950  The population is well over 415 million today, and approaching a fourfold increase  It will more than double again, to at least 833 million, by 2050… 45
  39. 39.  As of 2006, the Arab World accounts for two-fifth of the GDP and three – fifth of the trade of wider Muslim World.  The Arab World ,although not exclusively ,developing economies and derive their export revenues from oil and gas or the sale of other raw materials.  Recent years have been significant economic growth in the Arab World ,due largely to an increase in oil and gas prices , which tripled between 2001-06 , but also due to efforts by some states to diversify their economic base.  The main economic organizations in the Arab World are the Gulf Cooperation Council ( GCC ) comprising the states in the Gulf and the Union of Arab Maghreb ( UMA) made of North African States.  MENA region ( Middle East and North Africa ) is becoming increasingly popular ,especially with the support from current Western powers. 46
  40. 40.  Saudi Arabia remains the Top Arab economy in terms of total GDP.( $ 372b ppp) Asia’s 11th largest economy.  Followed by Egypt ( $334b PPP) and Algeria ( $249b PPP)  In terms of GDP per capita ( $ 29,800) ,Qatar is the richest developing country in the world.  The MENA region has Gross Domestic Product (GDP) purchasing power parity of more than $2.4 trillion (US) with a population of 376 million people. According to Madar Research, combined Arab GDP grew more than 23% during 2005, which pushed per capita growth to record highs. 47
  41. 41. TRI is the JV partner of India’s Number One Hair and Beauty Salon “ naturals “ , driving a vision of 350 Beauty salons with USD 350 m , value of beauty services , serving Women of Arab and Other nationalities across GCC region . ( UAE /Saudi /Kuwait /Qatar /Oman /Bahrain ) .
  42. 42. • Our expertise to make the Business grow consistently and sequentially . • Key market knowledge and successful experience with business associates ( leading Distributors of Personal care brands ) • Working relationship with the Retail industry. ( Trade channels like HTOs , Key chain Hyper /Super markets / Pharmacies / Large groceries / Airport duty free shops / Whole sale / Perfumeries / Beauty Salons / Institutions ) • Excellent Category and sub category exposure and long years of Knowledge.
  43. 43. • Pharmacies / Large groceries / Airport duty free shops / Whole sale / Perfumeries / Beauty Salons / Institutions ) • Excellent Category and sub category exposure and long years of Knowledge. • Brand sales development / Marketing ( ATL and BTL ) • Strategizing, developing a strong “Female Promoter “ team … a very strong marketing / promo tool at the POS . • Generate and achieve results with consistent growth , building confidence and faith with the Brand Owners to invest and expand .
  44. 44. • A solid, strategic and successful Leaders in the Management. • Financially sound group. • we provide a wide choice of marketing and sales activities to help you grow your business. • Make the brand and the Product Relevant … with the Trading community. • Tri, responsible for all marketing initiatives and strategic action with the support of the Brand owners. • Local impact .
  45. 45. • Key account staff, category management staff, and merchandisers to handle key accounts • Network of Professional Distributors across the Key markets of Asia and Africa, where ever we align with the Brand Owner. • Supply Chain / Logistics with a well structured warehouse management.
  46. 46. Passionate –Qualitative Vision Aim to drive TRI Dubai, International Business with in the Top 10 Markets of GCC , Key African Markets and ASEAN regions . International Business Engage Influence Connect Establish Strategize Commit Expand & Grow
  47. 47. Thank You